Thursday, July 7, 2011

Eating fish can be bad for you

A couple endured a health nightmare after tiny worms with teeth began eating through their bodies. It is the first time humans have been infected by the parasite in Australia.
Alfred hospital infectious disease physician Andrew Fuller said that when the couple ate the fish, believed to be a black bream, they also ingested the gnathostomiasis larvae.
"The worms are 1-3mm long and have got these sharp little teeth and they can go anywhere they like in the body," Dr Fuller said.
The worm works its way around the human body until it dies or is killed by the immune system.
"They move under the skin and cause itchy lumps that can make you feel sick - and it can be very hard to diagnose."
The infected couple suffered muscle pain, fevers, vomiting and their skin began to look like orange peel.
They were given antibiotics and have recovered.
The worms can stay in a human for 15 years, leaving people chronically ill. They can make their way into the brain, other organs and the spinal cord. "They eat your tissues," Dr Fuller said.



I shot my thang

Meet Otis Lockett, whose penis cops received permission to peruse photographically.
Lockett, who was shot in the groin, told police that he was fired upon “by an unidentified person behind him,” according to a Circuit Court filing, which notes that the 27-year-old was treated at Froedtert Hospital “for a single gunshot wound to his penis.”
Since hospital workers reported that the bullet’s trajectory was a “downward 45-degree angle,” cops suspected that Lockett accidentally shot himself. This means that the convicted felon who is on probation was illegally in possession of a handgun.
So, Detective Gena Malanche filed for a search warrant seeking permission to have medical personnel to remove bandages in the area of Lockett’s groin to facilitate photography of the area.” The resulting photos, Malanche added, would help investigators establish that Lockett is a felon in possession of a firearm. 
The warrant was approved by Court Commissioner Barry Phillips, who authorized cops to “photograph the penis of Otis Lockett for analysis by the proper authorities.”
Lockett’s penis was, in fact, photographed, though court records do not identify the name of the shutterbug. A Milwaukee Police Department property inventory notes that a CD of “photos taken of Lockett’s injuries pursuant to warrant” had been logged. 

What you see is what you get

America's first transparent car – billed as a vision of the future more than 60 years ago – is expected to fetch up to UK£ 300 000 = 479 460 U.S. dollars at auction.
The 1939 Pontiac Deluxe Six was built using a special type of perspex by General Motors and chemical company Rohm and Haas at a cost of £15,000.
Dubbed the ‘Ghost Car’ it has clocked up just 140km (86 miles) in its lifetime and is thought to be a visionary in design principles.
‘This motor still turns heads as much as it ever did,’ said a spokesman for RM Auctions which is selling the vehicle in Michigan on July 30.
'The car is in a remarkable state of preservation. It's a testament to the longevity of Plexiglas in an era when automotive plastics tended to self-destruct within a few years.
'Although it has acquired a few chips and cracks, it is structurally sound and cosmetically clear, showing off the Ghost Car's innards as it did in 1939.
'It is not, obviously, suited for touring but as a unique artifact from automotive and cultural history.'
The car made its public debut at the New York World Fair in 1939-40 and is just one of two ever made. The model which comes with a three-speed manual gearbox is thought to be the last of its kind.

Driver drives – 60mph - in REVERSE on wrong way on the wrong side