Friday, July 1, 2011

'Singing Penis'

A tiny water boatman is the loudest animal on Earth relative to its body size, a study has revealed.
Scientists from France and Scotland recorded the aquatic animal "singing" at up to 99.2 decibels, the equivalent of listening to a loud concert while sitting in the front row.
The insect makes the sound by rubbing its penis against its abdomen in a process known as "stridulation".
Researchers say the song is a courtship display performed to attract a mate.
Micronecta scholtzi are freshwater insects measuring just 2mm that are common across Europe.
On average, the songs of M. scholtzi reached 78.9 decibels, comparable to a passing freight train.

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Skateboard back flip


Horse semen sold in New Zealand pub

A pub in New Zealand has introduced horse semen to its drinks menu, a stomach-churning addition tinged with the wholesome flavor of apple.
The Green Man Pub in Wellington offers the 30ml shots for a princely sum of £12 - and apparently it's going down a treat with regulars.
The gastro-pub serves the drink chilled fresh from a Christchurch stallion farm and each shot contains about 300 million individual horse sperm cells.
Green Man pub co-owner Steven Drummond is to blame for the grimace-inducing drink, which he explained is knocked back by both male and female customers.
He advises his customers to shoot the sticky horse semen back in one gulp rather than attempt to sip the bizarre concoction.
He came up with the idea when trying to invent a new drink to spice-up a local food challenge.