Saturday, June 7, 2008

Using Cell Phones to Popcorn

Anonymous said...
Cell phones don't put out that much power or your ears would be burned off every time you use one....Simple video editing trick.

What's Your Weight

The more your ass weighs, the more you pay.

Graduation Prank

3 Rolls of Saran Wrap.......$6.47
3,386 Post It Notes.......$21.55
Pranking your Principal (and NOT getting expelled!).......PRICELESS.


I’m Goofy

30 years and nothing changed

Sue and Sally meet at their 30th class reunion, and they haven’t seen each other since graduation.

They begin to talk and bring each other up to date.

The conversation covers their husbands, their children, homes, etc. and finally gets around to their sex lives.

Sue says "It’s OK. We get it on every week or so but it’s no big adventure, how’s yours?"

Sally replies "It’s just great, ever since we got into S&M."

Sue is aghast.

"Really Sally, I never would have guessed that you would go for that."

"Oh, sure," says Sally,

"He snores while I masturbate."

120-mile drive to take suspect 200yds

A security van was sent on a 120-mile round trip to take a prisoner 200 yards. Mark Bailey, 35, had been taken from jail to a crown court, but needed to appear before magistrates across the road. Police said they could not frogmarch him handcuffed in public because it would breach his human rights — and there were no prison vans available.
So private firm Global Solutions had to send a van to Northampton from its base in Cambridge. Police said: "Once a person is in the courts system, police are not responsible for their transportation. "It would not be appropriate for prisoners to walk in a public area while in custody for reasons of public safety as well as the safety and human rights of the prisoner."

Mr. Nudist Colony Activity Coordinator - NSFW

Surgeons left metal bar in this mans head

Surgeons left a 10cm (4in) metal bar inside a teenager's head. Donovan McGowan lived with the piece of metal inside him for three months after an operation. The 18-year-old suffered from blinding headaches and also had an unsightly lump on the side of his head. Eventually, he demanded a scan and it was then doctors found the bar.
'They said, "This is quite embarrassing but there is something metallic like a tube still in your head." It's been more than embarrassing for me having to walk about with this lump,' said Mr McGowan, from Glasgow. The rod was left behind during an operation at Southern General Hospital, Glasgow, in March after he was hit by a car. A hospital spokesman apologized and said it was an 'unfortunate error'. The ex-football steward, who gave up his job because of the pain, may now seek compensation from the trust.

Small Bits of News

Man Gets Stuck Naked Inside Port-a-potty
Emergency dispatchers receive thousands of calls every year, but none like the one last weekend. A man got stuck in a port-a-potty – and he needed help. On Sunday, 31-year-old Shannon Hunter of Lebanon used his cell phone to call 911 – from inside a port-a-potty. Police say he had been drinking, took off his clothes and somehow, immersed himself in the holding tank. Rescue crews actually had to cut apart the potty to pull him out safely.
Authorities say Hunter did not suffer any serious injuries. His reputation – well, that's a different story. Police have charged Hunter with being drunk in public. He's also facing charges for creating a health code violation. They still have no idea why he was in the port-a-potty with his clothes off.
With News Video
Camera thieves caught on camera
A woman who had her camera stolen got a close-up of the thieves when photos they took of themselves were automatically uploaded to her computer.
Alison DeLauzon had her digital camera stolen while she was on holiday in Florida, meaning she had to accept the loss of many treasured family snapshots.
But not only did she get those images back, she also got a few new ones – of the men who stole her camera posing with their prize, totally oblivious to the fact the pictures were being transmitted via cyberspace.
Man accused of leaving children to pick wild asparagus
A northwest Iowa man accused of leaving two children in his car while he picked wild asparagus along a busy highway south of Spencer has been charged with child endangerment. The Clay County sheriff's office says the man was arrested Wednesday night after a passer-by spotted the children. Authorities says the man's 5-year-old niece was outside the car crying when the passer-by stopped to help. The man's 2-year-old son was asleep in the back seat.
Chief Deputy Duane Bates said the man was in a ditch about a half mile from the car. He didn't have any wild asparagus when the deputy found him.
After searching his vehicle, Bates says deputies found marijuana and drug paraphernalia.The man, who also was charged with drug possession, was released from the county jail after posting bond.
English Rail Manager Wins $197,000
A British former railway manager won $197,000 Friday in a sex discriminatino case, after accusing her male coworkers of leaving pornographic magazines in her mail tray and spreading rumors that she is a lesbian, the Daily Mail reported.
"I was told by a manager I was being given a hard time because of my gender and for the male staff it was a case of 'little girls playing with little boys' toys,'" said Donna McAllister, 44.
McAllister's coworkers at the Network Rail office, where whe was the only female, also reportedly left crude drawings on her desk and shunned her from business meetings, the Mail reported.
McAllister claims the men believed they should have gotten her position, which paid an annual salary of $112,334. During a reorganization she was forced to re-apply for her own job but did not get it, despite her being the only contender, the story says.
As a result of the tormenting, she said she suffered a nervous breakdown, severe depression and migraines.
Woman covered in mites from bird nest
A woman has been put in quarantine by police after they found that her skin was crawling with nearly invisible bloodsucking parasites from an infested bird's nest in her home.
The woman has been taken to a hospital quarantine unit.
Police say they were called to the Long Island home of 45-year-old Nina Bradica on Thursday night. They say she was infected with bird mites, a highly contagious condition she contracted from a nest inside a bathroom vent.