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Powdered Peanut Butter


Public Transportation


Caption This...........


Why Eat Vegetables when there is Chocolates

A bear that was apparently craving something sweet broke into a home in San Bernardino County and devoured a box of chocolates that was in the refrigerator.
A couple in San Antonio Heights arrived home on Saturday afternoon and found the bear in their kitchen, said Sheriff's Sgt. Tom Alsky. They immediately called for help.
The bear had gone by the time sheriff's deputies arrived.
The animal appeared to have pushed aside vegetables in the couple's fridge in favor of a two-pound box of chocolates, Alsky said.He said the bear also tried to open a bottle of champagne, but was not successful.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Michael Jackson Kook’s are Coming Out
Grieving Jacko Fans 'Commit Suicide'
The man behind the world's biggest online Michael Jackson fan club has said heartbroken at least 12 followers of the star have "self destruct" because of his death.

Crazy Fan Wants to Abort Baby in a World Without Michael Jackson
YES, this psycho message is for real. This chick needs a vacation in a rubber room. I hope the men with nets catch her. With her as its mother, this kid would probably be better off if she goes through with the abortion. Weirdo Jackson's sycophant fans are carrying things way too far (such as committing suicide).

Michael Jackson made me do it
Woman Arrested for Arson Claims Stress Over Michael Jackson's Death as Cause
A woman who told police she was "stressed" over a recent fire at her apartment and "because of the death of Michael Jackson", has been arrested for setting fire to a restroom at a Lorain bar.
Michael's Funeral Will be Large, Open to Public
Michael Jackson's father Joe said in a press conference outside his home Monday that the family was planning a large public funeral for Michael.
Michael Jackson Left His Father Out of Most Recent Will
A will drafted by Michael Jackson in 2002 which divides the singer's estate among his mother, three children and one or more charities could play a central role in determining how his tangled financial relationships will be unwound.

Michael Jackson Assassinated By The CIA
It's true. Russian sources are saying they have definitive proof of Michael's assassination in an effort to stop him from using his London tour to warn people of an upcoming genocide.
Others are also claiming that either the CIA or just plain "The Man" killed MJ.

Doctor Inhaled Gas to 'Feel High'
A doctor inhaled gas and air while on duty on a children's ward to 'feel floaty', a disciplinary panel has heard.  
Dr Jonathan Chahal admitting using the medical anaesthetic Entonox from a gas canister on four separate occasions at Ormskirk District General Hospital.
The senior house officer pediatrician also persuaded four female nurses to inhale the gas which is frequently administered in childbirth to alleviate pain.
On one occasion nursing staff heard the sound of giggling from the department's resuscitation room and found Dr Chahal inhaling the substance, a General Medical Council Fitness to Practise Panel heard.
GMC counsel Craig Sephton QC said: "He asked if they had ever tried it. He said it was fun and made you feel floaty."
Mr Sephton said evidence would be presented which indicated Entonox should only be used in medical situations and its manufacturers advised that people should not use machinery for at least 12 hours after taking it.
"It was clearly inappropriate for him to offer it to colleagues," he said.
Dr Chahal was working at the hospital on June 28 2007 when two nurses noticed a hissing sound from a blue canister behind a desk in the resuscitation room and found the doctor inhaling the gas.
Later on the same shift he was caught again taking Entonox - a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen - after colleagues heard him laughing.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Full Line of Care From Head to Toe


Jackson's death just bit overdone

Jackson's Drug Use
Michael Jackson's former nanny Grace Rwaramba, who worked for the King of Pop for 17 years before being fired recently, tells The Times of London how bad his drug abuse was.
"I had to pump his stomach many times. He always mixed so much of it," she said.
"There was one period that it was so bad that I didn't let the children see him. He always ate too little and mixed too much," Rwaramba added.
At one point, she teamed with Jackson's mother Katherine and sister Janet for an intervention, which angered him.
"We tried to do an intervention. It was me, Janet, his mother. I coordinated it. He was so angry with me," she explained.
Rwaramba is expected to be interviewed by the police as part of the ongoing investigation into Michael's death.
Joe Jackson -- 'I Don't Like What Happened'
When Joe Jackson walked the red carpet at the BET Awards Sunday night, he once again expressed his concern about the circumstances leading up to Michael Jackson's death.
When asked by a CNN reporter about the people around Jackson during the last moments of his life, Jackson said, "I have a lot of concerns ... I don't like what happened."

Dog bites man leg and womans vagina

A woman who has let her dog become uncontrollable lets it go and it bites a guy.
She wonders why the dog bites her in the, well, yeah.

