Sunday, February 28, 2010

True Meaning to One-Way


Idiot uses his belly as a dart board.


Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Couple mistakenly receives $120,000 worth of marijuana
A Capitol Hill couple got more than they bargained for after what they thought was a routine Fed Ex delivery. The box they received contained $120,000 worth of pot.
Melanie Sloan knows a scam when she sees it. She's a former prosecutor and works for the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, so when a big package was dropped on her porch Monday evening, something didn't seem right.
So they decided to open it. Inside the box was another box wrapped with insulation.
"It's layer upon layer of tightly wrapped plastic wrap. And it looks like there is dirt on the inside of that. So my husband pokes through the plastic wrap and touches it and he said it's not dirt its coffee grounds. Then I did know what it was. I knew it would be drugs," says Sloan.
Turns out it was 35 pounds of marijuana or the equivalent of $120,000 worth of pot.
Man Trying To Get Unemployment
A man spent so much time on hold with a state unemployment agency trying to claim his benefits that he racked up a $700 cell phone bill.
Ernie Sanchez called the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions, a government-run unemployment relief agency over a thousand times trying to get his unemployment money to cover his basic needs, but could not seem to get through. Now, he has to use almost all of the benefits to pay his Verizon bill. "It's almost the same amount for two weeks of benefits that I was trying to get," Sanchez said.
"The bill shows Sanchez made 1,114 calls to the unemployment office in one month. Some days, it took hundreds of calls to get through -- each call costing $0.45. When he would get through, he says he would be put on hold. One time, he was on hold for almost 3 1/2 hours." That one phone call cost Sanchez nearly $100.
GID girl able to attend school as boy
A teenager from Kagoshima diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder (GID) has been allowed to attend her school as a boy from April.
The 13-year-old girl, who has felt uncomfortable with her gender since around 2 years old, will attend her public junior high school in Kagoshima as a boy from the new school year.
According to the 13-year-old's mother and her school, the student complained of sickness when she wore a sailor-style school uniform and refused to go to school for many days. After her parents consulted with school officials in July last year, she was allowed to commute to school in a gym uniform.
Furthermore, the school agreed to switch the 13-year-old's gender classification in her class register and allow her to attend in a boy's uniform after she was diagnosed with GID on Feb. 20. The school is also looking into letting her use a women's bathroom for teachers and school staff and a separate room for changing her clothes.
Drinking and Smoking Chimp Goes To Rehab
Woman prosecuted for failing to report treasure
School dorm shuts down over what started with a lesbian kiss
You’ll Never Take Me Alive
Two dozen officers fired 400 bullets into the home,
School's drug test that gets you humiliated
Stand in you Underwear and Pee in a Cup
Man calls 911 from a police car
Lottery winner receives check, gets hit by car and dies

Friday, February 26, 2010

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Tampa man jailed on charge of wearing illegal clown mask
An 18-year-old Tampa man was charged with wearing a clown mask on a public road.
Deputies say Matthew David Lopez, was seen with two other people walking.
What caught a deputy's attention was Lopez's masked face with a bright red-and-orange wig, according to an arrest affidavit.
The deputy followed the group in an unmarked car as the group walked west through a slightly wooded path behind several business offices.
Lopez was taken to the Hillsborough County Jail on charges of wearing a mask or hood on a public road after the age of 16 and resisting arrest without violence.
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Debbie Carter said any disguise in public is illegal. Even on Halloween, adults aren't allowed to enter any businesses or stores with their faces covered.
Man uses backhoe to crush dozens of cars
An angry husband is facing charges after using a backhoe to smash dozens of cars owned by a company that stages demolition derbies.
"He believed somebody at that business was having an affair with his wife," Wayne County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Robert Hetzke said. "He and his wife were going through some marital issues."
This time police say he took out his anger on 30 demolition derby cars.
"The demolition derby part of it was different," Hetzke said. "The number of vehicles was definitely different than the normal domestic dispute."
The damage here is pretty impressive.
Police say Fagner took a backhoe and smashed down most of the roofs on most of the cars.
On one he went a little bit further when he took the backhoe and flipped the car altogether.
Fagner is accused of causing about $40,000 in damage.

Man sues police over frostbite feet

These are photos taken at the emergency room in Mason City, Iowa. Despite severe frostbite to his feet, Patrick Uzalac said, police and jailers refused to give him medical care.
After locking himself out of his apartment in the pre-dawn hours of a bitter January day, Patrick Uzalac started tossing snowballs at his neighbors' windows for help.
Somebody called the cops.
The New Brighton man's lawsuit says police and jailers refused him medical care for severe frostbite for 42 hours.

