Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dog Malfunction Voice Over

Nov 12 2008
Dog Malfunction
They could probably get it fixed, but it's not even worth it.
This dog is clearly defective.

Dec 15 2008
Dog Malfunction Fixed.........or maybe not

Are you sure you're over 18

Then Can I Sleep Over

Forbidden Fruit

What would you LABEL this under?
TimO said...
"Wow Sally, those new Forever Tampons ARE good!!!"

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Man Charged In Bizarre Castration Plot
"He offered or suggested he use a high power rifle and he said that if you castrate him, there will be a bonus in that for you, an additional $3,000," Corporal Trinidad Navarro said.Investigators said Eichman even wanted his ex-son-in-law's genitals brought to him.
A Delaware man has been arrested after being accused of arranging a bizarre plot that involved castrating his ex-son-in-law.Wilbur Eichman has been charged with one count of criminal solicitation after he paid a man cash to beat up his ex-son-in-law.Police say Eichman paid 34-year-old Charles Pernot $1,200 to beat up the victim and even offered up a bonus if Pernot cut off the victim's genitals.

Las Vegas Hit by Rare Snowstorm, Grounding Flights
A rare snowfall blanketed Las Vegas on Wednesday, canceling flights, snarling traffic and dusting palm trees and marquees along the Las Vegas Strip with accumulations that were expected to reach 3 inches overnight.
Other locations were forecast to receive as much as 8 inches of snow in the second winter storm this week to drop snow on the desert city.
Tumor Removed From Newborn's Brain Contained Foot
Dr. Paul Grabb says he operated on Sam Esquibel at Memorial Hospital for Children after an MRI showed a microscopic tumor on the newborn's brain. Sam was 3 days old and otherwise healthy.
Grabb says that while removing the growth, he discovered it contained a nearly perfect foot and the formation of another foot, a hand and a thigh.
"It looked like the breach delivery of a baby, coming out of the brain," Grabb said. "To find a perfectly formed structure (like this) is extremely unique, unusual, borderline unheard of."
The growth may also have been a case of "fetus in fetu" — in which a fetal twin begins to form within another — but such cases very rarely occur in the brain, Grabb said.
1,500 parakeets rescued from Berlin apartment
Berlin officials say they have rescued 1,500 parakeets from a two-room apartment.
City veterinarian Margit Platzer says the birds were flying freely around the apartment, which was "littered with feces, feathers and leftover food."
Platzer says it took her team more than seven hours on Tuesday to catch all the birds with nets.
The birds were taken Wednesday to animal shelters in Berlin and elsewhere because there was not enough room for them at facilities in the capital.
Local media reported, without citing sources, that the owner gradually bought and bred the birds until his apartment was full, and that neighbors had complained about the noise and smell.
The retired man, who was not identified, could face charges for endangering the animals' safety and health.

That's 1499 more then I would want.
Man Arrested for Listerine Bender in Wal-Mart Bathroom
Robert Joseph Barie, 56, of Jacksonville, Florida was arrested after a Wal-Mart employee called police in reference to a "drunken dispute."
According to the police report, the officer got to the Wal-Mart on Atlantic Blvd. near Kernan before 1 a.m. Monday, and an employee said a man was locked in the bathroom drinking Listerine mouthwash.
Barie refused the officer's order to come out of the bathroom, so the officer went in. He found that Barie had locked himself in a stall and was on the floor continuing to drink the mouthwash.
The officer forced the stall open, and Barie then tried to drink the rest of the mouthwash.
Barie was put in the police car and taken home, but nobody was there and he was in no condition to take care of himself.
The officer then drove Barie to a detox facility, but Barie wouldn't get out of the car. The attendant tried to help the officer, but still Barie wouldn't get out of the car.
Barie was then arrested and taken to jail.
Shooting Victim Goes to Work with Bullet in Head
A Riviera Beach, Florida man who was hit by a stray bullet in the back of the head is back at work -- with the slug still stuck in his skull.
E.T. Strickland says the bullet hurts, but not enough to keep him from his job. The 74-year-old sells commercial real estate. He was told by his doctors not to have the bullet removed unless it was pressing on any arteries or causing health problems. He does plan to see a neurosurgeon though because he wants it taken out if possible.
Police said Strickland was hit by a bullet Tuesday night from an attempted robbery outside a Walgreens store. A second person was also shot, several times, as he was leaving the store. Police said that person was listed in stable condition Wednesday.
Suspicious wife demanded to smell husband's crotch.
The Port St. Lucie Police are seeking an arrest warrant for a man accused of hitting his wife after she asked to smell his penis to determine whether he was cheating with another woman, according to a police report released Wednesday.
The 37-year-old victim told investigators her husband of three years punched her face and kicked her arms and legs Monday night after she accused him of having an affair.
The victim said she told her 25-year-old husband as he used the restroom "to display his penis to her so that she can smell it," the report states.
She said she asked him to show his genital area so she could determine whether he was cheating with another woman.
As she went to sniff her husband's penis, he reportedly punched her mouth and started to kick her when she was on the floor. The husband then fled the scene.
Police saw bruises and red marks on the victim's mouth, legs and arms.
TimO said...
Here in Florida, we call these three news stories... a 'typical weekend'!
But Florida takes the lead in the weird stuff.

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