Friday, July 31, 2009

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Perfume Sparks Panic At Bank
More than 30 people were treated in hospital after a bank worker sparked panic - with a squirt of perfume. Firefighters and ambulances were called to the Bank of America branch in Fort Worth, Texas, fearing a carbon monoxide leak after two staff members reported feeling sick and dizzy.
A total of 12 people were taken to hospital while 22 others made their own way there and a further 110 were treated at the scene as the bank's management broadcast an alert to nearly 2,000 staff warning them to leave the building if they felt ill. But it then emerged that rather than a gas leak the reason for the chaos was a simple squirt of perfume, the brand of which has not been revealed.
Police finds "suicidal woman" home in bed
Paris police called off their search for a woman who threw herself in front of a speeding train when they found that she had dragged herself home and gone to bed.
The 58-year-old, who suffered from depression, jumped in front of the train Tuesday as it sped through the station at Herrlisheim near Strasbourg at around 150 km per hour, prompting the driver to alert the police.
Discovering only a small blood stain on the train and the platform, police called in helicopters to find the woman who they presumed had been sent flying by the collision, public prosecutor Laurent Guy said Wednesday.
But the search was called off when the woman's partner, returning from a night shift, found her lying in bed with a broken arm and other injuries and rang the emergency services.
The woman, who had attempted suicide in the past, was subsequently hospitalized.

Muffy the long lost puppy found after 9 years and 2000km

A dog that disappeared in Australia nine years ago has been identified
1,243 miles from its old home.

Can you read this?


World's Fastest


Personal Urns

Personal urns are a new and exciting way to memorialize your loved one. Now we can create a custom urn in the image of your loved one or favorite celebrity.
New advances in facial reconstruction and 3D printing have made it possible to have an urn made in the image of anyone from just a photograph. Never forget a face. Personal Urns combine art and technology to create a family heirloom that will be cherished for generations.

19-Year-Old Of Blows Up Cat

Sacramento SPCA Points To Links Between Animal Abuse, Violence Against People
A 19-year-old man was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of blowing up a cat with an explosive in south Sacramento, police said.
David Hui-Baio Yang and a group of boys are accused of putting the cat under a traffic cone Tuesday night along 63rd Street and blowing it up with a large firecracker, possibly an M-80.
The group was accused of wrapping the animal in duct tape before the explosion, a police report said.
Once the cat was under the traffic cone, someone dropped the lit explosive through a hole at the top of the cone, according to the police report. The cat died from the blast.
Michael Nguyen said he witnessed the attack.
"I ran to see --the cat was blown to pieces right here," he said. "And I get so angry, so focused on the cat, they ran and I called police."



Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ways to be lazy

Gas Powered Skate Board............................Goat Powered Skate Board

Ellen with her Hawaii Chair

LMAO! Ellen using the Hawaii Chair, very hilarious

Nimbin Street Code


Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Man inhaled 28 cans of whipped cream at Wal-mart
A man was arrested after inhaling 28 cans of whipped cream at Destin Wal-Mart.
The 33-year-old man was observed by a loss prevention officer picking up, opening and sniffing the seven-ounce cans of whip cream, according to the arrest report.
Each can contained nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, and when inhaled will "induce a condition of intoxication."
The man was arrested for inhalation of harmful substance.
Pants-on-head knife raider hits petrol station
The robber was caught on camera - with pants on his head
Police have issued an appeal for information after a masked man armed with a carving knife carried out a robbery at a petrol station in Clacton. The incident happened at the London Road Garage in London Road on Tuesday at 10.50pm. A cashier was alone in the shop when a man - with his face covered by what is thought to be a pair of white underpants or boxer shorts - walked in, brandished a knife and demanded money.
He then grabbed the 36-year-old cashier and held him in a headlock while holding the knife at his back and forced him to open the till. The robber grabbed a three-figure sum of notes and ran from the shop in the direction of Knox Road. Det Sgt Kevin Cooper said: "This was a nasty incident in which the robber used force and threatened the cashier with a knife. The cashier was unharmed but obviously badly shaken.
"We want to hear from anyone with information about the robber or may have seen him lurking in the area before the attack or saw him running away."
The man was white, about 6ft, in his early 20s, of medium build and had short brown hair. He was wearing a black Adidas tracksuit with three white stripes and dark colored trainers.
Another weird news item out of Florida
A dead rat (or mouse) has been found inside a Diet Pepsi can by a Florida couple. Pepsi is saying the vermin crawled into the can after it was opened, but the couple insist it was in the can before they opened it.

