Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Double yolks"

According to the British Egg Information Service the chance of getting a double yolk is one in 1,000.
So the odds of opening 29 in the roll are one in 1,000 to the power of 29 - or one followed by 87 zeros.

Father, son burglarize dental office after dad was fired

A fired Naples dental office worker sought retribution by stealing more than $10,000 in equipment from his former boss, police said.
Naples police arrested George C. Miller, 63, and his 34-year-old son, Devin L. Miller, both of Naples at their home.
Dr. Marvin Kennard, owner of Naples Dental Care, 785 Central Ave., told a Naples detective someone broke into his business and stole dental equipment such as a high-speed dental drill and patients' files.
Other items also were missing but no money, computers or other electronic equipment was missing, reports stated. The total value of stolen items was more than $10,000, reports stated.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Firefighters had teens pose in underwear
Hancock County Sheriff's Department spokesman Matthew Carver says the photographs were taken by camera phone and digital cameras at the fire station following a fundraising event.
Carver said the girls, aged 14-16, lived nearby and was visiting the station Memorial Day weekend.
Authorities say Bayside Park firefighter’s 35-year-old Clarence Hall of Waveland and 25-year-old Vincent Reiber of Bayside Park each face a charge of child exploitation of three teenage girls posing in their underwear at the station.
Reiber was arrested. Hall, who was assistant fire chief, surrendered to authorities. Both have been fired.
Dead man sought for jury duty for 5 years
A Massachusetts man facing a criminal complaint for failing to appear for jury duty apparently had a good excuse. He's been dead for five years.
State Deputy Jury Commissioner John Cavanaugh said last week that the state will not precede with serving a criminal complaint against Michael Wylie.
The late Georgetown resident was issued a notice to serve on jury duty five years ago but at the time he was in hospice care and had terminal cancer. He died a few months later but the commission continued to send letters about his failure to report.
Wylie's family says they tried to tell authorities that he had died but officials say the family never sent a death certificate.
Rugby star fails drugs test after trying to grow a moustache
The World Cup dreams of one of Japan’s rising rugby stars is in tatters after he attempted to cultivate a manly moustache.
Ryohei Yamanaka, a fly-half for the national team, is awaiting the result of a second test to confirm that the hair growth cream he rubbed on his top lip did contain a banned steroid.
If that result is also positive, which appears likely, the 22-year-old player is likely to face a ban of a minimum of six months - ruling him out of Brave Blossoms’ squad for the World Cup that kicks off in New Zealand on September 9.
In a worst-case scenario, Yamanaka could be banned for as much as two years as the Japan Rugby Football Union takes a notoriously dim view of drugs in the sport.
Christian Loamanu, a Tongan who represented Japan in the 2007 World Cup, was banned from playing rugby in Japan for life by the national board after two tests in 2009 came back positive for marijuana.

Toe Wrestling

Socks are off for the 35th annual Toe Wrestling Championship in Derbyshire

Mug Shots