Thursday, January 21, 2010

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Ladies, What’s Your Size?
A nightclub in Singapore is attracting attention for a marketing strategy that offers free drinks according to women's bra sizes.
The OverEasy nightclub introduced the event 'Fill My Cups' recently to promote events hosted by Australian DJ DCUP.
The promotion allows A-cup patrons one free drink, B-cups two, C-cups three, and D-cups can claim a free bottle of vodka.
To determine bra size the promotion allowed for one male and one female judge to visually assess bra cup size, "They are not boob experts, and neither are they from a bra company. They are our personal friends who will simply guesstimate the women's bra cup sizes," said Ms Ho, "We don't condone touch tests," she said.
Man Castrates Himself to be Faithful
It is a man's worst nightmare but for Colombian farmer Luis Alfonso Sanchez it seemed the logical thing to do.The 40-year-old decided to castrate himself to avoid cheating on his wife who refused to have sex with him.Mr. Sanchez had performed the act on many of his animals in the past and believed the procedure would be as easy for him saying: "I've castrated pigs, cats, dogs and three days later they are healed."I thought that's what it was going to be like with me. I had practice with animals, so I went ahead, put some pressure on it, and cut them to remove them by force!""When I saw that I could no longer count on her (his wife), so that I wouldn’t keep bothering her, I made the decision to cut my testicles off because I am a Christian and did not want to go look for another (partner)."The man is being treated at Santander Hospital where Dr. Javier Martinez said he is still healing: "He still has an escroto-penial hematoma. He's been looked at by the urology department, and they found a complete absence of the testicles."According to doctors, Sanchez's wounds have become infected.
Brazilian Shave
A Winnipeg man who flew into a rage after he awoke from a drunken slumber to find his girlfriend had shaven off his pubic hair was sentenced on Tuesday to six months house arrest. The 32-year-old man pleaded guilty to not complying with a probation order. Court heard the man was under a court order he have no contact with his girlfriend while intoxicated.
1 woman, 2 DUIs, 3 days
An Ocala woman was arrested and charged with driving under the influence twice in three days.
The Marion County Sheriff's Office reports that 43-year-old Samantha Stilwell was first arrested Saturday. She was booked into jail on a DUI charged and released later that day.
The same deputy that arrested Stilwell on Saturday reportedly pulled her over again early Monday morning for erratic driving. The deputy reported that Stilwell failed several field sobriety tests and her blood-alcohol level tested at the Marion County jail, she blew breath alcohol levels of .219, .198 and .226. Florida's legal limit is .08.
She was charged with another DUI and released later that same day.
The arresting deputy reported that Stilwell was wearing pajamas and no shoes both times she was pulled over.
City code fines woman $27,000
The used car was a blessing for Diane Pearson of North Port, a single mother with three children and a long commute to work. And after receiving the 1998 Mercury Sable from Lighthouse Baptist Church, she found her drive to Sarasota a bit less stressful.
But now she has a problem. North Port took Pearson to court over fines of more than $27,000 for keeping her old car in the driveway without a license plate. If the city wins its case, Pearson will be left in financial ruin.
Seems North Port is a city that likes to regulate and enforce many things -- from how often you mow your grass to the cars in your driveway. And one of their rules is cars in driveways must have a current plate.
FHP trooper fixed tickets in exchange for sex
The Florida Highway Patrol trooper who lost his job last week — without state officials explaining why — is accused of fixing a traffic ticket for sex — more than a dozen times, court records show.
And trooper Wilfredo Bennett got caught by technology: His wife dialed an unknown number on his cell phone and ended up talking to the woman with whom her husband was carrying on affair, records state.
Bennett is accused of betraying his oath to uphold the law in return for regular sex. He pleaded not guilty this week, court records show. If convicted, he could face up to 15 years in prison.
The former trooper's career began to fall apart in mid-November when his wife called an unknown number on his cell phone and introduced herself to Donna Michelle Herbst, a motorist with whom her husband had been having an affair, records show.
Why some pit-bulls are mean
A man accused of feeding live kittens to his pet dog is expected to appear in Gisborne District Court next week.
He faces five charges of willful ill-treatment of an animal after allegedly feeding five kittens to his pit-bull terrier. He is also accused of recording a video of the incident on his phone.
The man was charged after the SPCA's national office became involved following a report of the incident late last year.
Man asks for more prison time
A Utah man has chosen to fight heroin addiction by spending more time in jail.
Damon Conrow was sentenced Tuesday on a charge of possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance after asking to “plead up” to a first-degree felony. The charge had been a second-degree felony, but Conrow wanted a longer sentence.
Conrow says he’ll soon be happier than he is now because he’ll get off heroin. He says within about eight weeks of going to jail, he expects withdrawal symptoms to ease so he can start having normal sleeping patterns.
The 25-year-old pleaded guilty in December.
On Tuesday, 2nd District Judge Pamela Heffernan gave Conrow one last chance to change his mind and withdraw his guilty plea. Conrow declined.
Man tells police he paid for sex, he didn't get
Police said a man and woman from Marlbrough, New Hampshire are each facing prostitution charges after the man called police to say he'd paid for sex, but the woman then refused.
The 22-year-old woman and 32-year-old man were cited into court at a later date.
Police said the man called Marlborough Police on Monday to say he'd paid the woman and a third party $150 to have sex with him on Sunday, but she wouldn't follow through.
Police said they're still investigating the third party.
8-Year-Old Boy Brought a Loaded Gun to School
Brentwood, Long Island school officials say an 8-year-old boy brought a loaded pistol to school that was quickly discovered by his teacher.
The boy had the gun in his desk and the teacher overheard him talking about it. The teacher took the gun from the desk and hand-delivered it to the assistant principal's office Wednesday.
The boy was charged with criminal possession of a weapon as juvenile
The boy was taken to a Suffolk County precinct and to Family Court and has since been released to his family.
Suffolk county officials are investigating. It's not clear why the third-grader brought the gun to school, though it's believed it came from his home. It's not clear what his punishment would be.

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