Man's best friend gets sex doll

Most dogs are happy enough to be man's best friend, but those in need of a bit more "companionship" can now get their own sex doll.
The Doggie Lover Doll, made by PetSmiling, was unveiled at a pet industry convention in Brazil last week.
The company describes the product as: "A female canine manufactured in soft rubber with a silicon vagina and an easy to clean reservoir."
Its creator, PetSmiling owner Marcos Giroto, said he came up with the idea after noticing his own dog’s frustration.
"I had the idea to make this doll when my Maltese started to grab everybody’s legs," Mr Giroto said.
"I did some research and couldn’t find anything like it, anywhere in the world. (So) I decided to make it."
He said his own dog showed a "better quality of life" after being part of the product’s testing.
The sex dolls come in three different sizes and a tube of lubricant is included in ever sale.
The company says it has already received orders from dog owners in the US, Germany and Japan.

Kids version of the 'Fast and the Furious'...

Kid hates going to church that much he steals a car
The Weber County Sheriff's Office has released dash-cam video of a 7-year-old boy who went to great lengths to get out of going to church. He took the family car and led police on a low-speed chase. The boy told deputies it was just too hot to go to church, so he went for a joyride. His parents had no idea their car and their child was missing. "People in the neighborhood are talking about this," said Weber County sheriff's Lt. Matthew Bell. A quiet Sunday morning in Plain City was disrupted by calls of an unusual, reckless driver. "They could tell there was a small, young driver in the car," Bell said. Deputies found the car near the local high school and tailed it for 10 blocks, all while the driver weave in traffic lanes and blew through stop signs. "The deputies at one time had pulled up kinda close to him on the side and could see it was a very small person driving the car," Bell said. Deputies say this dime-sized, delinquent driver maintained speeds up to 45 miles an hour even though he had some trouble reaching the pedals. "His speed was slow, but erratically; and so he would kind of scoot down lower to push on the gas and kinda sit up on the seat more to see right where he was going," Bell said. And where he went, was home. That's when deputies got a better look at who they were dealing with: a 7-year old boy whose feet were as quick as his caper. "Very unusual situation, very unusual. I mean, what can you say?" Bell said. Investigators say the boy is too young to charge with a crime. They just hope his parents keep a closer eye on him.
Sheriff releases chase video of 7-year-old driver

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The boy who is allergic to food

When Kaleb Bussenschutt’s family sat down for his favorite meal of barbequed chicken on Monday night, he had to watch with envy, munching only on a cup of ice cubes.
Kaleb, 5, who lives with his family in Adelaide, South Australia, suffers from a rare allergy that means he cannot stomach any type of food.
Australian doctors are baffled by the child’s condition, which arose after his mother Melissa tried to wean him off breast milk when he was an infant.
"I tried giving him a little bit of a Vegemite sandwich or a tub of yoghurt, but it gave him constant diarrhea," Mrs Bussenschutt. "I knew something wasn’t right so I took him to hospital and they did a biopsy of his stomach and it showed that it was quite red and inflamed and full of ulcers."
Doctors initially thought Kaleb was milk or soy intolerant, so put him on a series of diets, including one consisting only of organic foods, but nothing seemed to work.
"We’ve tried everything," Mrs Bussenschutt said. "But from about the age of 18 months through to 5 he just increasingly got worse."
Kaleb’s condition became so bad last December that the Bussenschutts admitted him to hospital, where he did not stop vomiting for a week and would wake at 3am screaming in pain.
Doctors concluded that he suffers from multiple food allergies and intolerances and severe malabsorption, which means his body cannot cope with food. They are continuing to conduct tests to determine why he reacts so badly to food.
"All the doctors will tell me is that Kaleb is a very complicated child. No one knows what is wrong with him," Mrs Bussenschutt said.

One of a Kind......

Bike Transport

9600 kilometers = 5 965 miles


Food dye may help cure spinal injuries but........

A food dye similar to the one used in blue M&Ms and liquorice all sorts could offer hope to people with spinal cord injuries, its only drawback being that it would briefly turn them blue.
In a study of rats the dye, known as brilliant blue G (BBG), reduced inflamation in the spinal cord and significantly improved long-term outcomes after injury.
An unforeseen side-effect of the treatment on rats was that their skin turned bright blue, leaving the white animals with bizarre blue noses, ears, paws and tails. The eyes of the albino rats turned from pink to a deep navy.


EAR'S a medical miracle.

