Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just in time for Valentines Day

15 Gifts That Will Surely Piss Off Your Valentine
For Those Who Want To Share Everything.
No matter how comfortable a couple is with one another, it’s usually still pretty weird to see each other poop using the Two Person Toilet.
Maybe a Heart Shape Car?

Also, don’t forget Sperm on My Valentine
21-inch plush pink sperm that has 4 hearts on it.

The Weirdest Cars

3-Wheel Bug

Half Old and Half New

Behold, the "VolksAru." Front-half Subaru, back-half Volkswagon.
Complete with two engines, two shifters, and a nasty split personality.


Kid Still High After Dentist Visit

Tattoo Jim said...
First, that kid is so stoned that its hilarious!
Second, what's his dentist's name?????

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

German town to DNA test all dogs in fight against pooch poop
Keeping tabs: The German town of Volkach will take either fur or saliva from each of the 420 registered hounds
A small town in Germany plans to DNA test every dog so it can fine their owners when they foul public places.
Peter Kornell, the mayor of Volkach in Bavaria, said the scheme would involve taking either fur or saliva from each of the 420 registered hounds in town.
'Unfortunately, we have to do it voluntarily because there is nothing in the constitution about a dog DNA databank being enforceable,' he said.
'But we are proceeding to log every pooch.'

Congratulations it’s a Kidney
Surgeons removed a woman's kidney through her vagina so she could give it to her ailing niece, an unusual operation they hope will encourage others to donate because it reduces pain, scarring and recovery time. Doctors at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine said donor Kimberly Johnson, 48, and her niece, Jennifer Gilbert, 23, were both doing well following operations Thursday.
"It was easier than childbirth," said Johnson, who has three children.
Transvaginal kidney removals have been done before to remove cancerous or nonfunctioning kidneys, and other diseased organs have also been removed through mouths and other orifices. Many donated kidneys are removed laparoscopically, through small keyhole incisions.
But hospital officials think this may be the first time a donor kidney was removed through the vagina.
Newborn-Sized Toddler Baffles Doctors
Even though she was born 14 months ago, Suraya Brown is still the same size she was when she was a newborn — a mere 7 pounds and 19 inches tall, the Mirror has reported.
The child, nicknamed a "real life baby doll," has baffled doctors, who call her condition a "real conundrum."
Her mother, Atlanta Ruzman, says her older daughter has dolls that are larger than Suraya.
"Doctors consulted international experts about her case but her condition seems to be a complete mystery," said Ruzman.

Pigeons found down mans trousers

Birds were strapped to legs of Australian man returning to Melbourne from Dubai.
Tonytc said...
Looks more like a cave man than an Australian man
hehe...and how was he going to stop the birds from chirping on the plane?.
trail dust said...
OMG, that is fricking disgusting! Just look at those two nasty legs..ich!
BTW, Tonytc, he was going to keep the birds from chirping since they were in his pants and they would nibble on his worm!

Holy cow, talk about a sizzling steak.

In a moo-ving experience, this cow is believed to have been struck by lightning and somehow survived.
This is no mad cow story. It's entirely feasible, according to JCU Professor of Geo-Sciences, Jon Nott.
"Cows are susceptible to lightning strikes because of both sets of legs being on the ground, and they're eating grass from where electricity is conducted from the strike so it is possible it happened but, more often than not, cows die from it," Prof Nott said.
"The electricity from a lightning strike would enter the front set of legs and exit out the back legs so, again, based on the picture, it is possible it happened," Prof Nott said.
Noel said...
That provides "Fresh Meat" a new meaning!