The Wave Machine


Caught on Video

Video showing a woman throwing her baby down on concrete

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Over Kill


Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

"Escape from Freedom"
A convict in the Netherlands has escaped from prison after tunneling out with a spoon. Her secret tunnel began in a cellar and was concealed by a removable hatch.
A convict in the Netherlands has succeeded in breaking out of prison with an escape worthy of the movies: She tunneled her way out -- with a spoon.
The public prosecutor's office confirmed Tuesday that the 35-year-old female prisoner had escaped through a tunnel from a prison in Breda in the southern Netherlands.
The spectacular prison break was made possible because the convict was no longer housed in a regular cell, but in a separate building on the grounds of the detention center where long-term inmates are prepared for their release and are given more freedom.
Guilty but not responsible
Dog survives 40 days without food lost in mountains
Mother Creates Life After Death
Nikolas Evans died at 21, His mother considers a surrogate to birth her grandchild culled from her son's sperm after his death on April 5, 2009.
Student says assignment was inappropriate
“I believe you don't write about how to sell your soul to the Devil," she said.
Mom goes online to sell breast milk

Pee in the Cup

A Surrey theme park is calling on members of the public to submit their urine samples in a bid to find the country's most pungent smelling pee.

Female busted a watermelon with her thighs.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Doctors dismissed her cancer as 'growing pains' four times

A teenage cheerleader had to have her leg amputated after doctors missed her cancer four times - telling her it was 'growing pains'.
Shannon Corr, 15, repeatedly visited GPs for over a two-month period complaining of agonizing pains in her right knee and shin that left her struggling to walk.
But doctors told her she was suffering from growing pains and told her to go home and rest.
After GPs refused to refer Shannon to hospital, her desperate mother Jeannetta Swift, 44, took her to A&E and pretended she had fallen over so she could be fully examined.
Doctors immediately spotted a problem, but by the time the rare bone cancer osteosarcoma was diagnosed it had spread to the soft tissue of Shannon's leg and surgeons were forced to amputate.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

On the run, the lingerie model who heads an cocaine-smuggling cartel
A lingerie model is believed to be the mastermind behind an all-women drug gang that smuggles cocaine into Britain.
An international arrest warrant has been issued for Angie Sanselmente Valencia, 30, who is said to only hire glamour models to transport the drugs from South America to Europe.
It's believed that Colombian-born Valencia had been seeing a Mexican drug lord known as 'The Monster' but split with him at the end of last year to form her own cocaine-smuggling gang.
'No-go': Police will not retrieve stolen van because who has it
When police visited Christopher Sims after his van was stolen, they had good news and bad news.
The good news was that they had a pretty good idea of the vehicle's new location.
But the bad news was that this location, a travellers' caravan site, was considered a 'no-go area' which the police would be ill-advised to visit because of the strong criminal element who lived there.
Mr Sims, 46, was initially pleased by the police response when they visited him the day after his white van was taken from outside his house.
But his view changed somewhat when they told him they had an idea who might have taken it but could not take any action.
He said: 'They said they were sympathetic but said that because of the situation they couldn't risk putting officers' lives at risk.
'They were telling me they knew where the van could be but they weren't prepared to go in and find it.
South Korea opens prison just for foreign convicts
Foreigners get own prison - and menu - in South Korea
South Korea has opened what officials say is the world's first purpose-built prison for foreign convicts. The prison offers Western food and satellite TV programs in English, Chinese, Russian and Arabic.
The number of foreigners in South Korean jails has more than doubled in the past four years to about 1,500.
The prison's director said the inmates would still be able to pursue the "Korean dream" that had led them to the country in the first place.
The prison is about 100km (62 miles) south of the capital, Seoul, in Cheonan. Inmates are given classes in Korean culture but can also view satellite TV from around the world and eat non-Korean meals. A number of the guards are fluent in English, Russian or Chinese.
Woman died in bathroom after…
Police waited 16 minutes to smash down the door after getting emergency call.

Woman who traded kids for pet bird sentenced

Paul Romero, left, reportedly gave $175 and a pet cockatoo to Donna Greenwell, right, in exchange for a four-year-old girl and five-year-old boy in her care.
Greenwell was sentenced to 30 month's.
Romero and his wife, Brandy, had pleaded guilty to two counts of sale of a minor in October.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

I’m Too Young
A Florida man says the state is trying to force him to pay child support for a child who was born when he was 7 years old.
Rusty Cole, a National Guardsman from Port Orange, Fla., said his tax return was delayed by the state because officials told him he owes support payments for a child born in 1995 -- despite the fact that Cole was born in late 1987.
Man complains to cops about his hash buy
Police in Sweden said a man walked into a local precinct to complain about the quality of hashish he had purchased from a dealer.
Eslov police said the 26-year-old man told police he was a frequent user of marijuana and its derivatives, including hash, but the latest batch of hash he purchased sent him on a bad trip that made him feel like his TV was talking to him and his girlfriend was turning into a dolphin.
Police said it was unclear whether the man, who brought a small amount of the hash in for testing, will face possession charges. Possession of marijuana and its derivatives in small amounts is an offense usually punished with a small fine.
Truckload of marijuana goes missing
A truckload of confiscated marijuana that could be worth more than $1 million disappeared somewhere between Memphis and Louisville, Ky., sources say.
The more than 1,700 pounds of pot went missing during a controlled drug delivery going from Memphis to Louisville.
Man arrested for DUI asks officer what his favorite drink is
The man refused to take a breathalyzer test, the report said. While he was being driven to the Okaloosa County Jail, he asked the officer several times what his favorite alcoholic beverage was and asked him to turn on his blue lights.
Woman crashes Toyota into bulldozer

Man Powered Train




Bull Rider – 0 Bull – 1

Man's Gets His Head Crushed By Bull's Ass

Something For Your Bathroom

Imagine what your guests will say when they see a skull in your bathroom?