Man has built his own alarm clock

This is what has gotten this dude to school and work on time for the last 4 years.
He mounted a large air cylinder to the head of his bed and a valve controlled by a computer which he program to wake him up in the morning.

Infomercial King' Billy Mays Found Dead in Home

Television viewers knew him as the OxiClean guy: the bearded, boisterous pitchman on commercials airing hundreds of times a week nationwide. "Hi. Billy Mays here," he would begin, before showing off his latest cleaning product or gadget.
Mays was well known for his numerous television promotions of such products as Orange Glo and OxiClean. He was also featured on the reality TV show "Pitchmen" on the Discovery Channel,
Mays, 50, was found unresponsive by his wife inside his Tampa, Fla., home at 7:45 a.m. on Sunday, according to the Tampa Police Department.
Billy Mays Was Set to be Taco Bell's Pitchman
Billy Mays was about to film a bunch of commercials for Taco Bell -- this according to a radio host who talked to the pitchman a few hours before he died.
Todd "MJ" Schnitt from Tampa was interviewing Billy's "Pitchmen" co-star Anthony Sullivan this afternoon, when Todd eerily admitted to speaking with Billy on the phone late last night. During the call, Todd said Billy had just signed a deal with Taco Bell for a series of infomercial-style adverts that were going to be filmed in August.
Todd also said Billy told him he "hit his head on the overhead luggage compartment" when the US Airways airplane blew its front tires while landing in Tampa yesterday.
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

24 hours in the penis cage


This won't happen at Small Bits and Pieces


Yeah it means you


Then & Now

1950s Invention

Here's one for you M.J.

Moonwalking Dog

J.D. and COKE


89-year-old driver creates spectacle at Seaford Opticians


Man and his dog smells of “SHIT”

What started as a pleasant Midsummer’s Eve stroll had an unpleasant and smelly end for a man and his dog in eastern Sweden.
Thomas Sundberg and his dog Rex were walking near the Kramfors-Sollefte airport last week when Sundberg felt the ground give way beneath him.
Seconds later, man and dog found themselves nearly submerged in a hole filled with excrement. Fortunately, both Sundberg and Rex were able to escape from the slimy pool of filth.
"It stunk something fierce, I took off all my clothes off immediately then I called my wife and then ran naked to a nearby river where we jumped in the water to get rid of the worst of the shit. I just threw my clothes away."
The hole was actually a sludge lagoon maintained by Kramfors municipality to store and dry sewage from a number of wells.
Municipality representative Tomas Lundin promised to investigate the matter to determine why the area wasn’t properly marked.


Get it while Supplies Lasts

World's Ugliest Dog

Pabst the Boxer

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sonic blast shatters windshield

To the driver who threw a Sonic cup at an oncoming car on State Highway 5.
Marilyn Mackey has some choice words.
Mackey was driving home to Anna from her part-time job about 9:45 p.m. Sunday when she heard an explosion. Soaking wet and covered in glass, she feared she’d been shot. "I couldn’t see anything," she said. "I was trying to figure out what happened."
The Anna police came. They found a piece of Styrofoam with a Sonic logo embedded in her windshield, which also had a softball-sized hole in it. They also found part of a shredded drinking straw. The car’s interior was covered with bits of glass and sticky soda.
"It’s not every day that you get a shotgun blast with Coke — it had a phenomenal impact," said Mackey’s husband, David, who photographed the damage.
Diandra Leslie-Pelecky, a professor of physics at the University of Texas at Dallas, looked at the photos and was surprised by the damage. But, she said, the cup, the straw and the liquid are pretty solid evidence.

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Sun-Dried Canned Road Kill


Only for the real crazy people


Verizon Wireless Surprises Customer

The Verizon "can you hear me guy" and network show up and follow someone around, just like on TV. He and everyone else in the park were taken by surprise.

Man Digs 50-Ft Hole in Kitchen to Catch Fish!

A Chinese farmer dug a 50ft hole inside his house to go fishing from an underground river beneath his house. It took him 6 months to do so. Now all he does is drop a net into the hole and harvests fish.
After digging his pit down to the river, Li installed a fishing net across it and regularly hauls out fish, so far earning his family nearly £2,000.
"I sell the fish at a wholesale price of 24 yuan (£2.15p) per kilo, but 36 yuan (£3.20p) per kilo for retail," he said.
Li built ladders from his kitchen to the river 16 metres below, and each day he has to go down to check the harvest.

