Friday, June 19, 2009


NO! Refunds

Must be in Ireland


1 Girl with 2 Pussies!

Very Stupid But Funny

Election at a Draw, Town goes with High Card Wins

Arizona is a modern place, among the fastest-growing states and home to Phoenix, the nation’s fifth-largest city, with gleaming office towers and a just-opened light rail system.
But now and then, the state’s Western heritage comes storming through the saloon doors to remind one and all just what this place was like not so long ago.
It happened here Monday in the shadow of the Phoenix sprawl, when it came to settling a draw in a local election.
Adam Trenk and Thomas McGuire, both in blue jeans and open-collar shirts, strode nervously into Town Hall with their posses. There stood the town judge. He selected a deck of cards from a Stetson hat and shuffled it — having removed the jokers — six times.
Mr. McGuire, 64, a retired science teacher and two-term incumbent on the Town Council, selected a card, the six of hearts, drawing approving oos and aws from his supporters.
Mr. Trenk, 25, a law student and newcomer to town, stepped forward. He lifted a card — a king of hearts — and the crowd roared. Cave Creek had finally selected its newest Council member

You found what in your cinnamon roll?

"I found a Band Aid in about the third piece of mine," said Lisa Burrows, a local mother of three children. "A used Band-Aid."
Burrows said she purchased the sweet snack at the Albertsons on Federal Way last week. And now she wants answers as to how something like a used bandage could wind up in her and her children's food.
"It was disgusting, sickening," she said. "My kids had eaten (the rolls) - I wanted to know if I was at risk for any diseases."
Burrows says she took the offending sweet roll back to the grocery chain. The store manager, she says, was sickened and sympathetic to her sticky situation. But an Albertsons corporate representative, Burrows said, wasn't so apologetic.
"The claims adjuster was very rude and said they were not at fault," she says.
She says the adjuster told her the sweet rolls came frozen from a third party baker in New York and it was not Albertsons' fault.
"I want some answers," she said. "I want to know why they think they're not responsible for it when they're selling it - it's on their shelf - it has their label on it."
"I (won't) eat cinnamon rolls again," she said.

Boobs and Cleavage

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Cleavage - Seinfeld
Cleavage, Space Between Boobs
Since low cut tops were invented, men have found it sexy to peep down a woman's blouse to get an eye full of cleavage.
But how did the word cleavage come to mean the space between a womens breasts?
Biggest Boobs on Earth!