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Scientist says, “People learn more after a nap”
Psychologists say an afternoon nap after lunch improves people's learning capacity
Psychologists say sleep clears the brain's short term memory and makes space for new facts to be remembered
People who nodded off for an hour after lunch performed better in learning tests than those who stayed awake all afternoon, the scientists found.
A study of students revealed that their brains were refreshed by napping only if they entered what is called stage 2 non-REM sleep, which takes place between deep sleep and the dream state, known as REM or rapid eye movement sleep.
Man did a B&E at a German Prison to have sex with his girlfriend
A loved-up burglar who broke in to prison night after night for sex with his girlfriend is now facing a permanent stretch himself.
Daniele Eberhardt, 33, scaled a ten-foot fence, dodged surveillance cameras and used a skeleton key made from a spoon to break into the low-security jail in the British Army garrison town of Bielefeld, Germany.
For nearly a month the other female jailbirds were driven to distraction by the passionate moans coming from cell 13 in Detention House C7 of the jail for petty thieves, drug criminals and benefit fraudsters.
It got so bad that the convicts broke the unwritten law of the underworld and told guards about the couple's illicit trysts.
Friedhel Sanker, deputy governor of the prison, said: 'Some of the other women felt that their sleep was being disturbed, while others feared that the man might try to come and visit them, too.
'They were going at it quite energetically, apparently."
'It was like listening to a bad porno movie,' one female inmate said.
Old Ways and New Ways
Amish Businessman Sets Up Surveillance System, Catches Thief On Camera
Amish tradition forbids taking photos of themselves, but some Amish business owners told News 8 that they have no problem taking someone else's picture -- especially if it helps catch a crook.
Marijuana use by seniors on the rise
Long a fixture among young people, use of the country's most popular illicit drug is now growing among the AARP age group
Is Masturbation good for your health?
Pedophile pediatrician accused of abusing 103 patients

Monday, February 22, 2010

Man gives his company to employees

Bob Moore, standing in his retail store, had his 81st birthday this week and celebrated by transferring his business to his workers. His successful whole-grain production business mills grains, operates a retail store and restaurant, and ships products internationally.
He's turned down almost daily offers to buy the multi-million dollar company saying, "These people are far too good at their jobs for me to just sell it."


Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Man dies after 10 calls to 911 over two days
In his first call to 911, Curtis Mitchell sounded calm, explaining to dispatchers that his "entire stomach is in pain."
By the time his longtime girlfriend made a 10th call nearly 30 hours later, she was frantic. He wasn't breathing. He was cold to the touch.
"Oh God, oh God," Sharon Edge sobbed to dispatchers. "I've been trying to get an ambulance over here for two days."
Paramedics arrived at their Hazelwood home as Ms. Edge tried to resuscitate the 50-year-old, but it was too late.
"I sat up here with him, watching him die," Ms. Edge said, after city officials apologized to her and pledged immediate changes in emergency response after Mr. Mitchell's death on Feb. 7. "They didn't do their jobs like they were supposed to."
Woman’s $1,600 water bill is correct
A Minneapolis woman has received a $1,600 water bill, a bill the city believes is accurate even though it's 20 times the woman's usual bill. Erica Kocur said her bill is generally $70 to $80 per month. She said her "heart just dropped" when she got her latest bill. The city said she must have a running toilet or dripping faucet.
But they billed her for using almost 200,000 gallons of water. That's three times the volume of her entire home. A shower would have to run nonstop for almost two months to use that much water.
The city's director of treasury is LeeAnn Stagg. She said the city believes the bill is accurate, but the city will check Kocur's meter one more time.
Hired, fired and arrested by the police all in the same afternoon.
23-year-old John Yarrington from Falmouth resident accomplished the dubious feat Tuesday, when the police agreed to make him a confidential drug informant. But less than 10 minutes after participating in a controlled hand-to-hand drug purchase from an East Falmouth dealer, Yarrington used his $100 police payment to buy drugs for himself.
The only problem was Yarrington returned to the scene of the crime and allegedly bought heroin from the same dealer, who was still under police surveillance.
"It's a case of the dumb get dumber," Falmouth police Detective Christopher Bartolomei said.
Pediatricians call for a choke-proof hot dog
Nutritionists have long warned of the perils of hot dogs: fat, sodium and preservatives to name a few.
Now, the American Academy of Pediatrics wants foods like hot dogs to come with a warning label — not because of their nutritional risks but because they pose a choking hazard to babies and children.
Better yet, the academy would like to see foods such as hot dogs "redesigned" so their size, shape and texture make them less likely to lodge in a youngster's throat.
Gun safety Instructor Shoots Student During Gun Safety Class
A gun safety class attendee in Orlando, Fla., was accidentally shot in the foot by his instructor, police reported.
Robert Frauman Jr., 50, was one of three students at a concealed weapons certification class at Summit Church Saturday, when he was struck by the stray bullet.
Instructor Michael Phillips could not be reached for comment, but another National Rifle Association instructor said it is forbidden to take ammunition to classes.
The event was not sponsored by the church, which offered one of its meeting rooms to the group after some of its members made a request, the spokeswoman said.
"We won't be having anything like that in our church in the future," she added.
Leprosy diagnosed on Olympic security ship
Health officials in Vancouver confirmed Friday a crew member has a case of leprosy aboard a cruise ship anchored in the city's harbor that houses police and Canadian Forces personnel providing security for the 2010 Winter Olympics.
Family and cryonics firm in court over woman's head
Nearly 50% of Indian girls get married before turning 18
Oven explodes injured a 11-year-old in new $1m dream home
Long arm of the Lord
Police Inspector holds regular PRAYER meetings to help catch criminals
School girls are forced to wear skirts – Illegal
You Smell: Get off the Plane
Tracy, Calif., will be charging $300 if you make a 911 call for help.
Man wins $1.2m after gluing coin to step
You have the right to remain....right here
Surgeon 'removed toddler's bladder after mistaking it for hernia'