Doctors have saved a woman's severed lobe by stitching it into her BOTTOM.
Julia Schwarz's right ear was bitten off by her best pal in a scrap over a lover.
But when medics tried to reattach it, they found they couldn't because of the injuries she sustained to the side of her head.
Surgeons in Cologne, Germany, said the damage had to be repaired before they could try again.
So they made a small incision in her BACKSIDE and stitched the severed lobe inside — where it will be kept for safekeeping until they are ready for a further op.
Now doctors are confident the ear will not be rejected by 27-year-old Julia's body.
Her solicitor Reinhard Birkenstock said: "My client has suffered enormous emotional distress.
"She was afraid to leave the house because of the disfigurement."

TASER X3 Demo on 3 TASER Employees

Three TASER employee volunteers were exposed to the new TASER X3 as the rest of the company watched on Friday, 10 July 2009 at TASER International Headquarters. The X3 was fired sequentially at the 3 volunteers with no reloading, no delay, and instant neuromuscular incapacitation (NMI). Employees then shared some insights about their experiences and went back to work.
The new Taser, which will be available to police and other agencies in late August, costs $1,800, compared with $800 for the older model. The manufacturers will offer a trade-in worth $300-$800 for the old version.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

John Wayne Toilet Paper

It’s purposely made coarse to guarantee removal of the fecal matter from your butt.

Do you see what I see?


Milk it's not always good for you

Coke's New Carbonated Milk!
This is the funnest thing to happen to boring old milk since the crazy straw! The Coca-Cola Company just launched a new carbonated milk drink called Vio "Vibrancy Drink," and New Yorkers are the first consumers in the world to pour the product into their discerning mouth holes! Developed in their Atlanta laboratory, the beverage requires no refrigeration and comes in four "natural" flavors: peach mango, berry, citrus, and tropical colada. According to the Post, it's being sold in delis around NYC for about $2.50 per 8oz aluminum bottle, and each bottle has 26 grams of sugar.
Chocolate Camel-Milk
New Treat Has Real Regional Flavor
There's a new line of chocolate out of the Middle East with a distinctly regional flavor to it. The milk used to make this chocolate comes from camels, creating a first-of-its-kind treat. The company calls their delicacy "the most sensational and tempting form of camel milk."

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pancakes from a Aerosol Can

Batter Blaster Pancakes in an Aerosol Can
Just point the can’s nozzle over a heated frying pan and spray away. The San Francisco manufacturer claims to have a patent pending, though it seems hard to find a store that is stocking the product on the website's search engine. Let's just hope that's because Batter Blaster just hit the market last week.

Anti-Shrinkage Bathing suit for Men

Padded Swimsuit 'Rooster Booster' Guards Against Post-Pool Shriveling
Remember that episode of Seinfeld when a girl walks in on George Costanza as he's changing out of his swimsuit and she laughs because he's suffered "shrinkage"?
That age-old problem of guys worrying about their manhood looking diminished after taking a swim might be solved. Meet the "Rooster Booster" -- a $25 lycra bathing suit with a pocket in the crotch.
In the pocket, you insert a breathable foam padding. The manufacturer claims it not only guards against post-pool shriveling, it also keeps a man warm in a spot where he never wants to feel ice cold.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Land mine left in Goodwill donation box
A land mine found in suburban Arvada Colorado Goodwill donation box forced the evacuation of a strip mall.
The rectangular, olive-green box with the words "Front Toward Enemy" raised the suspicions of Goodwill workers Tuesday.
Arvada police say the Claymore land mine didn’t go off in the donation box and no one was hurt. A bomb squad disposed of the device.
Police Sgt. Jeff Monzingo says it’s unclear whether the device was operational or where it came from. No suspects have been identified.
Claymore mines were widely used during the Vietnam war.
U.S. town finally gets phone service
One of the most remote communities Yakima Washington is finally set to get phone service.
The National Park Service is allowing a small telephone company to use public land to bring service to Stehekin, about 100 miles (160 kilometres) northeast of Seattle in the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area.
Stehekin has about 80 year-round residents and is reachable only by boat, float plane or a several-day hike through the wilderness.
The phone company, WeavTel, has been pursuing a chance to install telephone service there for years, despite opposition from some residents who don't want it. A few residents own satellite phones.
The Park Service announced Thursday it is issuing a permit to let WeavTel install and operate a wireless system. If the system is ineffective, the agency will issue a permit to allow the burial of fiber optic cable on public lands.
Chocolate Camel-Milk
New Treat Has Real Regional Flavor
There's a new line of chocolate out of the Middle East with a distinctly regional flavor to it. The milk used to make this chocolate comes from camels, creating a first-of-its-kind treat. The company calls their delicacy "the most sensational and tempting form of camel milk."

