Sunday, July 29, 2007

Does this sound familiar to you?

Have you ever have the feeling that you being watched?

When you got to go......

Imagine the people looking at you while doing your business.

1-Stop Vending Manchine

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Thinking Of You

I would qualified this........NOT!

Can you feel their pain?

Maybe I Should Have Ask The Boss First


Night Light Condoms

Night Lights are the first and only glow-in-the-dark condoms FDA approved for the prevention of pregnancy and STDs.
Men love them for obvious reasons, and women find it easier to ask their partner to wear a condom when it’s a Night Light.

Guiness World Records (SPIDERS)

Top 30 New Extreme Sports (MEGA-GALLERY)

Check out the pictures and videos of these intense new sports.

New Extreme Sports With Mega Air
Mega Ramp Skateboarding - 100 Foot Jumps to Become the Standard? (VIDEO)

Flybar Elastomeric-Spring Pogo Stick (VIDEO)

Powerising - Jumping Stilts (VIDEO)

Landing Without a Parachute - Bird Man Suits

Sky Diving From Space (If You’re Crazy)

Extreme Sports With Cables (You’re a Chicken)
Super Swings - 700 Foot Swing on World’s 2nd Highest Steel Tower (VIDEO)

Batman Rope Ascending - The Atlas Powered Rope Ascender (VIDEO)

This device is called the Atlas Rope Ascender… Check out the video! [More]

Ridewire - Trick Out While Hanging From Cables (VIDEO)

Vertical Soccer - Adidas Billboard Comes to Life

New Extreme Snow Sports
KTraking - Track Drive and Ski Kit for Your Bike (VIDEO)

Ski Biking - SMX is the BMX for Snow

New Sports You Won’t Understand

Carpet Skates - A Great Way to Break Your Arm (VIDEO)

Bossaball - Volleyball + Soccer + Gymnastics (VIDEO)

New Watersports
Jet Boarding - Extreme Sports of the Future

Jetbiking – 1250cc, 165 horsepower, 60mph Grand Prix motorcycle for the water

Human Powered Hydrofoil Water Scooting (VIDEO)

Nuclear Globing - Play in a Giant Bubble

New Underwater Sports
Underwater Ice Hockey World Championship

Underwater Golf Tournaments

Disabled Become Abled
Bilateral Amputee Sprinting - Athlete Makes Controvercial Bid for Able-Bodied 2008 Olympics (VIDEO)

Extreme Wheelchairing - Including Wheelchair Half Pipe (VIDEO)

Golf Innovation
Ice Golfing - World Ice Golf Championship (GALLERY)

Long Distance Golfing - Man Golfs Across Mongolia

Random New Sports
Ostrich Racing

Trikke Riding - An Innovative Three Wheeled Scooter (VIDEO)

Hover Scooting - The Levitating Hover Scooter

Hover Scooting - Eco-Friendly Easy-Glider

Naughty New Sports
Pole Dancing Exercise - Sexy Movements Become the Latest Form of Exercise (VIDEO)

Naked Workout Clubs - Get Buff at the Gym

Pillow Fighting Now a Sport (GALLERY)


The Pain of Marriage

Spreading the word is not always a good thing

Click to Enlarge to see the "GAY-BOY" license plate.

Why Women Should Wear Shorter Skirts!

BREAKING NEWS........Harry Potter is Boring