Friday, March 13, 2009

The Hair Of A Freak


Paraplegic Man Walks Again

He's been confined to a wheelchair for 20 years. Now a paraplegic man is walking again. And his doctors call it a miracle.
"I closed my eyes and then I was spinning like a flying saucer," explains David Blancarte. A motorcycle accident almost killed David 21 years ago. At the time he might have wished he was dead. "I asked my doctor, "sir what happened?' I can't feel my legs," said David. Ever since, David's been relying on his wheelchair to get around. Then the spider bite. A Brown Recluse sent him to the hospital, then to rehab for eight months. "I'm here for a spider bite. I didn't know I would end up walking," says David. A nurse noticed David's leg spasm and ran a test on him. "When they zapped my legs, I felt the current, I was like whoa and I yelled," he says. He felt the current and the rush of a renewed sense of hope. "She says,'your nerves are alive. They're just asleep," explained David. Five days later David was walking. "I was walking on the bar back and forth," he said. Now David is out of the hospital and on his feet and walking. David basks in his glory and gives a ray of hope to other hoping to walk again. The 48-year-old former boxer and dancer are taking it in stride, knowing his best days are still ahead. David's dream is to see his 14-year-old twin daughters grow up and get married so he can walk them down the aisle and have that first dance.

Caption This...............NSFW


Caption This...............NSFW

I just hope they are all 18 or over

The 100 Hottest Hand-Bras of All-Time

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PowerWheels With More Power


Men Bragging About Their Cars

Surprise Ending

This is not the way you get your Jeep out of the mud.


Bucket Brigade

Manual Concrete Pump - 3rd World Style

Caught on Camera:

Three Deer take a run through liquor store

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

A baby born with two penises in Russia.
The child, named only as Artyom G, was born two weeks ago after a normal pregnancy in which medics did not detect any problems.
But he has now undergone hours of complicated surgery at St Vladimir's Children's Clinical Hospital.
The boy was rushed from his maternity hospital to the specialist Moscow clinic where he underwent the length operation to join the two penises.
"The surgery was complicated. We had to form one penis out of two, make the abdominal wall and create a bladder," said a doctor involved in the five hour operation.
"When our colleagues asked for help we said yes immediately but we couldn't imagine the case would be so complicated."
The baby is now in good health and the surgery a complete success.
"He will grow into a normal man and be able to have kids," the doctor added.
In June last year, a baby was born with a second penis on his back
The baby was born to farmer dad Li Jun, 30, and his unnamed wife, who live in Hejian city in central China's Henan province - the rare condition is called fetus in fetu (FIF).
Mom bathes baby daughter in breast milk
A Chinese new mother is producing so much breast milk that she baths her baby in the excess each day.
Mrs Luo, of Chongqing, says she is producing two litres of milk more than she needs to feed her six-week-old daughter Shan Shan.
Mother, husband and her mother-in-law had all been drinking the extra milk but she says they still have plenty left over.
"Luo’s mother-in-law suggested why not give the baby a breast milk bath, and they took my advice," she said.
Luo said the milk bath makes her Shan Shan's skin really smooth and white.
But she is looking for someone to donate her extra breast milk to as she feels that bathing her baby in breast milk is too much of an indulgence.
Eating 30 Chocolate Bars a Week
A Devon woman who eats 30 bars of chocolate a week has just celebrated her 100th birthday.
Peggy Griffiths, of Abbotsham, has scoffed an estimated 70,000 Cadbury's Dairy Milk bars in her time.
Her lifetime chocolate consumption has been estimated at an incredible four tons.
Peggy said: "When I was young I could buy a bar of chocolate with my pocket money and tasted exactly like it does now."
Her daughter Eileen Osborne, 69, said she ran a sweet shop in the 1930s but it went bust because she ate all the profits.
Eileen said: "When mom was a little girl, her mother told her that sweets were bad for you but chocolate was good.
"She absolutely loves it. She's a chocoholic and her diet agrees with her."
Son pleasures himself, then punches mom
Is he a jerk or was he know. It all started about 7 p.m. Tuesday, authorities said, when a mother looked outside and saw her 19-year-old son masturbating in the back yard.
The mother yelled. The son, Antwan L. Grandberry, 19, walked around to the front of the house and rang the doorbell, according to a Dade City Police report. The mother answered and began cursing and yelling at Grandberry, who then punched his mother in her face.
Grandberry, who is listed as unemployed, was arrested on a domestic battery charge and is being held in the Land O'Lakes jail in lieu of $500 bail.
Woman opens door, sees man wearing only a T-shirt
A woman complained to the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office after she opened the back door to let the dogs out and saw a man masturbating. The Hispanic male, who was in his 30s, was about one foot away from her door, she said.
He was wearing a plain white T-shirt and nothing else, according to the report.
When she screamed, the man ran toward a wooded area, still masturbating.
He apparently has exposed himself at least four times in the last week, the report said.
Three-tired car stopped; driver charged with DUI
Largo police stopped a Clearwater man early this morning because they say he was driving a car that had only three tires. A short time later, they arrested him for having a blood-alcohol level nearly twice the level at which the state presumes a person is unable to safely drive.
Henry C. Romeu, 27, faces DUI charges.
According to police, Romeu was traveling on East Bay Drive just after 2 a.m. without a rear passenger tire, something Largo police Lt. Mike Loux said "isn’t as uncommon as you think." Romeu displayed uneven balance, had bloodshot eyes and registered 0.200 and 0.198 during subsequent Breathalyzer tests, police said.