Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Do you think this is "Real" or "Fake"

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When everything seems to be normal...until...?

When Things Doesn't Go As Planned

Weight Lifting

Just Another Day In New York

No Pants Day
The Improv Human Mirror on a Subway
15 pairs of twins create a human mirror on a New York subway car.

Human Mirror

Are You Guilty Of Illegal Sex In USA?

America is a country of many freedoms and at the same time, ridiculous legal limitations of the citizens` sex lives.
Oral sex is illegal in 18 states, including Arizona.
It is illegal to have sex with the lights on in Virginia.
Willowdale husbands, Oregon, are not allowed to talk dirty during intercourse.
Unwed couples are not allowed to have sexual intercourse in Georgia.
It is illegal to have sex in any other pose than the missionary position in Washington DC.
It is illegal to fire a gun when your partner is having orgasm in Connorsville, Wisconsin.
Having sex with a truck driver in a tool shed is illegal in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
It is illegal to have sex with a porcupine in the state of Florida.
It is illegal to marry a first cousin before the age of 65 in Utah.
The state of Washington allows sex with animals if they weigh less than 40 pounds.

These laws were studied and singled out by law students.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Drug-Laced Treats Dropped Off at Police Stations
A teenager is suspected of delivering baskets of drug-laced treats to about a dozen police departments in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, according to police who charged him Tuesday with LSD possession. At least three officers have gotten sick.
The 18-year-old man was arrested after taking cookies to the Lake Worth police station, said Brett McGuire, the suburb's police chief. Officers there had been tipped off that someone was falsely claiming to deliver treats on behalf of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.
"Our officers took a good whiff and thought they smelled like marijuana," McGuire said, adding that preliminary tests detected traces of LSD.
Woman Shoots Herself While Trying to Kill Mice
A Mendocino County woman who was trying to kill mice in her trailer with a gun ended up shooting herself and another person.
The 43-year-old woman pulled out her .44-caliber Magnum revolver after she saw the mice scurrying across the floor of her trailer on Highway 20 in Potter Valley, sheriff's officials said.
But she accidentally dropped the gun, which went off as it struck the floor. The bullet went through the woman's kneecap, bounced off the keys sitting on the belt loop of a 42-year-old man in the trailer and grazed the man's groin before ending up in his coin pocket.
Authorities did not release the shooting victims' names.
The mice escaped the shooting unharmed.
Just a bit late
A holiday weekend flight from Miami to New York never got off the ground after the crew arrived more than an hour late and angry passengers intimidated them so much that they refused to work.
American Airlines Flight 1908 was scheduled to leave Sunday evening from Miami en route to LaGuardia Airport in New York City. But the flight crew arrived an hour and 15 minutes late, prompting impatient and irate passengers to boo — and worse.
One witness said some people used "harsh language" with the gate attendants and were "really kind of like being a mob about it. It was scary."
When a few of the crew-members refused to work because of the "hostile environment," American tried to find replacements — but to no avail . The airline had to put everyone up in a hotel and fly them out Monday afternoon.
Adding insult to injury? Flight 1908's passengers flew into LaGuardia, but their bags arrived at JFK.
Man used a cheese grater to rob a gas station
James Plante Jr. was charged Monday after he tried to rob a Hammond bar using a cheese grater underneath his shirt and successfully robbing a nearby gas station a couple minutes later, Lake Criminal Court records allege.
The 39-year-old man faces felony counts of robbery and attempted robbery for the Sunday incidents. Police said Plante, address unknown, demanded money about 1:30 a.m. from the bartender of Hoosier Buddy Tavern, 839 169th St., in Hammond, threatening to shoot the bartender and a patron if the victim failed to comply. The patron realized Plante didn't have a gun and used a bar stool to push him out of the bar, court records state. Plante fled, dropping a cheese grater on the ground, court records allege.
A couple of minutes later, Plante showed up at a Speedway gas station in the 6800 block of Calumet Avenue, records state. He told the attendant he had a gun, so she turned over all of the money from the register, court records state.
" Betcha they'll make him say "CHEESE" for his mug shot. "
" What a cheesy way to commit a crime?? "
" Glad nobody got hurt.....but now there's going to be a five day waiting period to buy a cheese grater. "
What a dumbass criminal

Man robbed buying crack, calls cops
An East Hartford man called police to report he had been robbed while trying to buy crack cocaine.
Max Minnefield called police Monday to tell them he had paid a man and a woman $8 for drugs he never received. Police charged him with criminal attempt to commit possession of narcotics. During his arraignment Tuesday, Judge Bradford Ward asked Minnefield, "Did you really think the police were going to go after the people?" He added that his question was rhetorical. Prosecutors later dropped the charges.
Laura Weslund, Minnefield’s public defender, said no drugs were ever found.