Thursday, April 28, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Man on bicycle robs Dunkin' Donuts
Authorities in Meriden, Conn. says a man with 45 previous arrests for robbery was arrested again after allegedly bicycling up to a Dunkin' Donuts drive-through window, threatening the clerk and pedaling away with a register drawer full of cash, police said.
Vernon Lewis, 42, then nearly collided with a police officer near City Hall who was responding to another call, police said.
After learning that the Dunkin' Donuts had been robbed, the officer found Lewis near the public library, police said. He was carrying over $300 in cash, police said.
Dunkin' Donuts employees and customers identified Lewis as the alleged robber, police said.
He faces charges of first-degree robbery, second-degree larceny, second-degree threatening, interfering with police and brandishing a facsimile firearm.
Police Failed
If you're in Buffalo and see a man handcuffed to a chair, call police. They'd like the chair back, along with the guy cuffed to it.
Authorities are looking for a robbery suspect who escaped from a Buffalo police station by slipping out a back door while handcuffed to a chair.
Police said that 58-year-old John Caesar of Buffalo was taken into custody Tuesday for questioning in connection with the theft of money from the Anchor Bar, the restaurant known for inventing the city's famous chicken wings.
Officials say Caesar was handcuffed to a chair in a police station when he escaped around 4 p.m. Police say the chair is missing and Caesar may still be handcuffed to it.
Woman tried to buy her father a prostitute
A 51-year-old woman tried to buy her 80-year-old father the services of a prostitute over Easter weekend, Tampa police said.
The pair, who listed their hometown as Dubuque, Iowa, was arrested on Nebraska Avenue, an area of Tampa known for prostitution activity.
According to the arrest affidavit, 51-year-old Pia Kirchberg offered an undercover police officer $20 if she would have sex with Kirchberg's elderly father.
Both Pia Kirchberg and 80-year-old Maurice Kirchberg were charged with soliciting for prostitution.
The father and daughter were among eight people arrested in the sex sting.
"Prostitution is illegal.  It doesn't matter how old you are," said police spokesperson Laura McElroy. "If we catch you trying to solicit a prostitute you're going to jail."
If there is a will there’s a way
Inmate sneaked contraband into jail using his testicles
Hernando County Sheriff's Office says two inmates were charged recently with possession of contraband – and one of them said he smuggled the tobacco into the jail by tucking them between his private parts.
Derrick Joseph Loreto, 25, of Hudson, and John Michael Colon, 25, of Spring Hill, were searched by detention deputies – who discovered tobacco in their possession, according to the Sheriff's Office.
A deputy said he searched Loreto and discovered tobacco in a blue latex glove stuffed into his sock.
Four days later, Detective Anthony Scarpati interviewed Loreto, who told him he smuggled the contraband into the jail by concealing it between his penis and testicles, according to report.
Colon's cell was also searched and loose tobacco was discovered in paper concealed inside a latex glove, which was tucked in a pillow in his bunk, deputies said. Colon said he obtained the contraband from another inmate a month earlier, according to the report. Colon said he intended to resell the tobacco, deputies said.