Tiny Courts Abuses - Law and Power

Some of the courtrooms are not even courtrooms: tiny offices or basement rooms without a judge’s bench or jury box. Sometimes the public is not admitted, witnesses are not sworn to tell the truth, and there is no word-for-word record of the proceedings.
Nearly three-quarters of the judges are not lawyers, and many — truck drivers, sewer workers or laborers — have scant grasp of the most basic legal principles. Some never got through high school, and at least one went no further than grade school.
But serious things happen in these little rooms all over New York State. People have been sent to jail without a guilty plea or a trial, or tossed from their homes without a proper proceeding. In violation of the law, defendants have been refused lawyers, or sentenced to weeks in jail because they cannot pay a fine. Frightened women have been denied protection from abuse.

Fifty Ugliest Cars of the Past 50 Years

Designer Rockets

An inventor with a penchant for explosives has designed a set of rockets in the shape of a giant box of crayons.
John Coker has always enjoyed building things that explode and after a friend mentioned that his creations looked like Crayola crayons he started building the crayon-shaped rockets.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Guy, wedding celebration and windmill


Quads start work together

Patients of a South Korean hospital could be forgiven for doing a double - or even quadruple - take on these new nurses.
Identical quads Hwang Suel and her three sisters Seol, Sol and Mil have all just started work at the same hospital where they were born 21 years ago.
All four started their training at Gacheon University Gil Hospital in Incheon on the same day.
"I feel like I'm a real nurse since I am wearing this yellow-green gown, and I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of people," said the second-oldest, Seol.
The Hwang sisters created headline news when they were born in Korea 21 years ago, the country's second ever set of identical quadruplets.
Hospital chairman Lee Gil-ya said: "I would like to praise the mother for raising all four girls - such a rare thing in the world - with such good care.
"I look forward to seeing those four women becoming great nurses like Florence Nightingale."

Swiss prostitutes trained to use defibrillators in brothels

Swiss prostitutes are being trained to use defibrillators to prevent clients with heart problems from dying on them, it has emerged.
Brothel owners in the Lugano area say electric shock treatment to restart customer's hearts is needed because so many elderly customers are using their services.
The most recent victim was a man, thought to be having fun with the help of anti-impotence medication.
His death followed a series of other incidents, some fatal, in which heart attacks have claimed brothel customers in the area.
The owner of one sex club said: "Having customers die on us isn't exactly good publicity".

Man Walking Dog Gets Electrical Shock

A Queens’s man says he feels lucky to be alive after he says he was nearly electrocuted while walking his dog on a sidewalk in Far Rockaway.
According to 52-year-old James Evans, he was walking his pit bull Max along Cornaga Avenue at around 2 p.m. when he felt he was being electrocuted.
"I'm walking down the sidewalk and we just went shzhzhzzz," he said.
After a few seconds, Evans said he couldn't move and the dog began to yelp. The 3-year-old pup managed to break free of the electrical current and dragged his owner to safety.
"The dog is screaming and he drags me across the street and it's a good thing I was holding the chain or I would have been staying there dead," he said.
Max, a trained guard dog who is normally aggressive around strangers, was still shaking an hour after the incident. Evans says the dog suffered burns to his paws and the shock actually changed his color.
"His skin is burnt, he's burnt all over," he said. Evans claims his dog used to be black not brown.
EMS responded to the incident and treated Evans for his injuries. Emergency personnel intended to transport Evans to Peninsula Hospital Center, however the Queens man declined the ride after medical personnel said they couldn't let Max board the ambulance.
Evans, who later admitted himself to the hospital, said he wasn't going to abandon his four-legged friend who just saved his life.
The Long Island Power Authority shut down power to a church along Cornaga Avenue after the incident was reported. The utility believes faulty wiring within the building caused the problem.
. .

