Sunday, December 21, 2008

The world’s tallest snowman 122-ft isn’t a man at all it's a woman.

With skis for eyelashes and red-painted tires for lips, she is a whole-lot-of-woman.

Maine creators named their snowwoman "Olympia" after their Senator who is ironically named Olympia Snowe. Olympia knocked "Angus, King of the Mountain," the record holder since 1999, right out of the park.
The 1999 record holder was named for Angus King, who was governor in Maine at the time, but Angus isn’t King anymore.
Olympia’s creators made her arms out of pine trees and she too has her share of glitz and glamour as a giant snowflake pendant, more than six feet in diameter, hangs from her neck.
This ice princess will be around for a while; she isn’t expected to melt until May.

Who did this is "FIRED"

Strangely no one Confess.
Hobo said...
It actually appears that the roof collapsed.
The black structures abd gray zig-zag braces seem to be typical roof trusses.
If you look at the picture on the right, you can see that shelf system is made of the same material of what's on the floor.
But you also be right if they was stupid enough to use
roof trusses for a way that it wasn't designed for.

What makes a good mug shot?

A compelling subject, of course.
In this case Dude Looks Like a Lady.

How Do You Like Your Woman?

Dipped in Chocolate with Sprinkles

BIG BEE......

RC - Bee

I Have a BAD Attitude About This Winter

It's -35 below zero outside here with a 20 mph wind out of the N.W.

What's the temperature where you are at?

sg552 said...
10F. Uhburburbur!

BlackCrypt said...
About 64f

AlaaSema said...
18-20C (64-71F) :D

Rowdys Mom said...
living in southeast texas and we are at was 79 yesterday!

Julie said...
-2 in Clinton Iowa

The Accomplice said...
Its about 36 degrees here in Bridgeport Texas. Bridgeport is in North Texas.

mightyattom said...
It was -15C here in Hamilton (Canada). Brrrr!!!

Mikey said...
76 deg. and sunny in South Florida.

Central Canada said... 12-31-08
It's a balmy -30 degree Celsius = -22 degree Fahrenheit.
Just a light wind though...thankfully no wind chill!