Monday, August 20, 2007

Calif. Man Battles DMV Over Personal Plate

The plate hate debate hit just this month and Keith Wagner can't figure out why.

"It says 'go to 11'," said Wagner.

Someone else's interpretation had the DMV putting the brakes on this bumper billboard.

Keith got a letter telling him to turn in his tags because, "someone said is says 'go to hell' and I said 'no it doesn't'," said Wagner.

"Someone says it says 'go to hell'. It says go to 11," said Keith referring to a scene in the movie "This Is Spinal Tap".

So far, it's not a good enough explanation for the DMV.

"The question is that reasonably would it offend a number of people?" said Steve Haskins, DMV.

"What a Jump!"

The deer must not heard about yielding for traffic before crossing the road.

That's a Mouth Full

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Modern Day Fahrenheit 451

For all the young people there is a movie that was made that all books were ban.
They had a special fire brigade that went to where ever the books were and burned them.
The name of the movie is Fahrenheit 451