Monday, April 27, 2009

Personal Flotation Devices


Big is Beautiful


Child Bear??

I'm guessing they meant 'Chilled Beer'.

Literally, a throne.


Having a Great Day at the Beach


The Disgusting Looking Devil's Flower Mantis

The Idolomantis Diabolica is sometimes known as the "King of all mantids" for the obvious reason: it's beauty, size and rarity, is one of the largest species of praying mantis that mimic flowers.

Moustachioed horse evades the clippers

A horse which has grown a curly, golden moustache is refusing to let grooms shave it off.
Alfie, a 10-year-old Shire-cross, is said to flee if he thinks he is in danger of getting even a trim.
The horse also refuses to let staff at the stables in Bitton, Gloucestershire, into his stall there for fear that they will remove his whiskers.
The moustache may look somewhat incongruous given its fair color compared to his black and white colouring and well-meaning staff thought he would rather be without it.
However Alfie clearly enjoys the look and groom Justine Greenslade said all efforts to clip it had been in vain.
"He's obviously rather proud of his facial hair," she said.
"He runs a mile if he thinks we're going to trim it."

Unfortunate Tattoos for a Mugshot


Trying desperately to measure up

Doctors in Asia are treating an increasing number of men with severe injuries who have tried to increase the size of their penises by injecting themselves with Vaseline and other oils.
Now doctors in the West say the trend for self-injection is catching on in the UK and the US.
The man had used a high-pressure pneumatic grease gun to inject his penis
All in the name of the perfect body.
Injuries consist of severe deformations caused by tissue damage and erectile dysfunction.
Gangrene can also develop if injection causes infection.
"Increasing the size of the girth of the penis is common in South East Asia as well as in Japan."

'Felony Franks' Hot Dog Stand Hires Convicts

A Chicago alderman says he doesn't mind that a businessman plans to open a hot dog stand in his ward and hire former convicts to work there, but he does object to the stand's crime-linked theme.
Alderman Fioretti said the city's West Side has major crime problems, so he thinks the stand's name, Felony Franks, is simply not in good taste.
Fioretti also objected to several slogans, including: "Food so good, it's criminal," and "Home of the misdemeanor wiener."
Stand owner Jim Andrews, though, says he thinks the tongue-in-cheek name and a menu that features such items as "burglar beef" and "chain gang chili dog" will help to erase some of the stigma that being a former convict carries.