American - 1 - Greedy Bank - 0

Is this the tipping point? Americans have been taken advantage like no one on earth by greedy Banksters and corporations. Like many of them, a man named Terry Hoskins has had troubles with his bank. But his solution to foreclosure might be somewhat unique.
Hoskins said he's been in a struggle with RiverHills Bank over his Clermont County home for nearly a decade, a struggle that was coming to an end as the bank began foreclosure proceedings on his $350,000 home.
"When I see I owe $160,000 on a home valued at $350,000, and someone decides they want to take it – no, I wasn't going to stand for that, so I took it down," Hoskins said.
Hoskins said the Internal Revenue Service placed liens on his carpet store and commercial property on state Route 125 after his brother, a one-time business partner, sued him.
The bank claimed his home as collateral, Hoskins said, and went after both his residential and commercial properties.
"The average homeowner that can't afford an attorney or can fight as long as we have, they don't stand a chance," he said.
Hoskins said he'd gotten a $170,000 offer from someone to pay off the house, but the bank refused, saying they could get more from selling it in foreclosure.
"I'll tear it down before I let you take it," Hoskins told them.
And that's exactly what Hoskins did.

Help Me

Dog walks into store carrying stillborn puppy
When a mixed breed pit bull terrier walked into a busy supermarket, animal welfare officers, called in by staff, were shocked to find it had a stillborn puppy trapped inside.
The staff at Scotts Supermarket, in Naxxar called the Animal Welfare Department on Saturday afternoon to report that a stray dog had walked into the supermarket, welfare officer Godric Marston said.
The dog, named Mel after the girl who called for help, lay down on a carpet in the supermarket and remained still.
"On arriving at the supermarket, I realized there was something unusual about the dog. On closer look, I could see a part of the puppy. It was dead but still inside her. It was clear this dog needed to be operated upon immediately or she would die," Mr. Marston said.
He rushed the dog to Happy Paws, a veterinary clinic, where it was immediately operated on.
Recovering after undergoing operation

Octo-boy plea

To some in his remote Indian village he is a living version of India's multi-limbed God Lakshmi and worshipped every day as holy.
To others eight-year-old Kumar Paswan is a monster, is stoned on sight and forced to hide away his astonishing medical condition.
But all the tragic youngster wants is to be normal and has launched an appeal for the thousands of pounds needed for an operation to remove his parasitic twin.
The twin stopped developing in the womb before it separated fully from Kumar and has left him with seven limbs.
"When he was born the doctors said he wouldn't live long but here he is and apart from how he looks he is very healthy," said his dad Veeresh Paswan, of Bihar, eastern India.
"I am tired of being different. I just want to live normally," added the youngster.

Bogus mourner stole 1,200 pairs of shoes

A second hand shoe shop owner stole more than 1,200 pairs of designer shoes by posing as a mourner in South Korea.
His haul has been put on display by police in Seoul in the hope of reuniting as many as possible with their rightful owners, reports The Times.
The 59-year-old thief, named only as Mr Park by police, had literally walked off with his booty from funeral homes and hospitals across the capital.
His victims were the mourners who had slipped off their shoes out of respect, according to the national tradition.
Park would take off his own footwear, pay his 'respects', then put on a more expensive pair and walk off.
When police caught up with him after setting up a surveillance operation he led them to a warehouse stacked high with the expensive footwear that he had intended to boost his stock.
Police had watched as he arrived, suitably dressed in black, at one funeral home in southern Seoul's Suseo district then removed his own cheap shoes - a custom observed by mourners visiting funeral homes in Asia.
Police said they caught him stealing three pairs of shoes, altogether worth £1,120.

Italian landslide caught on video

About 200 residents have been evacuated from their homes after a landslide split a hillside apart in the southern Italian town of Maierato.
The landslide, which caused power failure, could have been caused by heavy rains in the region, initial reports say.
Footage shows residents being urged to leave their houses and "run away" from the huge flow of mud falling from the hillside.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Funeral home cremated wrong body
A Mid-South funeral home is under fire after a family said it cremated the wrong body and put their loved one in another person's casket
"We had no reason to believe that everything wasn't fine until we got the call from Nashville," McClamrock said.
The Tennessee Board of Funeral Directors told McClamrock the ashes she thought belonged to her mother were likely those of a complete stranger.
Former High Point employee Oliver Ewing told the board the funeral home mistakenly cremated a man who was to be buried. Ewing said when he alerted his boss, he was told to "remove Billie Sue Smith's remains from her body bag and remove any and all identification."
"His story was that his boss told him to don't tell anybody," Attorney Jeff Rosenblum said. "Let's bury the woman in the man's grave, let's give the woman's family the man's ashes."
Rosenblum brought a medical examiner to the grave sight marked John Hughes. But inside the casket were the remains of Billie Sue Smith.
Man excretes once in 7 wks
He eats drinks and moves about like a normal human being. But his alimentary canal is patently tainted with abnormal behavior. He does not empty his bowels within the time frame expected of a normal person even after eating with a ravenous appetite.
But there is another oddity peculiar to Sanusi. The smelly, gaseous air content he discharges in quick succession everyday leaves him as a man whose rate of flatulence is unequalled: “Instead of going to toilet, I just find solace in passing out very, very loud and offensive gas, one round after another for some moments in order to get a relief. I do this at my convenient time and location without causing discomfort to people around me.
Man Stops Woman From Molotov Cocktail Attack
St. Louis man outraged by description on Pizza Hut receipt
India’s rail authorities crack down on rooftop travel to stop deaths

