Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Woman Jailed For Multitasking
Suspect was driving, watching porn, and masturbating
The Cincinnati motorist who was caught simultaneously masturbating with a sex toy while watching a pornographic video has pleaded guilty to a drug charge stemming from the bizarre traffic stop, according to court records.
Colondra Hamilton, 36, admitted last Thursday to possession of drug paraphernalia in connection with the bizarre incident. A Municipal Court judge sentenced Hamilton to 10 days in jail, fined her $200, and suspended her driver’s license for six months.
Cops stopped Hamilton because they believed that the windows of her 2008 Pontiac were overly tinted. As part of a plea deal, prosecutors dismissed the tinted window violation and several other minor charges.
According to a police report, when officers approached Hamilton’s vehicle they noticed that her pants were unbuttoned and a sex toy was in her lap. Hamilton, cops reported, that she had been using it [the vibrator] while watching a video on the computer the passenger was holding.”
Woman told to remove personalized plates due translation
An Australian woman was told to remove her personalized number plates which bear her nickname 'Kiki', following a complaint that the word is Filipino for a part of the female anatomy.
Kristen Perry, known as Kiki by her friends and family received a letter from the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) in New South Wales demanding that she show "just cause" for using the plates, otherwise they would be confiscated.
The RTA said it had received a complaint from a member of the Filipino community because Mrs. Perry's nickname Kiki translates to "vagina" in Tagalog.
Her family was also surprised when she told them the translation, she said.
"He just said 'What?' He was appalled."
After a wave of public support for her cause, the RTA backed down, saying it would take a "common sense approach" to the matter.
However, it issued a warning that "personalized plates must not carry offensive language, religious or sexual content".
Suspect: Come and Arrest Me
Somebody in Islamorada tried to steal six lower units from high-end boat motors at the Caribee Boat Sales and Marina last week, according to a Monroe County Sheriff's Office release.
A detective doing checks stopped by the marina at exactly the right time.
He noticed the lower units on the ground and observed two people fleeing the area.
Then the detective got really lucky.
Next to two of the lower units on the ground, he found a CVS receipt for a Twix chocolate bar, a bottle of spring water, a container of coconut water and some work gloves, according to the release.
And then he found the actual items on the receipt: The work gloves were found near the lower units. The other items were found in a blue BMW sedan in the parking lot of the park.
Surveillance video from CVS Pharmacy showed the person from the IRS form — Tabares — purchasing the items on the receipt.
An arrest warrant for Tabares was obtained.
Authorities think he's lying low in Miami-Dade County.
Fortune-teller got $200K for curse removal
A self-proclaimed psychic has been charged in Orange County with taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from a West Hollywood woman in exchange for a promise to cure her of a lifelong curse.
Lisa Debbie Adams of Los Angeles pleaded not guilty Monday to 32 counts, including credit fraud, grand theft and burglary, for convincing the woman to hand over the money so Adams could cleanse her of an evil "inherited from her mother's womb."
Prosecutors say the 37-year-old Irvine woman suffered $200,000 in property loss in the scheme that lasted more than a year.
Adams had her buy $10,000 in gold bars and $100,000 in luxury goods to shield herself from the curse.
Hospital employee sold crack at work
Authorities say an employee at a Saginaw hospital sold crack cocaine at work.
The Saginaw County Sheriff's Office says the 41-year-old woman was arrested after a sale in the Covenant HealthCare parking lot. Her name was not immediately released. She's worked at the hospital for nine years, lately as a coordinator in the area that serves pregnant women and newborns.
The sheriff's office says crack cocaine was discovered near the woman's work area. A news conference to discuss charges was scheduled for Tuesday.
Man tries to rob shop with PlayStation controller
Florida resident Cameron Pittman failed in his attempt to rob a shop with a PlayStation controller, not least because police officers walked into the convenience store in the middle of the fiasco.