Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ants in Nature

Very interesting, how they build and live in an Ant Colony.

Alert, Alert

A two-minute test that measures your reaction time.
My fastest reaction time was 176 milliseconds.

"2 million plastic bottles"

The number used in the US every hour
Yes, it's a world-wide problem.
U.S. gets singled out because it consumes much more per capita.
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We all should care enough to RECYCLE

Hmm, that's funny.

No one's caught a thing yet, but I still smell fish.

Porn has come a long ways.......

Old Porn

New Porn

Honk Honk

Can I be next?

Little Groper

"Two Asses"

Hmmm, I love ass!

How to loose that 10+ pounds the camera adds.

Texas Congressional candidate Dean Hrbacek's head is affixed to a different body in a campaign brochure.

What They May Not Tell You About Money Cards

Wal-Mart offers a pre-paid plastic card that you can use like a debit card: MoneyCard.

Some highlights from the fee schedule:
· Card issue fee: $8.94
· Reload the card with more money: $4.64
· ATM transaction fee: $1.95
· ATM balance inquiry: $0.75
· Monthly maintenance fee: $4.94
· Statement fee: $2.00
And, of course, all disputes are settled by binding arbitration. I guess some people would think this is a good deal.

Pictures x 5

Make Up SEX makes it all better

Small Bits of News

Woman Hides In Closet & Burglary Suspect Joins Her
When the victim of a break-in jumped in her closet to hide from burglars, the last thing she expected was company. But that's exactly what happened.
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Corpse Surprise For Burglar
A Berlin burglar's break-in took an unexpected turn when he stumbled upon a corpse - and in a sudden burst of conscience, felt compelled to call the police.
'He called to say he'd just broken into a flat and found a dead body,' said a spokeswoman for Berlin police on Thursday.
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Stolen Taser Spotted On You Tube
Authorities in Waukesha, Wis., said a man suspected of stealing a Taser from a police officer posted a video of himself using the weapon on YouTube.
Police accuse the 22-year-old man of stealing the Taser from an East Troy, Wis., police officer while the man was warming himself inside a squad car, after his car had become stuck in a ditch, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported Thursday.
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One-testicled dog stolen
Mounties are trying to sniff out a pair of dognappers who purloined a one-testicled pooch. The big heist happened on New Year’s Eve when two women entered a Petland store in Grande Prairie and were looking at the miniature Pincher puppies in an open pen, RCMP Const. Scott Hagarty said. Soon, one of the pups was gone, and so were the two suspects. Hagarty said police are relying on tips from people who may have seen this rare, tan-colored pooch. “It’s kind of a unique dog because it only has one testicle,” Hagarty said.

Court says monkeys and chimps can't sue
A state appeals court has affirmed a lower court decision that nine chimpanzees and monkeys brought to a San Antonio-area sanctuary don't have a legal right to sue. The apes were brought to the Primarily Primates sanctuary from Ohio State University in 2006 after they were retired from research purposes. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals had sought to gain legal standing for the primates. It alleged sanctuary conditions were substandard and that it would be best for the seven chimps and two monkeys to be moved to another sanctuary.