Monday, January 14, 2008

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The "Perfect" table top

'Dearly Departed'

After solemnly reading their wills, seven perfectly healthy university students climb into caskets in a dimly lit hall. "I want to give all of you one more day to live, but it's time to be placed into coffins," a man in a black suit says in a resounding voice. "I hope your tired flesh and bodies will be peacefully put to rest."Workers nail the coffins shut, then sprinkle dirt on top as the lights are switched off and a dirge is played. Muffled sobs can be heard from some of the coffins. About 15 minutes later, they are opened and the five men and two women are "reborn."The mock funeral, which aims to get participants to map out a better future by reflecting on their past, is part of a new trend in South Korea called "well-dying." The fad is an extension of "well-being," an English phrase adopted into Korean to describe a growing interest in leading healthier, happier lives.Experts see the well-being and well-dying trend as a sign that South Koreans have grown affluent enough to be able to consider quality-of-life issues. But some dismiss services such as the fake funerals as moneymaking ventures.Korea Life Consulting Co., which staged the mock funeral for the students, charges up to $325 per customer.

Robot Sex

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Art Critic

Tourist pamphlet spoiled by nose picking girl

Council's attempt to promote a tourist attraction has been undermined by an unfortunate picture, say critics.
A leaflet extolling the elysian beauties of Thornham Walks - a 12-mile footpath network in Suffolk - has a picture of a young girl picking her nose.
Andrew Stringer, a Green councilor, says that "it does not represent our youth in the best light" and wants the "amateurish" pamphlet to be withdrawn.
A Mid Suffolk District Council spokesman admitted: "It's not the best photograph", but added: "They wanted a real picture, not a typical staged one. It's a real picture and shows children in their Easter outfits." There's a pdf file of the brochure here.

Small Bits of News

Dude dies after pulling escalator stunt in mall
A man died after falling several stories in a Hollywood shopping mall while apparently attempting to slide down the banister of an escalator, authorities said. The victim's friends told officials the man "had been drinking quite a bit," said Los Angeles police Officer J. Boyer. Boyer said the man lost his balance and plunged several stories onto the steps of a moving lower-level escalator. The man was not identified. He was taken to a hospital where he was declared dead from a head injury. » Article here

Kids put pig fetuses on car antennas for revenge prank
Stolen pig fetuses that showed up on car antennas in the Dowling Catholic High School parking lot this week have been traced to the Roosevelt High School swim team, whose coach Friday promised punishment. Teter said the prank was "retaliatory" for an earlier incident in which his team was "bombarded with snowballs and foul language" hurled by Dowling students on a visit for a meet the Maroons won, 99-71. » Full article here

Botched Crime Offers Big Lead
Last week, when a local resident picked up her snapshots at Wal-Mart, she never in her wildest dreams expected to see photos of a couple posing in her stolen SUV truck.
But there, before her disbelieving eyes, were photos of an unknown couple posing by her 2006 Toyota 4Runner, parked in someone else's driveway.
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Fire Sparks A Drug Discovery
Authorities say a small electrical fire led them to the stuff of a different sort of smoking - a marijuana farm hidden in a nearby house.
Police are searching early Sunday for the residents. One was at the Queens home when firefighters arrived but slipped out before police got there.
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Wildlife park lets you pet tiger for £160
A wildlife park is charging members of the public to feed a 500lb tiger and pet it by putting their fingers inside its cage, a practice condemned by animal welfare groups as dangerous. For a £160 fee, Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire allows customers to stroke with their fingers Rocky, a nine-year-old Siberian and Bengal tiger cross described as a “gentleman”. The park also permits customers to feed Narnia, a white tiger. Meat is held up to the bars so it can be pulled into the cage. Staff said Narnia “does not like people very much”. The wildlife park is offering the service up to twice a day despite the deaths of two people from maulings by tigers at two unconnected zoos overseas within the past month. This weekend animal welfare groups criticised the practice of letting the public feed the tigers. Will Travers, the chief executive of the Born Free Foundation, said: “These are wild animals. This is an accident waiting to happen.”