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Player Makes Half-Court Shot From His Knees


Marketing Strategy


Putting a stop on 'Freak' Dancing

Administrators at Brighton High School said they’re trying to stop a style of dancing they consider obscene on school grounds and recently cancelled a popular winter event to make their point.
Officials were concerned students would engage in “freaking" or sexually suggestive movements on the dance floor.
The school required anyone interested in attending the Winterfest dance to sign a contract beforehand.

BK customers get surprise blue pill in sandwiches

Bryant Keith Jones, 32, and Woody Bernard Duclos, 20, were arrested after customers at the Jacksonville Burger King where the two worked reported a blue pill was placed inside their sandwiches.
Turns the blue pills were Hydrocodone.
Tomeria Kendrick and his mother visited the Burger King and bought a chicken sandwich at the drive-thru. Inside the sandwich, he told police he found a blue pill. His mother took him to Fire Station 54; once he was cleared, she went back to Burger King - sandwich and pill in hand.
Later that evening, Kendrick suffered a seizure and was transported to Baptist South as a precaution.
Ernest McHenry and a coworker visited the restaurant about an hour after Kendrick and his mother left and bought a fish sandwich and a cheeseburger. There was a blue pill inside McHenry's sandwich.
Police were summoned.
After figuring out who was making the specialty sandwiches police questioned Jones, who told the cops that he had a bottle of prescribed Hydrocodone with him and had given three to a coworker, Duclos, who was complaining of back pain.
A witness told police she believes Duclos "did this because he was disgruntled and angry" in his work.
Burger King fired the employees.
But losing their jobs is probably the least of their concerns now -- the sheriff's office is investigating.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Dumbest crook leaves trail of evidence
Within an hour of being charged and bailed over other break-ins, Bendigo man Andrew Bawden, 36, was back in business, busting into cars and houses and robbing offices and a cathedral.
But his one-man crime wave came unstuck when he dropped his police charge sheet at one crime scene.
Two hours later he dropped the DVD of his police interview at another.
"You get crooks sometimes that leave one thing that's stupid. Both things are extraordinary," Bendigo police Sgt Brendon Murphy said.
"From the police perspective it's quite good. We appreciate people who leave evidence for us."
Breaking driving laws caused indigestion to one man
A trucker who ate evidence of breaking Swiss speed limits has paid the price -- a stomach ache from swallowing the discs which recorded his driving, police said Tuesday.
The 34-year-old trucker from the Balkans was stopped for speeding on a highway in the southern canton of Tessin and was found to have driven more than 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) in 18 hours without stop, local police said.
Hunkered down in his cab, the man reportedly gobbled up the paper discs of his truck's tacho graph, which records speed and the time driven. He was hospitalised after suffering stomach pains.
The incident posed no serious health consequences, police said, and the driver was fined for the infraction.
Tacho graphs are intended to ensure that truck drivers do not work overly long hours as part of overall road safety requirements.
'Why do I need to give my name, I have done nothing'
A 22-year-old man was arrested for resisting law enforcement after he wouldn't tell a deputy his date of birth, according to an Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office arrest report.
A deputy responded to a call of a disturbance at 955 Airport Road around 5:35 p.m. Feb. 9, the report said. When the deputy found the man standing on the sidewalk and asked him what was going on, the man said, "Nothing, I am just standing here."
The deputy asked the man what his name was, and the man said, "why do I need to give my name, I have done nothing," according to the report. The man then gave his name.
When the deputy asked for his date of birth, he said, "7, I am cold," according to the report, but would not provide his date of birth.
Man Offered Woman to Pave Her Driveway for Sex - NSFW
Waste collector gets a mouth full of medical waste from a clinic.
Britain's Dirty Laundry
Half a million dirty Britons wash their bed sheets only three times a year, a survey discloses laying bare the disgusting bedroom habits of the nation.
Man pees on floor, woman goes to jail over it
Angry father shoots man in scrotum because he didn’t like him
Woman claims bipolar disorder led to embezzlement of $856K
Man Plants Syringes In Several Wal-Mart Products
Four Needles Planted In Products In Four Days Different Places

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Man arrested over billboard porn stunt
Russian police arrested a prankster who beamed a porn film onto a giant billboard in central Moscow.
The Sun reported that the two-minute clip was played on an advertising board next to the Kremlin last month, after the joker hacked into an online company's computer server.
The impromptu sex show caused midnight traffic jams around the Russian capital, and reportedly caused one elderly motorist to suffer a heart attack at the wheel of his car.
The hacker, who broke into the computer mainframe to "give people a laugh," faced two years in jail if convicted.
"He is a highly-educated, temporarily unemployed and extremely advanced internet user," a police spokesperson said.
Police did not release the man's name but said he hacked into the computer out of curiosity and to "sharpen his skills."
Men what size are you?
Are small size condoms actually large size?

