Saturday, November 10, 2007

See What I See?

If He Only Had A Brain!

In June, a 17-year-old boy survived but was seriously injured when he fell about 75 feet onto some rocks at California's Mount Diablo State Park. He had climbed over a handrail in order to fake a fall so that his pals could capture the plunge on video

Schwarzenegger Speaks

In a recent interview, Arnold Schwarzenegger said cannabis is not a drug.

Cannabis is not a drug. Of course, when Arnold said it, it sounded like, “Cannibals needs a hug.”

Conan O’Brien-

OMG!!! Not Granny

Very Sad Face

The little girl who wanted a pair of shoes:

To find out why.

!!! WARNING !!!
The little girl who was from the Philippines

I am upset why this has to happen.
It doesn't have anything about sex.

2 strangely placed extra nipples

1 in 18 people have supernumerary nipples.
However, how many people have one on the back of their knee?
And how many of those are pierced?

The lonely nipple above belongs to a man called Scott who, at the age of 15, needed a skin graft due to extensive burns.
So doctors used skin from his chest.
Then a nipple popped up years later and he decided, as most people would, to put a hoop through it.

Take a look at the photo below.
Guess where it’s placed on the human body…
2 strangely placed extra nipples

Small Bits of News

Woman Arrested After She Fell Asleep In Home She Tried To Burglarize
A woman was arrested after police say she fell asleep in the home she burglarized.
Tiffany Casebolt, 24, was charged with felony burglary after Huntington police were called to a home on Washington Avenue early Tuesday.
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Drugs In Pocket, Bad Idea In Court
It's never a good idea to have drugs in your pocket at the courthouse -- especially if you're about to go to jail.
From the dumb criminals file comes Aubrey Rodriguez, 24, who pleaded guilty in London on Oct. 20 to breaching his bail conditions.
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Burglar Left Medication With Name On At Scene Of Break-In
A Burglar who knocked on his victim's door before he crept in through an open window was caught after he left behind medication with his name on.
Heroin addict John Beckwith provided police with another valuable clue at the scene -an imprint of his training shoe on a window sill.
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