Dog loves his sunglasses

An Alsatian has become something of a local celebrity in a Chinese city for his habit of wearing sunglasses.
Fei Fei's owner says he bought the dog a pair of sunglasses to protect his eyes from the strong sun in Chongqing, Sichuan Province.
He wasn't sure if the dog would take to wearing sunglasses - but to his surprise he loves them so much he won't go out without them.
"I thought that the strong sunshine we get here in the summer time could not be good for his eyes," the dog's owner said.
"But now if I don't put his sunglasses on before we go out, he barks at me non-stop until I do."
Fei Fei now attracts attention wherever he goes - as the coolest dog in the city.

Candy Wrapper Purse

They are made entirely from artfully woven candy wrappers, soda labels and food packages.

Va J-J Visor

Introducing the First Cup to Protect a Woman's Crotch

In this age of equality, it was only a mater of time before women had cups to protect their crotches, just like men.
"The idea of the Va j-j Visor originated a few years ago after a night of hanging out. At one point during the evening our conversation turned to the difficulty we girls were having in being able to properly groom 'down there'," they write on product literature.
"We decided that there must be a product in
the marketplace to address this sensitive issue and when we couldn't find one, we realized we had no choice but to create it ourselves! Hey, what can we say? We take our grooming ~ and the protection of our va j-j ~ seriously!"
"We settled on the name after rejecting other possibilities like The Clam Shell, The Beaver Dam, The Bonnie Bonnet, The Hoo Ha Hoodie, and The Sister Hood because we had long referred to this area of our anatomy as our Va j-j."

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Three Convicts Escapes In Helicopter Jailbreak

Three prisoners have escaped a Belgian jail in a hijacked helicopter - but left one of their accomplices behind, apparently for lack of space. The escapees fled the prison, near the city of Bruges in Belgium, on Thursday.
They then flew to the town of Aalter, where they seized a black Mercedes from a female driver and robbed a service station before heading for the Belgian coast.
One of the accomplices who flew the helicopter was left behind at the prison, apparently due to a lack of room in the helicopter.
No-one was hurt in the incident, which did not involve prisoners from the high-security wing.
But all three escapees - bank robber Ashraf Sekkaki, Mohammed Johry and Abdel Had Kahjary Mulloul - are all repeat offenders, prosecutors in Bruges said.
They include one of Belgium's most dangerous criminals, Ashraf Sekkaki, who has more than 16 convictions for violence, including kidnappings for ransom.

Caption This...........

I know they are not the same pizza.

Who says you have to work out when you can get

Six-Pack Abs Implanted


Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Assistant principal told to stop unusual form of punishment
Catholic school nuns used to have a reputation for wrapping knuckles with rulers, and some hard-line principals hang paddles with holes in them on their office walls.
But toe popping?
This unique way to get the attention of wayward students appeared to be a favorite of a King High School assistant principal, although whether it is considered corporal punishment is up for debate.
Five students told authorities they had their toes popped by Olayinka Alege after their grades had slipped. None said the toe popping hurt, but some said it did feel kind of weird.
The toe popping ended up under investigation by the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office and was even reviewed by the Hillsborough State Attorney's Office, both of which concluded there didn't appear to be any criminality involved.
In May, deputies interviewed five students and Alege, who, after he was read his rights, declined to talk to detectives, a report said.
Some of the students, whose names were not released by the sheriff's office, felt the toe popping was strange, but none said it hurt or injured them.
One student told deputies he was called into Alege's office this past school year to discuss the student's declining grades and was ordered to remove a shoe and sock, "and lift up a foot and Mr. Alege popped his toes by pulling them out and bending them down."
Alege told one student that, "He could not hit him so the toe popping was a form of punishment," the report said.
The student told deputies it didn't hurt, but the student "felt it was weird."
Fake Cop Tried to Stop Real Cop in California
Oakland police say a man impersonating a police officer tried to pull over a real undercover officer and was arrested.
Police say 21-year-old Antonio Fernandez Martinez of Oakland was arrested Wednesday in the Fruitvale district after trying to pull over an unmarked police vehicle. Martinez was driving a Ford Crown Victoria outfitted with flashing lights, a microphone and speakers.
Martinez, a convicted car thief, will have his felony probation revoked and could face a prison term.
The officer, Jim Beere, says Martinez probably thought he'd be an easy mark to rob.

