Wednesday, May 27, 2009

High School Graduation

Russian School Graduation Girls
It is a very important day for the Russian high school students, because next it’s an adult life that is waiting for them. That's why they party and have fun.
Senior Prank Teens Caught Red-Handed
Police in San Diego say a dozen high school students were caught in the act of moving hundreds of desks and chairs out of classrooms as part of a senior prank.
Police spokeswoman Monica Munoz said students obtained a copy of San Ysidro High School's master key and snuck onto campus early Tuesday. She says they were stacking desks and chairs in the hallway and putting furniture on a field in the shape of "09."
Munoz says their activity triggered motion sensors, which prompted the school's alarm company to call police.
Police cited the students who were 18 for trespassing, and those under 18 for curfew violation.
They were ordered to return the furniture to their original locations.

Residents no longer butt of jokes

Residents who were fed-up living in Butt Hole Road have finally had the name changed.
The street which houses four homes in Conisbrough, South Yorkshire, has now been renamed Archer Way.
The road was named after a communal water butt used centuries ago.
Peter Sutton, who has lived on the street for six years said he got bored of all the jokes.
Pranksters used to visit the street and bare their backsides for photographs while delivery firms refused to believe it existed.
Elizabeth Brennan, 77, who uses the street for access to her home said it was a bit tedious having the street laughed at all the time. The new name is much nicer."
However, an internet petition to get the name changed back again has already started.

Red Bull's New Cola is from Cocaine

About a year ago, the makers of Red Bull, the famous caffeine-loaded energy drink, decided to come out with a soda, unsurprisingly named Red Bull Cola. The shared name implied the same big kick. But could the cola's boost — supposedly "100% natural" — come from something else? Officials in Germany worry that they've found the answer — cocaine. And now they have prohibited the soda's sale in six states across the country and may recommend a nation-wide ban.
According to this analysis, the 0.13 micrograms of cocaine per can of the drink does not pose a serious health threat — you'd have to drink 12,000 L of Red Bull Cola for negative effects to be felt — but it was enough to cause concern.
Red Bull has always been upfront about the recipe for its new cola. Its website boasts colorful pictures of coca, cardamom and Kola nuts, along with other key "natural" ingredients. The company insists, however, that coca leaves are used as a flavoring agent only after removing the illegal cocaine alkaloid. De-cocainized extract of coca leaf is used worldwide in foods as a natural flavoring.

Perks of the job!

Police Officers With A Hottie
Campus Police

ADHD Treatment Causes Young Boys to Develop Female Breasts

A drug used to treat ADHD children is causing concern in the United States.
It is called Risperdal and it is supposed to be used primarily for adults with sever psychological problems.
But last year it was prescribed more than 6.5 million times.
The side effects include young males developing female sex organs.
Nineteen-year-old John was just seven when he began taking Risperdal for ADD.
Even though the FDA approved the drug only for adult patients who were psychotic, John's doctor and others widely prescribed it to kids for less severe behaviour problems.
Once taking Risperdal, John's mum says he became aggressive, sleepy, and developed bowel problems. But the biggest shock came when he was 14 and started developing women's breasts.
"He asked me if he was a girl," she says.

