Monday, June 6, 2011

The embarrassing father is no more.

Over the course of the 180-day school year, Dale Price waved at the school bus carrying his 16-year-old son, Rain, while wearing something different every morning outside their American Fork home.
He started out by donning a San Diego Chargers helmet and jersey, an Anakin Skywalker helmet, and swim trunks and a snorkel mask,
Among others, he later dressed up as Elvis, Batgirl, The Little Mermaid, The scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, Princess Leia, Nacho Libre and Santa Claus. He wore spandex, leather, feathers, wigs, flips flops, suits, boots, fur, Army fatigues and several dresses, including a wedding dress.
Day 169 - White Wedding

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"Come on.
It's a nice day for a white wedding.
It's a nice day to start again."
-Billy Idol

Dale Price said it took a lot of effort to keep up, but he did it to have fun and show his son he really cared about him. "He can use it against his kids and tell them, 'If you think you are embarrassed by me, you should have seen your grandfather."
His mother, Rochelle Price, said it's important to have a sense of humor. She started a blog with photos of her husband's costumes at
"Life is hard. It is fun to be able to start it with a laugh every day," she said.
Despite all the fun, Dale Price said he doesn't plan on doing it again next year -- at least for now.

An Oregon woman develops European accent after surgery

Karen Butler has never been to Europe but 18 months after the procedure her "foreign" accent remains.
The 56-year-old tax consultant from Toledo, Oregon, has found her life transformed by the dental procedure, which left her with dentures, and - depending on whom you ask - an Eastern European, Swedish or British accent.
Mrs. Butler had all her top teeth and front bottom teeth removed in November 2009 because of gingivitis. A week later the swelling had gone away, but she still sounded strange. Her dentist told her she just had to get used to her new teeth.
But as weeks stretched on with no change, Mrs. Butler did some online research. She diagnosed herself with Foreign Accent Syndrome, a medical condition with only a few dozen documented cases.

Do you have our attention now?

Warren and Maureen Nyerges know how difficult it can be to get Bank of America’s attention.
When the lending giant attempted to foreclose on the couple’s cash-purchased Golden Gate Estates home in 2010, they spent weeks on the phone and in court before the case was dismissed.
A judge ordered the bank to pay $2,500 in attorney fees for the couple’s troubles. Yet after five months and even more phone calls, the bank had not paid the judgement
The couple opted for a different tactic. Media in tow, their attorney arrived outside a Davis Boulevard branch of the bank with deputies, a moving company and the court’s permission to seize branch assets.
It was a scene that turned the foreclosure crisis on its head, if briefly. Collier County sheriff’s deputies entered the bank shortly after 9 a.m., located the bank manager and presented him with a court writ and a familiar choice: Pay the money or prepare to lose possessions.
Guess who won?

Woman hand feeds a great white shark

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