Man jumped in front of train to save unconscious woman

A man who jumped onto the tracks and saved an unconscious woman from an oncoming train at Koenji Station in Tokyo
Seeing the woman get off the train at the station and fall off the opposite side of the platform, Sato ran off the train, asked another man on the platform to go get a station employee and jumped onto the tracks.
Sato found the woman lying on her side, unconscious and unresponsive, with an approaching train only about 10 meters away. Sato managed to turn the woman on her back in the 1.06-meter-wide space between the rails and took shelter himself in a space under the platform.
The train stopped without hitting the woman, after five of the 10 cars passed right above her. Once the train had come to a halt, Sato looked into the 30 centimeter space between the bottom of the train and the cross ties and asked the woman if she was okay.


Is this the place I go to get this thing off my head?

A cat walked into the Scottish SPCA's Wildlife Rescue Center by her self
After the can was carefully removed she was checked over.

Nice tattoo, but you should had use spell check

Penrith Panther Jarrod Sammut gets tattoo with wrong spelling
Jarrod Sammut has revealed a new tattoo but he probably should have checked the spelling first.
The fullback for Penrith Panthers had "Justify Your Existance" tattooed in big, bold letters all across his chest last year but it took two weeks before he realized the mistake.
"I picked out the style and the bloke wrote it down on the tracing pad. I had a quick look at it, I liked the type and shape and I was happy with it."

Incredible Juggler!!!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Restroom Prank - The Perfect Joke! - 18 and Over


Conjugal visit ends in jail for Florida woman

A conjugal quest by a woman from Flagler Beach ended with her going to jail on DUI charges.
The Flagler County Sheriff's Office arrested 45-year-old Denise Rutledge on one count of driving under the influence.
Investigators say she went to the jail to request a conjugal visit with a specific inmate. Jailers turned her away, because the facility doesn't allow conjugal visits and also because visiting hours had ended.
Deputies said Rutledge left in her car, but returned. A deputy stopped her and gave her a breathalyzer test because she had slurred speech and trouble standing.
Investigators say she blew a .256, which is well above the legal limit in Florida of .08.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

2 Men Steal $2,000 Worth Of Panties From Victoria's Secret
Police are trying to identify two men who stole more than $2,000 worth of women's panties from a Victoria's Secret at the Town Center at Boca Raton.
Boca Raton police said the manager reported the theft Saturday afternoon. The manager said two men entered the store and took about 130 pairs of women's panties.
Surveillance video in the store showed one man holding open a bag while the other scooped up the panties and placed them in the bag.
Dubai driver racks up $97,000 in traffic penalties
A Dubai student who racked up traffic offence penalties of $97,000 (£61,888) has been caught by police.
The man, who eluded officers for two years and continued to collect speeding tickets, also had his 4X4 vehicle seized.
He was forced to pay fines of $69,754 immediately, and must find a further $27,247 to get his car back.
The man, who committed 400 separate offences, has had his driver's license revoked.
Police sergeant won't be charged
A Torrance police sergeant will not be charged in an off-duty hit-and-run collision, although he admitted he fled because his "judgment was impaired by alcohol," according to prosecutors.
Redondo Beach City Prosecutor Brenda Wells said Tuesday that she declined to file a criminal case against Sgt. Michael Mastick for several reasons.
Among them, Wells said was the fact that the alleged victim did not want the internal affairs investigator prosecuted. In addition, she said, the driver of the suspect vehicle was not identified by any witnesses at the time of Sept. 26 incident.
However, she noted: "Initially, Michael Mastick claimed that his wife was driving and she confirmed that information. Later, Michael Mastick submitted a statement claiming that he was the driver and he fled because his judgment was impaired by alcohol."
Man fined $50 for sniffing bakery cakes
A Canadian man in Regina, Saskatchewan was fined $50 Friday for sniffing and touching cakes in a supermarket bakery department.
Alexander Rodrigue, 23, was also ordered to make restitution for the cakes and stay away from the supermarket for four months, the Regina Leader-Post reported.
He had previously pleaded guilty to a mischief charge relating to the June 15 incident in which staff claimed he had been licking the cakes, the newspaper said.
However, at his sentencing, Rodrigue told the judge he had not licked the cakes, but admitted to sniffing and touching them.
The World’s Smallest Postal Service
Men how would you pop the big question?
Pretend you're someone else
Man sets record for most hugs in 24 hours
A 51-year-old Ohio man has embraced the Valentine’s Day spirit faster than anyone before, giving 7,777 hugs in 24 hours for a new world record.
People in Canada Choose Bacon Over Sex
Man celebrates £56m jackpot with a bacon sandwich
Florida man hurt in fight over tomatoes
Jumping from helicopter saves pilot and passenger
Medical spatula found in Czech woman's abdomen
Five months after patient's operation, doctors discover colleagues had forgotten to remove instrument
Manga Collector Jailed for only 6 Months
6-year-old boy sexual harassment settlement costs city $250K
The principal said he had violated sexual harassment policy by touching a female classmate inside her clothing waistband during a class.
Ronald McDonald arrested for pot
Mortuary technicians play with corpses
'My lover can't find my G-spot - and he's been looking for two years'

