Sunday, November 9, 2008

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FOXSexpert: Finding His G-Spot
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Joanne Casey said...
never worry about that, he has ants in his stomach :-S
They sure do look like ants maybe I should have chosen a better picture.


Tobacco-sniffing dogs have been deployed to the former Deutsche Bank building to ensure nicotine-addicted workers don't light up on the job and spark another deadly fire.
For the past month, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation has resorted to deploying "tobacco detection canine" teams (pictured) at the building.
Careless smoking by workers inside the condemned building is blamed for the Aug. 18, 2007, fire that killed two firefighters. One year later, investigators found beer cans and empty cigarette packs inside the building left behind by workers.

Man takes a shot below the belt.


Lick-Her Suckers

This would be fun... at least in the summer...

Classic Doughboy...YWLYAO

What happens to the Pillsbury Dough Boy when he laughs too hard.
Funny Shit

Resident trapped in homes by tumbleweed

Residents of Cheyenne, Wyoming have been trapped in their homes by mounds of tumbleweeds which blew down from the high plains and blocking residents' doors and prompting a city cleanup project.
Tumbleweeds blow into town every autumn, but a city official says this week's dump is noticeable because the winds of Wednesday and Thursday were the first extreme weather after a relatively calm fall season.
The plants break away from their roots in the autumn and are carried by the wind, spreading their seeds as they go.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Cash Hidden in House Walls Becomes a Nightmare
A contractor who found $182,000 in Depression-era currency hidden in a bathroom wall has ended up with only a few thousand dollars, but he feels some vindication.
The windfall discovery amounted to little more than grief for contractor Bob Kitts, who couldn't agree on how to split the money with homeowner Amanda Reece.
It didn't help Reece much, either. She testified in a deposition that she was considering bankruptcy and that a bank recently foreclosed on one of her properties.
And 21 descendants of Patrick Dunne — the wealthy businessman who stashed the money that was minted in a time of bank collapses and joblessness — will each get a mere fraction of the find.
Picture and More
90-Year-Old Living With 3 Siblings' Dead Bodies
A 90-year-old woman apparently has been living in a house with the bodies of her three siblings, one of whom may have been dead since the early 1980s, police in suburban Chicago said.
The bodies were found Friday morning by police who were called by a senior advocate, said Evanston police Cmdr. Tom Guenther.
The 90-year-old woman was taken to a hospital for observation. The Cook County medical examiner's office said Saturday that the people had died of natural causes, but would not say how long they had been dead.
Teeny Weeny Break-in
A woman who reported a burglary had to apologize when her daughter admitted making the mess trying to find her bikini.
She rang police thinking her house in Rheydt, near Moenchengladbach, Germany, had been ransacked by burglars.
Sylvia Riegler, 16, turned up as police were trying to work out how burglars had entered the locked flat and told her mom she had not had time to clear up after finding her bathing gear.
A police spokesman said: "It looked like a classic break-in when we arrived, ornaments had been broken, draws emptied and furniture upended. It was chaos, but there was no sign of forced entry."
The embarrassed teenager said: "My mom is always going on at me about the mess I make and I admit that I am a bit untidy. But I really didn't think I had caused so much mess."
Honeymoon Couple Worst Nightmare
A newlywed couple ended up stuck half-way up a mountain when their sat-nav went wrong on their honeymoon.
Oliver Kohl, 24, and bride Angela, 23, were heading to a luxury hotel in the remote village of Willingen, Germany, after their wedding in Hamm, near Dortmund.
But they got lost as their sat-nav guided them along a bumpy, unpaved forest road toward a tall mountain.
Oliver said: "At one point there was a gate I had to open, and then eventually the road became a muddy swamp and we got stuck fast."
The pair tried for hours to get their car out before having to call cops who sent out a rescue team to get them off the side of the 2,755ft mountain.
The pair were eventually taken to their honeymoon hotel.
A police spokesman said: "It's a wedding night they will never forget."
Is Foreplay Overrated?
Foreplay may be overrated according to a survey based on 2,300 women, which found that it has little or no significance when it comes to the likelihood of having an orgasm.
The duration of intercourse – 16.2 minutes on average – is the clincher, according to the research. The findings suggest that sex therapists, who emphasize the value of foreplay, may have that been getting it wrong.
"In contrast to the assumptions of many sex therapists and educators, more attention should be given to improve the quality and duration of intercourse rather than foreplay."
Cocaine Trafficker Held in Surgery Sting
A suspected Italian mobster who went into a clinic for liposuction surgery has ended up losing more than his excess weight.
Domenico Magnoli, a suspected cocaine trafficker, also lost his freedom.
Soon after he regained consciousness, police officers disguised as nurses and visitors bearing flowers arrested him in his hospital room.
"We performed a little operation of our own," police spokesman Col Aldo Jacobello said.
Mr Magnoli is wanted in France for alleged trafficking.
"Our carabinieri were all in plainclothes, with a couple of them disguised as nurses and others as visitors bringing chocolates and a bouquet of flowers," Col Jacobello said.
Man Attempts to Pay $32 Bar Tab With Gum Wrappers
A 28-year-old man who attempted to pay for his bar tab with gum wrappers was arrested after a scuffle with a police officer on Tuesday night, authorities said. A bartender told police the man was playing pool with an open bottle of beer and spilled some of it on the table. She said he first tried to pay his $32 tab with a credit card, which was declined.
When police arrived and ordered the man to pay his tab, they reported that he began counting out gum wrappers as if they were cash.
The man was detained on a complaint of disorderly conduct and assault on a police officer.
Car impounded after dog drives away from car wash
A dog waiting in a car while at a car wash slipped the vehicle into gear and drove in a loop before the car came to a stop. Pryor police officer Brent Crittenden said the dog's owner was washing the vehicle when the 70-pound pit bull jumped on the dash and somehow shifted the car into reverse.
The car backed out of the car wash bay, continued onto a highway and then looped around before coming to a stop at an automated car wash lane.
Crittenden said the vehicle was impounded because its owner was unable to provide proof of insurance.
Because the dog was registered with the city, Crittenden said the owner was allowed to walk the pooch home.
Another Father of the Year nominee.....
Dad leaves kids alone with knife, ax, bat for "protection"
A St. Petersburg man, 30, left his children, 7 and 6, home alone for 90 minutes.
But don't worry about the kids.
He gave his 7-year-old girl a hunting knife, ax and baseball bat and told her to use them for protection if she needed to.
After an hour, the children had the good sense to go to a neighbor's house.
The father was charged with child neglect and booked into Pinellas County Jail.
For awhile, anyway, those kids will be protected from him.
Woman arrested for smoking crack in traffic
Drive Florida roads long enough and you'll see it all.
People eating, drinking, talking, shaving, reading, putting on makeup... all while they're driving.
And now we've got the woman smoking a crack pipe.
Evidently, she didn't think anyone would notice if she lit up her crack pipe while sitting in traffic.
Unfortunately for her, two Gainesville cops were sitting in an undercover car when she pulled up next to them.
Then fired up the crack pipe as they looked on.
That's why they call it dope.