150 Dogs Found Dead in Freezers at Mich. Home

150 dogs found dead in freezers at Mich. home and over 110 dogs, mostly Chihuahuas, rescued.
Police on Friday found about 150 dead dogs packed in freezers in the basement of a Michigan house littered with feces and trash where more than 110 live dogs, mostly Chihuahuas, were rescued this week.
Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad said the 56-year-old man found Wednesday in the suburban Detroit home with the animals may have been living with an increasing number of dogs for up to three or four years.
"The house was in complete disarray, very cluttered and, with 100-plus dogs running around in there, very filthy," he said.

Army Colonel Eats 40-Year-Old Cake!

During his retirement ceremony, an army colonel opens up a 40-year-old can of military "c" rations pound cake and eats it.

False breast and glass eye just some of property left in rented homes

An antique dentist's chair equipped with extraction tools is not the usual thing a landlord expects to find left behind in an average rental property.
But there it was, at the end of the tenancy, after the tenant had packed up and left the house for good.
That is just one of the many bizarre items found in properties.
"There's been the usual crop of dumped hi-fi systems and scrapped Playstations," said Mike Goddard, at Belvoir, "but then comes the bizarre stuff – and every now and again we hear of a new surprise.
Other bizarre leftovers include:
• A Christmas tree decorated in the middle of August, featuring a glass eye as one of the decorations
• A fish tank with two very bemused goldfish, left in the middle of the dining room floor
• A montage of page three models that covered the entire upstairs of a property
• A stuffed sparrow hawk mounted on a plinth• Two surf boards used as "saloon style" doors to get in and out of the kitchen
• A box of 24 out-of-date tins of lager with a fishing rod, kite and false breast
• An external door mounted on bricks and used as a coffee table
A wardrobe full of brand new women's clothes, shoes, jewelry and make-up." Some items were even left as gifts for the landlord," said Mr Goddard.
"One tenant left pickled eggs because he wanted to say thank you and thought the landlord would like them!"

Outrage over risque slogans

Child advocates have slammed a risque range of baby clothes that created a storm of controversy in Australia and are now on sale in New Zealand.
The T-shirts and suits are on sale in Australian chain Cotton On Kids' 17 Kiwi stores and feature slogans including "I'm a tits man", "The condom broke", "I'm living proof my mom is easy" and "Mommy likes it on top."

Friday, July 24, 2009

Spider Pizza

The pizza is created under the direction of
Mr. Matsuba of the Insect Cuisine Eating Association.

Before and After

Tanya, from Nevada.
Woman Stands 6-Feet, 6-Inches; Weighs 476 Pounds and Still Growing
A woman suffering from a rare hormonal disorder stands 6-feet, 6-inches, weighs 476 pounds and is still growing, the Daily Mail reports.
Tanya Angus is believed to be one of the tallest and heaviest women on the planet and doctors say her condition cannot be stopped by medication.
Angus, lives in Nevada and suffers from a condition known as acromegaly, also referred to as gigantism.
At 20-years-old, Angus stood 5-foot, 11-inches and weighed just 115 pounds, but her height and her weight soon started to spiral out of control.
Her doctor diagnosed her with gigantism and she was sent to a specialist..

