Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Perfect Butts

I am Jealous of that man I wish it was me.

Driver Ignores A Red Light

What do you want to bet the driver was texting while driving.

Good Advice

Watch what you do in life you might end up in a hole that you can’t get out.

What goes around comes around

I'm going to Hell....


I’m going to Hell you want anything while I’m there?
No I just see you there.

The BEST Halloween Costume EVER!!!

Anonymous said...

Cameraman Curiosity Almost Got Him Killed

It's hard to tell if the cameraman is real because he stands so still
That was a little too close for comfort for me!
I was waiting for the urine wet spot to form on the trousers.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Fake cop pulled over real officer
Rule number one if you’re dumb enough to impersonate an police officer don’t do it to a real police officer it never works.
Hartford police say a city man picked the wrong time to impersonate a police officer.
Authorities say they arrested 20-year-old Israel Gomez early Tuesday when he pulled over a motorist who just happened to be an off-duty Hartford police lieutenant. Another car driven by Gomez's alleged accomplice was also involved in the bogus traffic stop.
Police say Gomez turned on flashing lights on his 1994 Honda Civic, sounded a siren and used a loudspeaker to order Lt. Ronald Bair to pull over. Bair called for backup, and officers arrested Gomez and 20-year-old Esteban Cardona.
Gomez is charged with impersonating a police officer, reckless driving and improper use of red flashing lights.
Woman found out Alcohol and Driving Test doesn’t go together
A woman was disqualified from her driving test after she failed a breath-test - on the written section of her exam.
Monika Cristescu, 20, from Arad, was found to be double the drunk driving limit after admitting she'd downed "only four gins" to cope with nerves.
Police withdrew her licence application and banned her from taking the driving theory paper until she shows up sober.
A police spokesman said: "She turned up to do the test and a few minutes into it she started giggling, talking loudly to the other candidates in the room, shouting out the answers she was giving and telling them she was going to get every question right.
"An officer walked over to her and immediately smelt alcohol and decided to give her a breath test.
Beauty Queen Arrested After Skipping on Restaurant Bill
Reigning Miss Teen Louisiana USA Lindsey Evans and three friends were arrested over the weekend for leaving a Bossier City restaurant without paying their bill.
Police say the 18-year-old Evans of Blanchard left her purse at the restaurant and the women were arrested when they returned to get it.
Police spokesman Mark Natale says Evans and her friends were booked Saturday night on charges of theft after they ran up a $46.07 bill and left without paying. He says the women admitted intentionally leaving without paying their bill.
In addition to the theft charge, Evans was booked with possession of marijuana that was found in her purse. The other women face similar charges. All four were released from jail Sunday after posting bond.
Picture and More
Woman, 76, Arrested for 73rd Time When Wallet Disappears
A 76-year-old woman who gave her address as 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. has been arrested for the 73rd time in almost four decades, this time on charges of stealing a police decoy wallet in a supermarket and stuffing it in her bra.
The woman, who prosecutors say has used 36 aliases, was indicted Tuesday as Katherine Kelly in Manhattan Criminal Court in connection with the wallet. Prosecutors reported the indictment but didn't disclose the charges.
A criminal complaint filed earlier in this case charged Kelly with grand larceny and attempted grand larceny. It said she took a wallet, left by police as bait, from a shopping cart in a supermarket. A officer recovered the wallet from Kelly's "bra area."
Gas Prices Maybe Falling but Pot Prices Probably Rise
Hunters Discover Marijuana Farm Worth Millions in Utah Mountains
Hunters in central Utah hoping to find some deer this weekend stumbled instead on a marijuana farm worth millions growing in the mountains.
The pot plant collection is the latest of several discovered in Utah in recent weeks, this one estimated to contain several thousand plants.
One hunter described the scene as "quite an operation" complete with a pressurized watering system using a spring from the mountain.
The hunters also found two men watering the plants, one allegedly armed with a handgun, who police believe were actually living at the site and guarding the operation.