Saturday, October 20, 2007


BRISTOW, Virginia - She was fined and got a suspended jail sentence, but Mona Shaw says she has no regrets about using a hammer to vent her frustration at a cable company.
Shaw, 75, and her husband, Don, say they had an appointment in August for a Comcast technician to come to their Bristow home to install the company's heavily advertised Triple Play phone, Internet and cable service.
The Shaws say no one came all day, and the technician who showed up two days later left without finishing the setup. Two days after that, Comcast cut off all their service.
At the Comcast office in Manassas later that day, they waited for a manager for two hours before being told the manager had left for the day, the Shaws say. Shaw, returned the next Monday... with a hammer. "I smashed a keyboard, knocked over a monitor ... and I went to hit the telephone," Shaw said. "I figured, 'Hey, my telephone is screwed up, so is yours.'"
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Fancy New Supermarket

They have an automatic water mister to keep the produce fresh,
You hear the sound of distant thunder and the smell of fresh rain.
The veggie department features the smell of freshly butter corn.

When you approach the milk cases,
You hear cows mooing and you take in the smell of ice-cream.

When you approach the egg case, you hear hens cluck and cackle,
The air is filled with the pleasing aroma of bacon and eggs frying.
The aroma of Mickey D's next to the meat counter...

But when you go by the paper products,
Just let you know I do not buy toilet paper there.

Schoolgirl loses all her hair - in three days

Fifteen-year-old Jordana Seville lost all her thick blonde hair in just three days after developing an extreme form of alopecia.
Jordana's mother, Ashley, took her daughter to her GP on Wednesday morning as soon as the hair loss began. The doctor explained it was alopecia, but was baffled as to why the usually stress-related condition should have occurred in a teenager.

What began as a small bald patch last Wednesday morning soon led to her bobbed hair coming out in handfuls. By Friday the 15-year-old Hodgson High School student took the decision to have the rest of her head shaved. The kind-hearted teen has discovered a good use for the hair she has lost. She will be sending it off to charity
Locks For Love which will use it to make hairpieces for children with cancer.

Drunken Australian swimmer dives head-first into crocodile

An Australian who went for a drunken dip in the sea got more than he bargained for when he dived into the jaws of a large crocodile. Matt Martin was camping alone near a beach in northern Queensland when he decided to go for a dusk swim, despite having drunk what he later admitted was "half a slab", or 12 cans of beer. When the 35-year-old construction worker dived into a wave, he butted heads with a submerged saltwater crocodile. "I thought I was dead. It was sort of like when you hit rocks but the rocks had give and movement in them," he said. "The next moment, I’m standing up and something in my head was screaming 'it's a croc' and I just started to back-pedal." The giant reptile, apparently as surprised as he was by the encounter, lashed out with its formidable jaws, inflicting deep gashes to Mr Martin's face. He managed to scramble out of the water but instead of seeking immediate medical help, decided to sleep off his drinking binge. Rested after a night’s sleep, he then drove himself to hospital in the town of Mossman but had to hold a blanket to staunch the bleeding to his face which required more than 40 stitches.

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