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Come and Arrest Me
A woman from Albany, Oregon who called police to complain that neighbors were harassing her for having sex with a teen was arrested on charges she had sex with a 13-year-old, police said.
Albany police said they were called by Arlayne Cheryl Curiel, 24, on Saturday because her neighbors were harassing her about having sex with a 13-year-old.
Police investigated and determined that Curiel met a 13-year-old boy walking in downtown Albany on Friday and later that night he went to Curiel's home at 2337 SE Salem Ave.
Curiel gave the boy alcohol and they both went to an unoccupied house next door, where they had sexual contact, police said
Police arrested Curiel on charges of first-degree sex abuse, second-degree sodomy, second-degree rape, first-degree burglary and furnishing alcohol to a minor.
Sex Assault Charges Filed Against 4 Boys
Prosecutors in Phoenix filed sexual assault charges against four boys ages 9 to 14, officials said Thursday, alleging they brutally attacked an 8-year-old girl after luring her to a shed with chewing gum.
Police said the girl's parents criticized her after the violence, blaming her for bringing shame on the family. All five children are refugees from the West African nation of Liberia.
The boys held the girl down while they took turns assaulting her, police said.
"She was brutally sexually assaulted for a period of about 10 to 15 minutes," police Sgt. Andy Hill said, calling it one of the worst cases the department has investigated.
The 14-year-old boy was charged Wednesday as an adult with two counts of sexual assault and kidnapping, the Maricopa County Attorney's Office said. He is being held without bond.
The other boys — ages 9, 10, and 13 — were charged as juveniles with sexual assault. The 10- and 13-year-old boys also were charged with kidnapping, the office said Thursday.
Authorities said the victim was in the care of Child Protective Services after her parents blamed her for the rapes and bringing shame to the family.
"The father told the case worker and an officer in her presence that he didn't want her back. He said 'Take her, I don't want her,"' Hill said.
Hill cited the family's background as the reason the family shunned the girl.
In many parts of Africa, women often are blamed for being raped for "enticing" men or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Girls who are raped often are shunned by their families.
Bee My Wife 
A Chinese couple have got married wearing clothes made of thousands of living bees.
I put a queen bee on each of us but the only thing is it was impossible to count how many bees we had - I don't know if a guess is enough?"
Li Wenhua and Yan Hongxia are both enthusiastic beekeepers and work for the Nanhu forestry commission at Ning’an city in northern China.
And despite the fact that most of their pals kept their distance, the couple were still delighted with their new clothes.
Husband Li said: "I have been working with bees for two decades and it was the obvious choice for us for our big day.
"I also wanted to set a world record for the biggest coat of bees - I put a queen bee on each of us but the only thing is it was impossible to count how many bees we had - I don't know if a guess is enough?"
His wife added: "It was an amazing feeling to have a carpet of living bees moving over my body.
"I could feel them as they moved around - it was amazing. I have always loved bees but this was a totally new experience."
Couple locked in historic prison
A retired prison officer and his wife became a historic jail's first inmates in nearly a century when they were accidentally locked in by staff.
Norman Bradshaw, 64, and his wife June, 63, from Scunthorpe were visiting Ruthin Gaol while on holiday in Denbighshire when staff closed up early and went home.
The couple were still exploring the grounds while listening to an audio tour and finally arrived at the souvenir shop to find it deserted with all the windows and doors locked.
Mr Bradshaw, from Scunthorpe, asked staff if they had time to do the tour, when they arrived and was assured that they did.
"My wife and I went into the shop to buy mementoes of the visit and found that not only were we on our own, but in fact we were locked in the Gaol with no visible means of escape in sight," he said. "The brochure says a visit to the Gaol is a grueling experience, and in this case it was."

The Wonderful World of Prison Inventions

Someone once said that necessity is the mother of all invention.

Probably the biggest complaint and hardship for any prisoner is the lack of voluntary coitus to something that is or resembles a vagina, and if your doing a lifetime bid in the joint, even masturbation gets a bit dull after a while. More industrious prisoners have fashioned makeshift sex dolls, called "muffbags", to help cope with their carnal desires.

Handerpants - The Underpants for Your Hands!

Your hands never need to go commando again!

Taking a Poop Bath


Good News, Bad News Day.

The good news: Barry Shell won more than $4 million. The bad news: he ended up in jail.
Shell, from Brampton, Ont., picked up a check for $4,377,298, the top prize in the July 18 draw for the Lotto 6/49.
"I went to the store and checked my ticket on the self-serve ticket checker," Shell was quoted as saying in a news release from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.
"As soon as I saw how much I had won, I grabbed a pen and signed my ticket."
On Monday afternoon, a smiling Shell was photographed holding up his check at the OLG headquarters on Dundas Street West in Toronto.
Then Shell strolled out of the building and into the hands of Peel Regional Police officers.
He was wanted on a six-year-old warrant for failing to appear, theft under $5,000 and possession of property obtained by crime.
According to a spokesman for the OLG, every lottery winner undergoes a security check, and if anything is turned up during the course of the investigation the matter is turned over to the Ontario Provincial Police.

Policeman Trying To Cut Off Wheel Clamp!

The extraordinary saga began on the afternoon of Wednesday, July 15 when a scenes-of-crimes officer in a unmarked police silver Peugeot 206 arrived at Eureka Place, Trinity Road, to follow up an investigation. The plain clothes woman officer left the car near the Pheasant pub, but it was outside the marked bays despite signs forbidding this and warning of 24-hour clamping and £200 charges.
PCS workers immobilized the car and when this was discovered uniformed officers were called in to help. The company says officers phoned them and told them to immediately free the car. When PCS refused, a uniformed policeman set about trying to open the clamp with a pair of bolt croppers. The police say they are taking action against PCS.
Chief Inspector John Frayne said in a statement: "The company refused to remove the clamp and subsequently the vehicle was recovered to Ashford police station. The clamping company have since removed the clamp and the matter is subject to legal proceedings."

Camel Hit by Car-Calmly Walks Away



The daredevil climber is a hero in India wowing crowds by scaling heights of up to 300ft without
a harness.
22-year-old discovered his climbing ability four years ago working on one of the county's notoriously dangerous building sites. And after teaching himself by watching monkeys climb trees, Jyothi has enhanced his dazzling agility using stunts from his favourite films. He even copies some of Spiderman's best moves, hanging upside down and jutting out at a 90 degree angle.

