Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Naked Truth

His Weight Been Verified

Belgian Police Officer

But where does she keep her handcuffs?

We Going Tillicum

Tillicum Beach is on the Oregon coast.

Why use words that most people doesn't know?

Punished by a fine imposed at the discretion of the court.

Bar sign 'encourages drink and driving'

Owners Trisha and Thomas Russell were told to remove the sign, which shows an arrow beneath the words: 'The Black Dog, Chilmark, Bar and Restaurant.' The sign contains several lines of text and is therefore distracting to motorists.
The sign, the size of a sandwich board, was erected two decades ago, as the pub is located away from the main road.


The suspected museum thief who was impaled by a sharp spike on the top of a security fence in his rectum for two hours earlier this month says he did not feel any pain because he was drunk.
He denied trying to break into the museum, but claimed he had been in the museum grounds to sleep off a drinking session.
Speaking from the Cambridge West home he shares with his parents and siblings, Siyanda Pasiwe, 32, said he had been drinking somewhere in town that evening.
But because it was late and he was drunk, he decided to go into the museum grounds to sleep it off before walking home.
“I woke up and decided to continue walking home, but when I saw a tree I thought I would be able to jump to the other side,” he said.
When he fell on the fence he did not feel the spike piercing his bottom and thought the fence had an electric force that was holding him to it .
“I thought that the electric fence had a mechanism to keep me glued to it,” Pasiwe said.
He says he had screamed for someone to come and rescue him and not because he was in pain .

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Up-The-Skirt Photographer Nabbed When Victim 'Snaps' Back
Police arrested a man accused of taking a cell phone picture under a subway rider's skirt after the victim said she used her own phone to snap back.
The 28-year-old woman said she was victimized last month while climbing stairs to an elevated station in upper Manhattan. A passer-by confirmed her suspicion that he had taken a photo up her skirt, she said.
She followed the suspect onto a train, took his picture, then e-mailed it to police and filed a report. "I told him `smile' because I am going to the police."
Aaron Olivieri was arrested Tuesday on misdemeanor charges of attempted unlawful surveillance, attempted sexual abuse and harassment. He was nabbed in a Manhattan subway station by an officer who said he matched the person in the photo the woman had taken, authorities said.
Who's Sleeping in My Bed?
Montana woman wakes to find a stranger lying in her son's bed, snoring — but wasn’t Goldilocks
A man was charged with burglary after he allegedly broke into a home, ate cheese from the refrigerator, made a mess in a bathroom and fell asleep on a child's bed.
Tracy Mullins, 47, of Billings, was arraigned in District Court on Thursday by video from the county jail.
Court records indicate a woman awoke in her home Monday at 8:30 a.m. to the sound of snoring coming from her 2-year-old son's bedroom. Her son had slept that night with her and her husband.
The woman said she found a strange man sleeping in her son's bed. She woke her husband and left to call police from a neighbor's house. The husband confronted the man with an unloaded shotgun and held him until police arrived.
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Pregnant Kenyan women strange cravings
Nancy Akoth is four months pregnant and like many women in her state has strange cravings.
Some women eat coal, gherkins or soap but Mrs Akoth craves soft stones, known in Kenya, where she lives, as "odowa".
"I just have this urge to eat these stones. I do very crazy things, I would even wake up at night and go looking for them," she told the BBC.
"I consulted my doctor and all he told me is that maybe I'm lacking iron and gave me medication on iron, but I still have the urge to eat those stones."
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Getting fired for not flushing the toilet
Officials in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh are being removed from their elected seats for not constructing flushing toilets.
Bilaspur district administration says it has sacked about 100 members for not building toilets in their homes.
Many people in India do not have access to flush toilets or other latrines.
In rural India, modern toilets are often a luxury
But under new local laws, representatives are obliged to construct a flush toilet within a year of being elected. Those who fail to do so face dismissal.
Male contraception is going high-tech switching sperm flow on and off
Men are short-changed when it comes to birth control. Vasectomy is painful and not always reversible. Condoms blunt pleasure, break and slip off. Or there is that Russian-roulette standby, coitus interruptus.
But science finally may have found an answer for reversible, reliable and easy contraception for men with a new breed of futuristic, non-hormonal gizmos that promise a high-tech solution to sperm control.
Teams around the globe are developing new techniques that can block ducts in the testes, zap sperm before they come out of the body or even scramble sperm production.