Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Man arrested over billboard porn stunt
Russian police arrested a prankster who beamed a porn film onto a giant billboard in central Moscow.
The Sun reported that the two-minute clip was played on an advertising board next to the Kremlin last month, after the joker hacked into an online company's computer server.
The impromptu sex show caused midnight traffic jams around the Russian capital, and reportedly caused one elderly motorist to suffer a heart attack at the wheel of his car.
The hacker, who broke into the computer mainframe to "give people a laugh," faced two years in jail if convicted.
"He is a highly-educated, temporarily unemployed and extremely advanced internet user," a police spokesperson said.
Police did not release the man's name but said he hacked into the computer out of curiosity and to "sharpen his skills."
Men what size are you?
Are small size condoms actually large size?

Man jumped in front of train to save unconscious woman

A man who jumped onto the tracks and saved an unconscious woman from an oncoming train at Koenji Station in Tokyo
Seeing the woman get off the train at the station and fall off the opposite side of the platform, Sato ran off the train, asked another man on the platform to go get a station employee and jumped onto the tracks.
Sato found the woman lying on her side, unconscious and unresponsive, with an approaching train only about 10 meters away. Sato managed to turn the woman on her back in the 1.06-meter-wide space between the rails and took shelter himself in a space under the platform.
The train stopped without hitting the woman, after five of the 10 cars passed right above her. Once the train had come to a halt, Sato looked into the 30 centimeter space between the bottom of the train and the cross ties and asked the woman if she was okay.


Is this the place I go to get this thing off my head?

A cat walked into the Scottish SPCA's Wildlife Rescue Center by her self
After the can was carefully removed she was checked over.

Nice tattoo, but you should had use spell check

Penrith Panther Jarrod Sammut gets tattoo with wrong spelling
Jarrod Sammut has revealed a new tattoo but he probably should have checked the spelling first.
The fullback for Penrith Panthers had "Justify Your Existance" tattooed in big, bold letters all across his chest last year but it took two weeks before he realized the mistake.
"I picked out the style and the bloke wrote it down on the tracing pad. I had a quick look at it, I liked the type and shape and I was happy with it."

Incredible Juggler!!!