Standing out ... real life Spidey in action

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Woman Found Dead at McDonald's Food Processing Plant
A 40-year-old woman has been found dead in a machine at a Southern California food processing plant that is a major supplier for McDonald's restaurants.
Los Angeles County sheriff's detectives say the woman's body was found early Tuesday at Golden State Foods in the City of Industry, an east Los Angeles suburb. Investigators believe her death was accidental.
No other details were given about her death or about the woman except that she was an employee.
The Irvine-based company supplies McDonald's the special sauce for the restaurant's Big Mac
Chinese Worker Kills Self Over Missing iPhone
An employee at a factory that makes iPhones in China killed himself after a prototype went missing, and Apple Inc. responded Wednesday by saying its suppliers are required to treat workers with dignity and respect.
The dead worker, Sun Danyong, 25, worked in product communications at Foxconn Technology Group, a Taiwanese firm that makes many Apple products at a massive factory in the southern city of Shenzhen, near Hong Kong.
Although Apple and Foxconn have confirmed Sun's suicide, they have not provided details about the circumstances.
3 Accused of Letting Rats Chew Toes Off Ohio Infant 
Three people from Waverly, Ohio have been accused of letting rats bite a 6-week-old girl and chew off her toes at their cluttered Ohio mobile home.
Pike County prosecutor Rob Junk says the baby's toes on one foot were gone when sheriff's deputies went to the home Sunday after receiving an anonymous tip.
The baby is in fair condition at a Columbus hospital.
A married couple and the 18-year-old boyfriend of the baby's mother are charged with felony child endangering. They were in court for an initial hearing Tuesday. They're jailed pending a plea hearing in two weeks.
The prosecutor says they all lived in the mobile home west of Piketon, a village noted for its old uranium enrichment plant.
He says the baby's mother is a juvenile. He won't identify her or say if she'll be charged.
Newborn Snatched From Crib By Family Dog Still Critical
A newborn injured after the family dog carried the baby from his crib to the backyard remained in critical condition Wednesday at University of Kentucky Hospital.
University spokeswoman Amy Ratliff said there was no change to the condition of Alexander James Smith, who was admitted Monday - three days after he was born.
Doctors initially braced the family for the possibility Smith might not make it, but his condition stabilized Monday night and he is now expected to survive.
He sustained collapsed lungs, broken ribs and a skull fracture after the incident with the family pet, Dakota. A.J.'s father Michael Smith said Tuesday it was not a vicious attack but that he doesn't want the dog back in the home.

Dumpster Diving

Swimming pools made out of trash dumpster


Man blames store chain for his arrest

A Swedish man wants a local greengrocers to change its name after finding himself overcome with the urge to masturbate every time he spots the store's name - Willy's.
Mats Fagerholm, 35, told police: "It's bad enough with all the cucumbers and other vegetables on display, but then when I see the store's name I just can't help myself. It's not my fault."
The man made the plea to cops after finally being arrested outside a Willy's store in Orebro, southern Sweden.
A police spokesman said: "We have had several reports giving a clear description of the man - he's a serial exhibitionist. In all the complaints we received he was always in the entrance to the store."
One witness said: "He was masturbating shamelessly, I called police and by the time they arrived he had ridden off on a bicycle."
Because of the numerous complaints police were ready to act quickly the next time there was a call and arrested him when he was spotted at one of the grocery chain's stores.
He now faces public indecency charges.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Arrest mix-up raises concerns over communications problem.
An undercover Iredell County Sheriff's Office deputy recently purchased drugs from undercover Statesville police officers, raising questions about communications between the two agencies.
Statesville Police Chief Tom Anderson said undercover officers from his department were working a week-long case when they met with someone interested in selling a small amount of marijuana.
The undercover SPD officers met with the individual in the parking lot of a local store to make the deal, Anderson said.
But the officers became suspicious that the seller was, in fact, an undercover deputy, Anderson said.
SPD officers placed a call to Capt. David Ramsey, who heads the sheriff's office narcotics unit, and were told the seller was not a deputy, Anderson said.
"At that point we proceeded like we normally do and placed him under arrest," the chief said.
After the arrest, investigators from the sheriff's office arrived and confirmed the seller was an undercover deputy and he was released, Anderson said.
Sheriff Phil Redmond said the initial denial that the deputy worked for the sheriff's office was a mix-up."We had several large-scale operations going on at once, and the wires got crossed on this one," he said.
Man Tasered After Sniffing Gas Bursts in Flames
A man whose relatives say had been sniffing gasoline burst into flames after a police officer Tasered him as he ran at officials carrying a container of fuel, police said Tuesday.
The man, identified by his family as 36-year-old Ronald Mitchell, was in critical condition at a Perth hospital in Western Australia state following Monday's incident in Warburton, an Aboriginal community 950 miles northeast of Perth.
Western Australia police said they were responding to a complaint at a house when Mitchell ran outside the house carrying a cigarette lighter and a large plastic bottle containing what they believe was fuel. When he refused to stop running toward them, one officer Tasered him, police said in a media release.
The man was immediately engulfed in flames. The officer threw him to the ground and smothered the blaze with his hands, the statement said. Mitchell was charged with assault to prevent arrest and possession of a sniffing substance.