This is what happens when meds replace belts as the cure for "ADD."
The Thai term for them is Ladyboys.
ADHD kid always has something to occupy himself with now.
So what do the *girls* who take Risperdal develop?
Really big knockers and extra female sex organs?
Well now he has some titties of his own to play with.
"include young males developing female sex organs"
Since when are breasts "sex organs"?
Written by a moron.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Police retrieves drunk driver with the drivers own TomTom
A 24 year old person from Tilburg cursed his expensive navigation system this weekend. Thanks to its TomTom the police force could retrieve the drunk man after he had caused a traffic accident.
The man, who drove in a car of a friend, did not give the right of way to a taxi driver at a junction and rode into the taxi. After the accident the drunk man ran away on foot, in the hope of escaping the police. These could however retrieve the place of residence of the man by checking the memory of the TomTom navigation system. The police force found the drunk man at the last programmed address. The suspect is a military and has been transferred to the royal military police.
Woman blows off boyfriend’s penis with firecrackers
A Russian woman got so upset by the news that her boyfriend intended to leave her that she tied several firecrackers to his penis and exploded them, the web-site reports.
The 33-year-old victim, identified as Alik D. had lived with the woman whose name was reported as Kira V. for about two years, but when the girlfriend started suggesting that they should marry, the man refused and said that he would rather return to his first wife with whom he had a son.
When Alik started moving out Kira suggested that they had a farewell dinner. After a hearty meal and some heavy drinking Alik fell asleep. The girlfriend tied several firecrackers to Alik’s penis and exploded them. The man was rushed to intensive care and doctors are reported to be fighting for his life.
Even if the man survives the woman will face up to 12 years imprisonment.
Cop cuts off love rival's genitals
A French policeman has been charged with "a barbarous act of torture and mutilation" after he lopped off his wife's lover's genitals with a box cutter, Strasbourg prosecutors said today.
The 43-year-old father-of-five faces a maximum of 30 years in jail and is on suicide watch after handing himself in to his colleagues following Saturday's attack, according to officials involved in the inquiry.
According to prosecutors, the gendarme went over to his wife's lover's house in the eastern town of Reichshoffen, knocked the 54 year old unconscious, dragged him into his garage and emasculated him.
The policeman told neighbors to call an ambulance then surrendered himself to fellow officers.
An initial psychiatric report concluded that he acted in cold blood, and recommended that he be detained in a psychiatric facility.
Sex Spider was found in Dutch supermarket
A toxic spider crawled out of a bunch of bananas at the jumbo hypermarket in the Netherlands. This species of banana spider has poison that causes infernal pains and paralysis phenomena. Men bitten by the Phoneutria nigriventer experienced long and painful erections (PRIAPISM) which can lead to impotence.
The spider was captured by a hypermarket employee and has nobody was bitten, according to Johan Dijkstra manager of the vegetable department.
The very toxic Brazilian wandering spider (phoneutria nigriventer) traveled together with a bunch of bananas from Costa Rica to the Netherlands.
An employee of the vegetable department put the spider on display in a glass jar.
The store handed the spider over to a vet who killed the spider by drowning. "we must think of our own health, according to the vet".
The Brazilian wandering spiders appear in the Guinness Book of World Records 2007 for the most venomous animal.
Brazilian and US scientists are looking into using spider venom as a possible natural Viagra.
Gator found in restaurant bathroom
In the 35 years of running a restaurant by a Florida swamp, the owner of Clark's Fish Camp says it has never been invaded by a live alligator, until now.
Joan Peoples says that when workers prepared to reopen the restaurant, which had been closed due to unseasonable spring flooding from a nearby creek, workers found a 4-foot-long baby alligator hiding behind the commode in the men's bathroom, in Jacksonville, Fla.
"I thought it was a fish or an eel or something, and all I caught was the back of the tail," Peoples told the station. "I got down and started looking, and he got in behind the commode … and I said, 'Oh my God, that's a baby gator!'"
The gator was removed and placed in the creek, perhaps feeling relieved to be out of a restaurant whose menu of exotic foods includes alligator tail.

Eye holes in mask lead to suspect ID
Police in Memphis said the large eye holes in a robber's mask allowed a KFC manager to recognize him as a recently fired employee.
KFC manager Laketa Hollowell said she unlocked the front door of the restaurant Saturday morning after hearing a knock at the back door and a masked man armed with a knife rushed into the business and demanded money from a safe, the Memphis Commercial Appeal reported Monday.
Hollowell said she recognized the man as Ezederick Jones, 18, an employee who had been fired the previous day, because of the large eye holes in his mask. Her hand was cut during a struggle with the man and he fled after she addressed him by name, investigators said.
The manager called police and Jones was found by officers and arrested within hours, investigators said.
Cigarette bandit wore beer carton as disguise
Police in Nebraska are looking a man who stole cigarettes while disguising himself as a beer carton.
Lincoln police Capt. Bob Kawamoto says the man walked into a Kwik Shop convenience store before dawn Monday wearing an empty Bud Light box on his head as a mask.
Kawamoto says the man also had wrapped something around one of his hands, suggesting he was armed. But the man never showed a weapon.
Police said the bandit left with nine packs of smokes valued at nearly $50.
Lizard found in hospital sandwich
A hospital visitor went straight to the ER after he bit into a sandwich - with a dead lizard inside it.
Medics gave him Giuseppe Ferri the all clear at Maceretta hospital, in central Italy, but have launched an investigation into the snack horror.
Ferri said afterwards: "I bit into what was supposed to be a cheese and tomato sandwich and was surprised when I tasted something a bit meaty and chewy. I looked down and saw a lizard tail sticking out of the side of the sandwich.
"I opened it up and saw the dead animal and nearly passed out. It was so disgusting I felt sick."
He added: "The doctors said I am in no danger and no harm will come to me but I think it is outrageous that this has happened in a hospital, where standards of hygiene and on things like this should be extra high."
Caterers say the reptile must have fallen into the machinery at the factory that prepared the sandwiches for the health authority.

Invasion turns Dutch city into a horror scene

An invasion of caterpillars has turned the Spui in the Dutch city of Rotterdam into a scene from a horror movie, stripped of their leaves and covered in gluey sheets of silk. The Ermine moth eat the leaves on the trees for six weeks long, then the larvae cover the trees in cocoons of silk like giant spider webs and change into a white butterfly with black dots.
The city now looks as it would in the middle of winter with trees without a leaf on them in the streets of the Spui, Rotterdam.
When the tree has no leaves left, the caterpillars will search for new plants, and crawl with thousands on bikes or cars parked under the trees.
There are several hundred species of ermine moths, most of them in the tropics, and the larvae are known for forming communal webs.
The silk web cocoons that they make are designed to protect them from birds and parasitic wasps so they can eat leaves undisturbed. Some species of the moth are considered minor pests in farming, forestry and horticulture because of infestations.
Statistics show an increase in the number of caterpillar pests in the last twenty years. The eggs survive much better with the softer and wetter winters. Many people are disgusted with the creepy creatures.
It is an interesting natural phenomenon and possibly related to climate change.