Tree Carved Into Phallic Shape

A tree is making neighbors in a Tempe, Arizona neighborhood a little uncomfortable.
"It's extremely inappropriate," neighbor Annette Willis said.
Actually, the tree itself is scattered in pieces throughout Adam Starr's backyard.
It's the 8-foot stump still standing that has captured everyone's attention.
"I don't see what the big deal is," said neighbor June Thompkins. "It's funny."
Starr said the 35-foot pine tree behind his house died and needed to come down, so he asked a friend to chop it down.
As a bonus, the friend left behind a one-of-a-kind sculpture in the shape of a male body part.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Not all women are innocent when it comes to rape

Survey says – Some women should take the blame of being rape victims
A majority of women believe some rape victims should take responsibility for what happened, a survey suggests.
Almost three quarters of the women who believed this said if a victim got into bed with the assailant before an attack they should accept some responsibility.
One-third blamed victims who had dressed provocatively or gone back to the attacker's house for a drink.
More than half of those of both sexes questioned said there were some circumstances when a rape victim should accept responsibility for an attack.
Woman who cried rape after having sex walks free from court
A 21-year-old woman who made a false accusation of rape in a bid to claim thousands of pounds in compensation escaped a jail term today.
Just over a week after making the allegations, she contacted the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, hoping to be awarded up to £7,500.
A jury found her guilty of perverting the course of justice and she was today given a 12-month jail sentence, suspended for two years.


Tiny Chihuahua Blown Away By 70mph winds


Beer Bottle Chandelier


Time To Eat The Dead Body

The dead body cake is the likeness of the deceased

Not the Brightest….

What would you take your chances with?
Man pays another man with peanut allergies $50.00 to eat peanuts

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm Lovin' it


Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Man arrested for drug possession thought pills were ibuprofen
A 50-year-old Fort Walton Beach man was arrested Feb. 4 on charges of drug possession.
Gary Michael Johnson was being arrested on an active warrant for worthless checks when deputies found a white napkin in his pant pocket, said an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s report.
Wrapped in the napkin was a receipt and inside the receipt were six white pills later identified as Propoxyphene.
Deputies also found a straw with white powder residue inside.
Johnson told officers he thought the pills were ibuprofen and he would not say what the straw was used for. According to the report, he denied possession of the straw.
Man arrested after admitting marijuana was stolen
A Lexington man was charged with trafficking marijuana Tuesday after reporting that someone had stolen his drugs, according to court documents.
Stephen M. Bosch, 36, told Lexington police an armed man had forced his way into his apartment on Crosby Drive around 10:30 p.m. and took $180, according to police reports. While inside, officers noticed the smell of marijuana, and then Bosch admitted the man had also taken 10-1/2 grams of pot.
Police searched Bosch's residence and found another $225 in cash, a digital scale, rolling papers and other paraphernalia and an additional 140 grams of marijuana, which had been hidden in the garbage.
Nursing home staff accused of taking nude photos of patients
A Bremerton nursing home is under investigation, after the staff was caught allegedly taking nude photos of some of the patients. A nurse and two nursing aids have already been fired.
Susan Dreyfus, Secretary of the Department of Social and Health Services, says they are now investigating three nursing staff members at the Kitsap Health and Rehabilitation Center in Bremerton. They were fired after allegedly taking inappropriate photos of patients on their cell phones, and sharing them as entertainment.
New friends tortured and killed a disabled woman
Jennifer Daugherty's mom and stepdad didn't press for details when she mentioned she had made some new friends. The 30-year-old had the mental abilities of an adolescent but wasn't the kind to get in trouble, and she was even thinking about getting her own place soon.
Police found her body Thursday stuffed into a garbage can in a school parking lot; they say she had been forced to consume detergent and urine - and to write a fake suicide note - before she was fatally stabbed by attackers who also shaved her head and painted her face with nail polish. Six suspects have been charged, including her new "friends."
"She was exploited, and her kindness and her handicap made her very vulnerable," Daugherty's sister, Joy Burkholder, said. "She trusted everybody; she believed everyone was good, and no one would hurt her."

Priest caught buying cocaine
10,000 City bankers hit £1m jackpot
Web designer sells Detroit lot for $1 per sq. inch
Man steals ambulance with patient inside
Woman sues after nursing stranger's baby
Man claims to not be trespasser, he just wanted a lighter
World’s Fattest Man Offers Diet Tips
Let me show you what you can have - NSFW
Lost on Kersdale Road
A man called police and said he was lost; Police went to him and arrested him
Men are unconsciously aware of when a woman is most fertile
Could Women's Natural Scent More Seductive Than Lets Say Chanel No. 5

Love Stinks – Litterally