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How to Make an Exploding Drink

1. Shop
Buy the ingredients at your corner store: 2 liters of Diet Coke (warm, diet only because it isn't sticky), one pack Mentos candy (mint), and some rye whiskey (cheap)... Manhattans also call for a splash of sweet vermouth and 2 small dashes Angostura bitters
2. Prep
Fill an ice tray so that each section is half full of water and stick it in the icebox. Once all of the half-ice cubes have frozen, fill them up to the top placing one candy into each cube. Freeze again.
3. Mix
Combine four cubes and 8 oz. of Diet Coke. Top with 2 oz. of whiskey. The Vermouth and bitters are optional but necessary for an authentic taste. Of course, Manhattans don't actually ever make use of cola or soda so authenticity has already been sacrificed to the prank. Garnish with a naive smile and serve. Wait five minutes.
When the ice melts enough to expose the dense candy's gum arabic to the cola, it'll erupt like a fifth-grade science project.

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Lord Give Me A Sign, Any Sign

Ask and you shall receive

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Thieves made off with 144 Kegs of Beer
Thieves made off with the beer after stealing a tractor-trailer full of suds from a Truro business last weekend.
Colchester County RCMP recovered the empty Armour Transport truck Sunday on the Riversdale Road in Kemptown. The tractor-trailer was stolen from Armour’s facility on Crossley Avenue in Truro sometime after midnight on Saturday.
"We didn’t find out until Tuesday that the tractor-trailer had a full load and that the load was missing," Const. Addie MacCallum told the Truro Daily News Wednesday.
The vehicle’s ignition was damaged and the door to the trailer was forced open. Each keg weighs about 165 pounds and were of one specific brand of beer but police are not releasing that detail.
The value of the beer is anticipated to be in the tens of thousands of dollars.
Bank Robbery Suspects' Getaway Car Runs Out Of Gas
Authorities say they've arrested two suspected bank robbers after their getaway vehicle ran out of gas.
Daytona Beach police say 38-year-old Randall Fredric Walker went into the Riverside National Bank Tuesday afternoon and demanded money from a teller. After leaving the bank with the money, authorities say Walker jumped into a Jeep Cherokee driven by 35-year-old Jason Warren Dietrich. The two didn't get far before the vehicle ran out of gas.
The men got out of the sport utility vehicle and left the area separately. But police found the abandoned SUV and traced it back to Dietrich, the registered owner.
Both men face bank robbery charges. They were being held on $50,000 bail.
Man awarded $95,500 in suit against mom
A New Jersey man who cut off his pinky finger when his mother tapped him on the shoulder was awarded $95,500 plus nearly $20,000 in medical expenses by a jury.
Court papers state John Garrity was working with a miter saw in the Wayne garage belonging to his mother, Nancy, in 2006 when she tapped him on the shoulder. Garrity said in depositions that he was startled by the touch and turned around quickly, causing his finger to move into the path of the saw
The State Superior Court jury ruled Garrity and his mother were each 50 percent at fault for the incident, awarding Garrity half of the $191,000 award he had sought and half of the $37,000 he has paid in medical expenses.
10-year-old girl battles "Breast Cancer"
Ten-year-old Hannah Powell-Auslam from Southern California shocked the world when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in April. But even after her first chemo treatment recently, the girl is upbeat and determined to beat the disease.
"I always try to look on the bright side with everything," Hannah---the fifth-grader at Escalona Elementary School-- said ABC's "Good Morning America" in an interview that aired Wednesday.
Hannah, according to her family, is the youngest known girl to be diagnosed with breast cancer after complaining of an itch in her side in April. Her mother discovered a lump, and that led to a diagnosis of breast cancer.
Her family said she was diagnosed with invasive secretory carcinoma, a type discovered in children in the 1960s.
"You feel like you're sick all the time," Hannah said of the effects of her chemotherapy. "You just want to go lay in bed and be in your closed-off little box."
In a desperate attempt to save Hannah's life, doctors removed her left breast on May 7.
The show filmed Hannah at home getting her head shaved rather than waiting for chemotherapy to take its toll. Other family members--her father, grandfather and younger brother-- got buzz cuts, too, in solidarity.
Woman Charged in Killing of Pregnant 21-Year-Old
A Washington County woman is accused of murdering a 21-year-old pregnant woman found in the crawlspace of a Cedar Hills home. The baby also died.
The Washington County sheriff's office says 27-year-old Korena Roberts is held without bail.
Deputies said Roberts pretended to have just given birth. She and a man called 9-1-1 Friday to say the baby was not breathing.
Rescuers sent the baby and Roberts to a hospital where it was determined she had not recently given birth. Deputies searched the house and found the 21-year-old victim, whose name has not been released.
The victim's boyfriend and father of the baby reported her missing and said she was in the third trimester of pregnancy.
Excuse for sex in public ridiculous
A 39-year-old woman and a 43-year-old man were issued summonses on suspicion of public indecency and possessing an open container of alcohol after drivers near the intersection of 88th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard reported the pair having sex in the median. When an officer arrived, he found the woman lying on her back with her pants around her knees and the man on top of the woman, pulling up his pants. The officer asked what they were doing, to which the pair had no response. When the officer told them people had called saying they were having sex, the man said he was "checking her cyst for her." The woman then said, "It's true, he was looking at my cyst for me." When asked if the man was a doctor, he replied, "No." Sitting next to the pair was an open 24 oz can of beer. When asked if it belonged to them, the pair said it was there when they arrived. When the officer asked about an open backpack beside them that had the same beer in it, the couple said it was theirs. The officer said, regardless if they were having sex or "checking for cysts," they were in public view. The man said, "Yeah, we were doing stuff we shouldn't have been." After they signed their summonses, they were allowed to wait for the bus
Teenager confesses to roasting kitten
A Bronx teenager is accused of burning a kitten to death in an oven, in what investigators believe was an act of revenge.
Humane Law Enforcement agents of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals say Cheyenne Cherry, 17, burned her ex-roommate's kitten to death in an oven. Following her arrest on Wednesday, ASPCA agents say Cherry brushed off the incident as a joke. "I hate cats," Cherry allegedly told investigators when asked about the heartless crime.
According to officials, Cherry and an unidentified juvenile allegedly broke into Valerie Hernandez's Tinton Avenue apartment on May 6 and trashed the place. They then tossed the woman's two month-old kitten, Tiger Lily, into the oven and cranked up the temperature, ASPCA assistant director Joe Pentangelo said.
Cherry told authorities that she and her accomplice "thought we would play a joke on Valerie and mess up her apartment." Pentangelo says the suspect and the accomplice left the apartment as the cat cried and scratched at the oven door. Firefighters found the female cat's remains smoldering in the oven after neighbors complained of smoke coming from Hernandez's apartment.

INSANE Traffic Jam

Waiting for a traffic lights doesn’t seem so bad now.