Monday, October 1, 2007

Funny Dog Pictures

That's Gotta Hurt!
Air Bud's Competition
Want It?
Try and get it!

WTH kind of bar is this?

Smile Everyone!

Dad insisted on making this a family picture.

Yeah, I'm sure the wife is going to love this photo.

Pile of Puppies are Cute

Cute as hell... Try ugly as sin…

A guy gives his girlfriend a bikini wax (NSFW)

The area has been edited and blocked so you see nothing it's just funny.

"Hot Dogs" get your "Hot Dogs" here!

This 'French Fry Hot Dog' looks pretty tasty.
The taste is about as obvious as it looks: greasy but still crispy fries glued to a hotdog with a thick, neutral batter.
It turns out that Seoul is packed full of artisan hot dog vendors. Vendors wrap them in bacon, mashed potato, corn batter or what looked to be seaweed then invariably deep fry them.

Dry Ice Bomb Taped to Helmet

You Know Where You Will Work Early On In Life...........

When Your Teacher Attaches A McDonald’s Application To Your Graded Test

Resident Evil Milla Jovovich

Are you a Resident Evil movie fan?
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Small Bits of News

Teens Attack Older Man, End Up Running For Safety
The man at the back of the Metro bus was older, wore glasses and apparently drew the attention of a group of alleged gang members who reportedly began harassing him.
But when one of them tried to take the man's glasses, he pulled a knife and fought back, Seattle police said.
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Westlake Police Cruiser Stolen After Traffic Stop
An officer who tried to make a routine speeding stop on Interstate 90 early Saturday wound up having his cruiser stolen.
According to a news release, events unfolded like this:The officer -- who was not named -- tried to pull over a speeding car on I-90 at 1:23 a.m. near the Lorain County border. The driver, however, didn't stop until he plowed into a ditch near Ohio 83.
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Those are definitely "HIGH" tops

A Japanese Custom is to remove shoes before entering from outside.

At least you don't have to worry about anything climbing up inside your pants leg.

Parrot Weightlifter

The 'muscular' parrot lifts weights at a zoo in Nanjing, east China's Jiangsu province

A teenager's belly button piercing nearly killed her in a car crash.

Cardiff student Jessica Collins under went three hours of surgery as doctors fought to save her life after the accident in Munich.
The 19-year-old’s small piercing had been pushed through her stomach almost to her spine by her seatbelt during the collision. Doctors said the silver-colored stud had caused injuries like a bullet wound. Her mom Amanda, 37, of Radyr, Cardiff, said: “If it had not been for the piercing, she would not have been in a life-threatening situation.” “The piercing was like a bullet going through her stomach.
She had horrific facial injuries. I didn’t recognize her when I came in. She was badly bruised and she has some blood on the brain but she will recover.”