Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hardee's 920-Calorie Burrito Bomb

If you do eat the 920 calorie breakfast burrito,
I’ll give you good advice: loosen your belt and update your will.

Hardee’s new Country Breakfast Burrito contains two egg omelets packed with bacon, sausage, diced ham, cheddar cheese, hash browns and sausage gravy... and 920 calories. We've never eaten two omelets in one sitting, and hope to never have to.
"This is no ordinary breakfast burrito," said Brad Haley, executive vice president of Marketing for Hardee's restaurants. "It's an entire country breakfast in the palm of your hand."

But which one?

That's Right 100%

Some Guys Would Enjoy This Way Too Much

Well Hello There!

Wow! Look at all the different flavors of Spam!

And You Thought They Had Only One Kind........

What kind of guy dreams about little kittens?

The Soccer Partner

This is a great commercial about a kid who is sick of playing soccer by himself, so he does what it takes to get a partner.

Breaking News..........

Rub, Rinse And Repeat (NSFW)

The 10 Best Shower Scenes In Movie History


The menu at Stockman’s Steakhouse in Hermiston, Oregon
B.B.B.L.T (Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato BACON RULES)

102-year-old Stripper

A woman of 102 has stripped off for a nude calendar in aid of her village football (soccer) club.
Nora Hardwick, who was born in 1905, posed as Miss November behind the bar of the Ermine Way pub in Ancaster, Lincolnshire, for a charity calendar to raise funds for the local team, Ancaster Athletic.
"They draped a bit of pink cloth around my shoulders, but at my age I just don't have the model body to be taking it all off," she said."It was all very tastefully done. You couldn't see any of the bits or anything."
"I suppose they asked me because I'm the oldest person in the village and I'm all for it if it's for charity. It's just a bit of fun really."
Mrs Hardwick, who already has two great-great grandchildren, said her own children Maureen, 80, Janice, 74 and Robert, 62, had been very supportive.

Small Bits of News

Hubby says nothing to wife about his $600,000 lottery win
The guy disconnected the phone and didn't turn on the TV to keep his wife from learning of his winnings. She's now suing for her share of the jackpot. » Read the full article here

Man Breaks Into Carl's Jr. To Make Own Cheeseburgers
Here's a bad idea: If the fast food restaurant of your choice is closed, simply break in and cook your own food.
That's what Ruben Manzano, 19, did when (after drinking) he became hungry and wanted some Carl's Jr. burgers.
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Former Employee Charged In Theft Of $1,400 In Quarters And $1,000
A former employee for a local car wash faces charges for stealing more than 71 pounds of quarters from cash machines at the business earlier this month.
Scott Schmitz, 291 Bischoff St., made an initial court appearance Friday before Reserve Judge Henry Buslee in Fond du Lac County Circuit. He is charged with burglary, theft, criminal damage to property and bail jumping.
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Drug Dealer On Pocket Bike Arrested
They're called pocket bikes, not pot bikes.
Police arrested a 44-year-old Kingston man Sunday after they caught him motoring along city streets on one of the mini-motorcycle like two-wheelers with a stash of dope.
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