Monday, December 17, 2007

Snow Plowing

Dangers of the Snow Plow
Train plowing snow on unseen railroad tracks

Snow Train Plow Gets Stuck

Giant love spoon world record bid

A 44ft (13.41m) love spoon being carved outside Cardiff Castle is due to be completed in the next few days.
Ed Harrison from Pontsian, Ceredigion, is attempting to break the world record for the largest wooden spoon which currently stands at 25ft 9in (7.86m). Using a chainsaw, Mr Harrison is carving the spoon out of a felled Red Cedar tree from the Caerphilly area. It has taken him over a week to finish the spoon which features a heart, cage, dragon and links, all symbolizing love. Welsh love spoons, which date back to the 17th Century, were traditionally given as a declaration of love or to commemorate a marriage, anniversary or birth. You can see more of Mr Harrison's work on his website, and while there is no doubt that he's a master at carving wood, it doesn't look like spelling is his strong point.

Do You Cheat???

Cheating Survey Results

They are in "Great Shape"

Are You Having A Bad Day?

Well, This Guy Is

7 - 1

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Giant cat-sized rats discovered in Papuan 'lost world'

That's A "BIG RAT"

Giant rats, each as large as a cat, have been discovered in a 'lost world' of exotic animals and plants that scientists liken to the Garden of Eden.
The monster rodents dwarf another newly–found creature - a pygmy possum - now being documented as one of the world's smallest creatures that carry their young in a pouch.
“These are two animals that were totally unknown to science and we're absolutely thrilled to have discovered them,” said one of the explorers who ventured into the thick jungles of Indonesia's Papua.

Japan has the world's first amphibious cycling race track w/ video

You don't have to spend a fortune to try out an amphibious vehicle.
The latest attraction to open at Kids' Land in Yokohama City lets visitors try out these vehicles with the price of admission.


Someone PWN them self

NSF for Vegans

Man crafts pens from cow poo

One cow's excrement is one man's fine writing instrument.
At least it is for John Lopez, 42, who began making his South Texas Cow Patty Pens six years ago with local, natural materials.
He perfected the process through trial and error. The end result: flecks of brown suspended in a clear plastic, looking almost like wood from a distance. His original brand name for the pens included a vulgar barnyard term, but it offended customers and other vendors at craft shows, so he retreated to the safer "South Texas Cow Patty Pen." The finished product goes for $45.

Police used helicopter to buy doughnuts

A week or so ago, police in Albuquerque used a police helicopter to buy a box of doughnuts from Krispy Kremes.
In the audio below, a man made a series of humorous phone calls to a local police station regarding the incident.

Small Bits of News

Cheating wife employs 71-year-old mom to shoot hubby
The wife of a man who was shot in the back of the head last month was arrested by Rowlett police Thursday and charged with conspiracy. Robin Handel allegedly had her mother, Jeanelle Thompson invite her husband over for dinner, served him a piece of cake for dessert, police say she shot him in the back of the head. Victim Steven Handel miraculously survived and managed to call 911. Jeanelle Thompson held police in a standoff for hours before surrendering. She was still jailed Thursday night.
Now Rowlett police say Robin Handell had a motive for masterminding his murder: she wanted to be with a man she met online. Police aren't sure if this person knew anything about the alleged plot. » Article here

1 in 7 have been dumped by text-message or email
U R dumped -- one in seven say they have suffered the same fate as Britney Spears' ex-husband and been told it's all over via text message or email, a survey said Friday.
While hiding behind technology might appear a cowardly way of splitting up, it contrasts with the four percent who simply drop all communication with their lovers without notice. "Most of us send emails and texts everyday, so it comes as no surprise they are now being used to ditch someone -- however distasteful this is," said Rob Barnes from, which carried out the survey.
"The results show one per cent of the population would use a social networking site to dump a partner. It would be interesting to see how this changes as sites such as Facebook and MySpace become more apparent in our everyday lives." The survey said 15 percent of the 2,194 people questioned had been dumped by text or email, although a quarter of those in the most tech-savvy 18 to 24-year-old age group would choose the traditional method -- a letter. » Article here

Teen calls White House, tricks them to think he's Iceland's President
A teen-ager says he convinced the White House he was Iceland's president and managed to schedule a call with George W. Bush but was found out before he got to talk to the U.S. president. "My call was transferred around a few times until I got hold of Bush's secretary and managed to book a call meeting with Bush the following Monday evening," Vifill Atlason, 16, told Reuters.The teen-ager posed as Icelandic President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson when he made the call on Dec 1. Icelandic police turned up at his door two days later -- the day of the planned call -- and took him in for questioning. The teen-ager said he was unable to recall where he discovered the telephone number for the White House. » Article here

Man Accidentally Shoots Self In Buttocks
A Scottsdale man inadvertently shot himself in the buttocks Thursday morning. Scottsdale police Sgt. Mark Clark said Daniel Leatherman, 26, heard a disturbance outside his apartment and saw a man he knew fighting with a cab driver.
Leatherman told police that the man, Cody Nunn, 25, had assaulted him in the past, so he grabbed his gun and went outside.
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