180 Cigarettes in 25 minutes

A boy of 14 collapsed after chewing 45 sticks of nicotine gum - equivalent to 180 Marlboro Light cigarettes - in just 25 minutes.
Aiden Williams overdosed on the Nicorette gum, designed to help smokers quit the habit, after it was handed out by counsellors at his school.
The teenager's mother yesterday hit out at the school, which allows children as young as 12 to be given up to a week’s supply - 105 pieces – without parental consent.
Each stick of Nicorette gum contained 2mg of nicotine - the equivalent of four Marlboro Light cigarettes, which each have 0.5mg.

I am Confused

Toilet signs leave public confused
New signs on a public toilet in Winchcombe have left townspeople scratching their heads.
The signs, which advertise an Ambulant Urinal and Unisex Ambulant facility, have attracted puzzled looks from passers-by – and been panned by a plain English campaign group.
The signs are positioned on the toilets in Back Lane, which have been undergoing refurbishment.

Buses equipped with bricks

A Chinese bus company is equipping its vehicles with bricks for passengers to use to break windows in an emergency.
The bricks, painted yellow with "emergency use" written on both sides, are stored under the driver's seat and under a rear seat.
"It's easy for passengers to spot them, and use them to break the window if something happened," said a spokesman for the Harbin Public Transport Company.
The company had stopped providing passengers with safety hammers to break windows as they were always being stolen.
"We don't think anybody will be interested in stealing bricks," the spokesman added.
Bricks have so far been installed on several bus routes in a pilot scheme in Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang province, reports Northeast Network.
But the company says it will equip all 700 of its buses with the bricks if feedback from passengers is positive.

Jackson Death Probe Zeroes In on Source of Drugs

The investigative team heading the probe into Michael Jackson’s death conducted interviews with physicians and personnel at medical facilities in Las Vegas on Monday,
Lead investigators from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Robbery and Homicide Division, along with several field agents from the Los Angeles Drug Enforcement Administration office, took a day trip to Las Vegas to follow up on leads indicating that at least one drug believed to have contributed to Jackson’s sudden death on June 25 originated in Las Vegas.
Sources could not tell what drug was the focus of the probe, who was questioned or which medical practices were visited, but Jackson’s personal physician Conrad Murray runs a cardiology practice in Las Vegas.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

9-month-old Had Blood-Alcohol Level Four Times Legal Limit
Carrollton Ga police found a baby sitter accused of feeding a 9-month-old boy wine, causing his blood-alcohol level to exceed four times the legal limit for an adult.
Carrollton police Sgt. Tony Johnson says authorities have found 40-year-old Tammy Demice Truitt of Carrollton. She was being sought on charges of first-degree cruelty to children and reckless conduct.
Police say Truitt was called to watch the baby and four other children ages 3 to 9 earlier this week when their mother had to leave town to care for a sick relative who has since died.
Doctors said the baby's blood-alcohol content of .33 was considered a life-threatening condition.
Johnson said the baby was released from the hospital on Wednesday and is doing fine.
Suspects Break Into Home, Leave Homework Behind
Police say they caught two teens that broke into Sacramento home, and the key to tracking them down was a homework assignment left behind. It's become a common crime in one Natomas neighborhood. But, when a pair of teens tried to break into a home this past week they made a big mistake. "Well, they say going to school is beneficial. In this case, it was beneficial for us," says Sgt. Norm Leong. The teens broke into a home with someone still inside, and when they heard the call to police they apparently got scared. "Suddenly these kids were worried about getting caught, so they started making their getaway," says Sgt. Leong. The two teens started jumping over neighboring fences, and that's when they left their backpacks behind

A Dog With Eyebrows.


Pyramid-Shaped Watermelons $560 Each