Wednesday, September 19, 2007

“Mr Skin” dude makes money from obsession of naked women

Jim McBride, a.k.a. Mr Skin, has made it his life's work to know how much naked female flesh appears in movies -- an obsession apparently shared by millions of people.
So far McBride and a staff that includes his mother, who works as a "skintern," have chronicled nude women in more than 25,000 movies and television shows. It is all recorded on his Web site,, which has been running for eight years, and on Saturday McBride launched into print, publishing "Mr. Skin's Skintastic Video Guide" to "the 501 greatest movies for sex and nudity on DVD."
"It's the greatest job in the world," said McBride. "As a kid I used to tape as many movies as I could with nudity and then I'd save the nude scenes on separate tapes. I really amazed my friends with my nudity knowledge growing up."Some experts say the Internet and more explicit television are fostering a more relaxed response by Americans to bare flesh, even if many people profess to be conservative. » Continue reading the full article here

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