Saturday, October 13, 2007

Damn Good Looking Butt Cracks

He can't go to sleep with out it

Look what 20 minutes of pleasure gets you

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Why you shouldn't buy sight unseen

I Plead Not Guilty!

Girls with Balls

To get men to WASH their hands

Which Do You Prefer


Screw this.
I will hold those things for her lol.
Handy mans helper... where do I apply???


Small Bits of News

Shopping Suspect Flees Into K-9 Training Ground
A robbery suspect in Parchment took a wrong turn and wound up right in the hands of the law.
Around noon Thursday police say a man left a Save-A-Lot with stolen groceries.
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Crime Does Not Pay - Especially Not Like Job With A Regular Check
From time to time, we are intrigued by the idiocy of local criminals. When they choose to perform profoundly stupid acts, it warrants inclusion in our dumb criminal file.
We think there is value in acknowledging such behavior, if for no other reason than to point out how the criminal mind works. Or doesn't.

Mother Held Child Outside Window Of Vehicle
A Pinellas Park mother remained in jail Thursday afternoon on $5,000 bond after police said she held her 5-year-old son outside of an SUV because he was causing a disturbance.
The incident began just before midnight Wednesday on 43rd Street North in Pinellas Park and ended with the arrest of 27-year-old Christina Adams. Witnesses said they watched in shock as Adams at some points forced the child to run beside the car to keep up.
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Psycho woman destroying a lawn mower

At least she took her anger out on the lawn mower instead of someone else

Man’s testicle shot by accident

A car dealer who found a handgun in a car yard he bought accidentally shot his friend in the testicle while playing with the firearm, a court was told yesterday.

Both men then lied about the shooting to police, telling them it occurred during a robbery.
Mark Anthony Cheers, 39, pleaded guilty in Southport District Court to assault occasioning bodily harm while armed, possessing an unlicensed weapon and carrying dangerous goods in a vehicle. The court was told Cheers found the gun in a business he had bought and twirled it around his finger while showing it to his friend, Phillip Marino.
The gun discharged, shooting Marino in the scrotum and groin. He lost 15 per cent of his right testicle, the court was told. Cheers threw the gun in a canal but later recanted the robbery story and admitted he had shot his friend.
Judge Fleur Kingham sentenced Cheers to 200 hours' community service.

You Thought You Had A Shitty Job

Farmer Gets Covered In Shit.
I bet his wife loved him when he got home, probably hosed him down in the yard.

A Shit Job
Covered in Poop