Monday, March 31, 2008

Smacking Her Crack

Squeal Piggy

That's a miniature horse and a male pig



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Funny cat incident

This is really strange

Mummified Body Found In Apartment 13 Years After She Died.
This incident recently came to light in Tula Oblast. It's anybody's guess how much longer the lady's body would've been laying on the couch if it hadn't been for a sewage problem in the building bringing out some inspectors. The lady didn't answer her door when called, so inspectors were called in.
They were blown away to see a mummified corpse lying on the couch. The lady's name was K. Praskov'ja, and she probably died 13 years ago at the age of 67.
Neighbors at first thought that she was in the hospital because she had been ill often. Then people had 'forgotten' all about her absence after awhile. Nobody noticed any smell because a window had been left open all these years.

Autograph requests

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Wardrobe Valet - NSFW

Cat and Mouse

Joanne Casey said...
i love the homemade mouse wheel!

Sheep Vs. Marine - Iraq

Sheep 1 - Marine 0

Anonymous said...
Correction. They're Army.
Semper Fi.
Apparently this Marine doesn't run away.


Bigger Jugs and Shaved Pussy - NSFW

Big Jugs - The movie! - SFW

Male sheep attacks farmer for selling off female sheep

This 200-pound ram gets pissed at his owner for selling off his "girlfriend"


Must be a guy sitting with his camcorder and “calling” the game.

Small Bits of News

Making the breast of it ... Danish ladies can now go topless
WOMEN in Copenhagen have won the right to swim and walk around topless in public pools.
Feminism may have its downsides but, as the latest victory shows, some things are clearly worth fighting for.
In Copenhagen yesterday, the city's Culture and Leisure Committee voted overwhelmingly to allow topless bathing.
Frank Hedegaard, of the Socialist People's Party, said: "I cannot understand what some people find so offensive about women's breasts."
The decision is the result of a year-long campaign by pressure group, the Topless Front, which says women should be treated the same as bare-chested men.
Campaign leader Astrid Vang, 20, who took her top off with others to protest at a leisure centre at Christmas, said: "We women would like to decide by ourselves when our breasts should be sexual and when not.
"In swimming pools they should not and that is why the breasts should not be covered - We will bathe topless just like men."
Sex, No thank you ... we're Japanese
Housewife Miyuki Yanagisawa cannot recall the last time she had sex with her husband. She is certain, though, that their physical estrangement can be measured in years, not months.
While she shares a room with the couple's two young daughters, her husband, a company employee, sleeps alone in another room, grateful for the chance to catch up on his sleep after another tortuously long day at work.
'As long as he is healthy and doing well at work, I can put up with the lack of affection,' Yanagisawa, 44 - who asked that her real name not be used - said of her decade-old marriage.
People trapped in sexless marriages blame long working hours, a claim backed up by global surveys of sexual activity conducted by Durex. According to the condom maker, Japanese couples have sex 45 times a year, well below the global average of 103 times.
Fetus Discovered in Bathroom of NYC Flight
HOUSTON — Authorities are investigating the discovery of what appears to be a fetus in the bathroom of a Continental Airlines plane that arrived in Houston on a flight from New York's LaGuardia Airport.
FBI Special Agent Shauna Dunlap said that while the plane was being cleaned about an hour after the plane landed Sunday, the cleaning crew found the fetus. The medical examiner's office will do an autopsy to determine if it was viable.
Dunlap said that if it is determined that a crime occurred, then the FBI will work with Houston police to determine where it occurred and continue from there.