Saturday, March 8, 2008

Anyone for Skinny Dipping

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"Redneck Mansion" Urban Legend or Not...

According to Snopes,
It's an outdoor theater set used in a 2005 production

Another photo with audience

Must be owned by the Klan

Look a Duck

The Necessary Dosage Needed Some Days

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What’s that old joke?

Oh Yeah!


Some are meant to be seen

Some are not

Did you know there are........

☺ - That’s not an image; it’s actually one of the alt codes on your keyboard. Some of you probably know a few by heart like the ñ or the Ω. If you’ve ever wanted to know what the other alt codes are, here’s a list of alt codes from 1 - 255.
To use them just hold down the alt key and press the specified combination of numbers on your number pad. Here are just a few.

alt + 1 = ☺
alt + 2 = ☻
alt + 3 = ♥
alt + 4 = ♦
alt + 5 = ♣
alt + 6 = ♠
alt + 7 = •
alt + 8 = ◘
alt + 9 = ○
alt + 10 = ◙
alt + 11 = ♂
alt + 12 = ♀
alt + 13 = ♪
alt + 14 = ♫
alt + 15 = ☼
alt + 16 = ►
alt + 17 = ◄
alt + 18 = ↕
alt + 19 = ‼
alt + 20 = ¶

Water ballon burst in super slow motion - NSFW

It's 3 in the frickin' am why are you calling me?

How many people fits into a Opel Vectra car?

The Answer, 14

Police in Bavaria stop car with 14 people inside
German police stopped an Opel Vectra on Wednesday on an autobahn in the southern state of Bavaria and discovered four adults and 10 children huddled inside, according to police spokesman Peter Grimm. The car came to the officers' attention because it was driving at a snail's pace of 25 mph on a busy highway frequented by heavy vehicles.
After stopping the car near the town of Schwabach, police quickly realized why it was trundling along at that speed. In the back seats of the car sat two women, who each had two small children on their laps, and another youngster squeezed between them. But the real surprise came when officers opened the trunk of the car: huddled inside were five boys and girls.

Small Bits of News

Police Finds Dead Woman's Body on Ice in California Hotel Room
NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — Police discovered the body of a woman packed in a large container with dry ice in a hotel room as they were serving a search warrant in a cocaine investigation, authorities said.
Detectives found the fully clothed and "well preserved" body late Thursday after arresting a guest at the Fairmont Newport Beach for investigation of selling and possessing cocaine on the hotel grounds, police Sgt. Evan Sailor said Friday.
When they searched Stephen David Royds' room, they found the body inside a Rubbermaid container filled with dry ice, he said.
"It's definitely weird," Sailor said.
Man arrested for 'having sex with lamp-post'
A 32-year-old man has been arrested in Wiltshire for allegedly simulating a sex act with a lamp-post. The incident is the latest in bizarre sex crimes involving inanimate objects.
Police officers were called to a road in the town of Westbury after they received a report of a man acting indecently outside a block of houses "occupied by several young women".
When they arrived they arrested him on suspicion of outraging public decency. The man was released on bail, but following an investigation into the incident and several interviews with witnesses - including children - he was recalled for questioning. He has since been re-released pending further inquiries.
Boys kicked out of school for taking Viagra
Two 14-year-old boys were caught taking Viagra in school. The boys were caught after reports they had taken a number of the pills each. "They were pulled into the headmaster's office and found to be in possession of prescription drugs including Viagra." The boys have claimed not to have taken any of them but there has been good reason to believe that was not the case. Doctor, Craig Lennox said: "This drug is not designed for children and so the possible side effects are unknown. The most likely thing that would happen to someone who took too much is a prolonged and painful erection."