Wednesday, November 26, 2008

An Austrian motorist Mercedes car was "purring" along

Peter Hochberger discovered his neighbors's terrified moggie Luna had been perched on the engine block - for nearly a week.
Lucky Luna had survived more than 300 miles of motoring without food or water before her mewing raised the alarm.
The petrified puss had hidden so deep inside the engine that it had to be dismantled to get her out.
Mechanic Walter Doerfler, 48, said: "I have no idea how she got so far into the engine, it was a major job to take parts off so we could reach her."
Amazingly she escaped with just some minor singes to her fur and is now back with her family in Ruprechtshofen, Austria, counting her eight remaining lives.
Relieved owner Erwin Taurok said: "It is a miracle that Luna survived the odyssey without food or water almost unharmed. We were worried about her after she didn't turn up for a week and had put up posters with her picture - we are delighted to have her back."

How To Use The Three Seashells - NSFW - WTF!

From the movie Demolition Man
Stallone and Snipes
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I'm Lovin' It

Womans Best Friend
Mans Best Friend

Honey I need you to hold this for me

Husband uses wife to test his new bullet proof glass
This was done back when the wife would do anything for her husband.

The Two Faced Dog - WTF!

A Beagle is unveiled to the world — with a quarter of its face transplanted from another dog.
The dog, seen just before the operation with the donor on the right, got new skin, an ear and eyelids.

The operation produced the world's first ever patchwork dog and was carried out two years ago.
Zhen Shengwu, chief plastic surgeon at the Fujian Provincial Hospital in Fuzhou, is now hoping to attract rich westerners for face change surgery.
Zhen said: "Wing is mentally and physically healthy after the surgery which was a great success."
He added: "Wing Wen recovered quickly and most observers would think the dog was born with a mixed-colored face. But you can see the difference from the ears.
They killed one dog to do this procedure and I don't care what any body says it's cruelty to do this to either dog just so they can said they done it.

Caption This...............

Anyone up for the Challenge.....

Guy Eats 200 Live Worms In 20 seconds
After this, you may never look at linguine in the same way again.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Nebraska's 'Butt Bandit' suspect faces charges
Ten misdemeanor counts have been filed against a man Cherry County authorities believe is the vandal some townspeople have dubbed the "Butt Bandit."
Cherry County Attorney Eric Scott said that on Tuesday he filed nine counts of public indecency and one count of disturbing the peace against 35-year-old Tom Larvie, of Valentine. All are misdemeanors.
Larvie is suspected of leaving greasy, graphic imprints of his naked behind, and sometimes his groin, on the windows of stores, churches and schools in Valentine since the spring of 2007.
The marks were made with lotion or petroleum jelly.
Scott said Larvie was caught in the act by police early Wednesday morning.
Fake traffic stops on YouTube lead to arrests
Two men from Sparta, Wisconsin are accused of outfitting a 1997 Lincoln with red and blue flashing lights, using it to make fake traffic stops - and then posting video of themselves doing it on YouTube.
An anonymous tip led Monroe County sheriff's detectives to the online video last Thursday.
On Monday, charges of being party to false imprisonment, impersonating an officer and disorderly conduct were filed against 20-year-old Cody Hobson and 21-year-old Ronald Lyons, both of Sparta.
According to a criminal complaint, two motorists were stopped Nov. 18, but the men didn't make contact with either driver, and a third stop was attempted. During one stop, one of the men remarked that, "No matter how many times we do this, this (expletive) never gets old."
Angry Wendy's customer punches out drive-thru window
A customer at a Fort Myers Wendy's was arrested after he punched a drive-through window.
The customer walked into the fast food restaurant yelling and screaming about poor service after pulling out of the drive through.
So an employee handed him a 1-800 number if he wanted to file a complaint.
That's when the customer walked out of the restaurant and toward the drive-through window, punching through it.
When deputies found him, he told them "Yeah, I hear you are looking for me, all I did was break a window."
DUI suspect strips when asked to remove her shoes
How drunk was she?
So plastered that when a cop asked her to remove her shoes, she stripped naked.
First, the 41-year-old Ocala woman was taken to the Marion County Jail on suspicion of driving under the influence.
The cop said she told Tina M. Boggess, a Holiday Inn Travel employee, to remove her shoes while she was in the holding area.
Instead, the woman unzipped her pants, pulled them down and began removing her clothing.
The cop said Boggess had to hold onto the wall to take off her clothes because she could not maintain her balance.
Boggess took a breath test and blew an estimated blood alcohol level of .157 and a .151, nearly twice he state's legal limit for driving.
She was taken to jail because a deputy clocked her doing 82 in a 40 mph zone.
Boggess was driving erratically when she was pulled over.
She reportedly told the deputy she had drunk three or four beers.
She also reportedly told him, "I know I've been drinking, but I'm not [expletive] up."
Yeah, right.

SMALL BITS and PIECES in the News

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