Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Idiot Thrown From Car During Burnout


Atheist Wants Your Bibles


Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Man gets 7- years for Shoplifting Cheese
A California man was handed seven years in prison for shoplifting a $3.99 piece of cheese.
Prosecutors originally wanted a life sentence for cheese thief Robert Ferguson, under the state's "three strikes" law.
But they dropped the bid after a psychological report convinced them life in jail was not warranted for the crime.
Ferguson holds 13 prior convictions and spent 22 of the last 27 years behind bars.
In 1994 he escaped a previous "three strikes" sentence.
Ferguson's lawyer Monica Brushia said the most serious of the charges occurred when he was a teen more than 30 years ago and that the petty charges did not deserve a prison sentence.
"We're talking about a pack of cheese," she said.
Man carved name into woman’s chest
A Springfield man was indicted on several charges after he carved his name onto his girlfriend’s chest.
Michael Welliver, 31, of 520 Homestead Ave., was indicted on charges of abduction, felonious assault and kidnapping in connection with the assault that occurred at his residence.
According to Springfield Police Division records, Welliver told his 31-year-old then-girlfriend that he did not like the tattoo that she had on her buttocks. He then grabbed a meat cleaver from under the bed and threatened to cut the tattoo off if she didn’t let him carve his name on her chest.
The woman told police that he then sat on her, used a blue pocket knife with a razor blade on the end and carved “I Luv Mike Welliver” on the upper part of her breast. She told police she did not fight him because of the knife and meat cleaver and because of his size.
Penis Art Gone Missing