Woman Shoves Handgun Up Her Ass

Weird people's predilection for inserting things up their anus never ceases to amaze me. Here is an x-ray of an actual handgun that criminal Tirisa Ruiz, 43, attempted to smuggle into prison. Ruiz thought she could get the gun past security by shoving it deep into her rectum. So deep that she had to undergo emergency surgery to remove it from her colon! WTF?
The lengths they will go sometimes can be down right sickening.
In Colombia a woman was held up at the airport at a check point with a sleeping 5 year old girl over her shoulder. Just by chance a check point officer thought the sleeping child looked especially cute and tried to play with her only to discover that the child’s hand was cold to the touch. She called police. The child had been apparently kidnapped and murdered so they could open the kid up and use her body to store kilos of cocaine.

Fireman kills pets to save on boarding

Prosecutor says defendant enjoyed 'thrill of the kill'
A Columbus firefighter admits that he took his two dogs to the basement, tied them up and blasted them with a rifle so he and a girlfriend could vacation without paying to board the animals.
"He said chunks of concrete were flying everywhere," Assistant Franklin County Prosecutor Heather Robinson said.
"I think it was the thrill of the kill for him. He has shown no remorse for this."
Firefighter David P. Santuomo, 43, pleaded guilty yesterday to two counts of animal cruelty and one count of possession of a criminal tool -- for taping a 2-liter plastic bottle onto the gun as a makeshift silencer.
Santuomo, who did not give a statement in court, will spend 90 days in jail, pay $4,500 to cover the cost of his investigation and serve five years' probation, Judge Harland H. Hale ruled.

Kush Support for the Breast

Lying on her side, a woman’s body fights the forces of gravity, forcing one breast to rest on top of the other. A contoured to gently cushion and support the weight of her breasts

Iran's protest photos along with Michael Jackson's "Beat It" - NSFW


Michael Jackson -- 1958 - 2009

Coming as a surprise to probably about six people,
Up Dates TMZ

You’ve some balls to do that

This is a Very Sick World We Live In
Severed remains of human sex organs

Human testicles in the fry pan.
Crazed Transgender Cooks His / Her Testicles Before Sex Change
And no, it didn't taste like chicken. They sauteed them lightly in some olive oil; to bring out their own flavor as much as possible. The testes themselves tasted more like sausage; with just a hint of semeny taste; really tender, almost fell apart in your mouth.
Bon appetite!
We sauteed up the epididymous and lining too; the texture was essentially unchewable, but they tasted really really good actually, like a piece of lamb-steak.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Saudi women to sell bras for first time
Using colorful bras donated by employees at Victoria's Secret, a group of 26 mostly Saudi women completed the first course of its kind to be offered in the kingdom – how to fit, stock and sell underwear.
The training organizers hope will help boost a campaign to lift the ban on women selling underwear in the kingdom.
The graduates held a small ceremony at a college in the western seaport of Jiddah this week, capping 40 hours of instruction during which they learned to overcome their embarrassment at doing bra fittings, deal with customer complaints and display the stock in an appealing manner
"It was a beautiful experience," said Faten Abdo, a 32-year-old coordinator in the offices of a lingerie company.
"The most shocking thing for me was the bra sizes," she added. "We didn't know how to get proper measurements before."
The restrictions are ironic in a country that goes to great lengths to segregate the sexes. Men and women, for instance, who are not close relatives cannot stand in the same line at fast-food outlets or even be in the same car together. Conservative clerics have strong influence on government and society, and they ban anything they believe might lead to women's emancipation, such as driving or voting.
But those pushing for saleswomen in lingerie stores say they were tired of discussing intimate details with male staff and enduring their scrutiny when they ask for a particular cup size.
Man blares porn to chase kids away 
Police in suburban Philadelphia say a man weary of children playing in his cul-de-sac blared a pornographic soundtrack to chase them off.
Michael Buck faces a felony obscenity charge and two misdemeanors for the alleged May 31 stunt at his upscale Phoenixville home.
Irate neighbors told police they could hear the sexually explicit audio a block-and-a-half away.
The 27-year-old Buck has a preliminary hearing scheduled for next month. He does not have a listed number and his lawyer declined to comment Wednesday.
Detective Tom Goggin says Buck had filed one previous complaint about the neighborhood children. He says they clearly annoy Buck , but adds there's nothing criminal about them playing outside.
Fiery-Hot Chilli Grenades To Quell Riots  
India's security forces are planning to mix one of the world's hottest chilli powders in hand grenades to control riots and battle insurgents.
Defence scientists said they will replace explosives in small grenades with a certain variety of red chilli to immobilise a person without killing him
The chilli found in the country's north east generates so much heat it was enough to startle a person for a while when used as a weapon, researchers said.
The bhut jolokia chilli is said to generate 1,000,000 heat units on the Scoville scale - a measure of hotness.
It is at least a thousand times more than a common kitchen chilli.
The Scoville scale was named after American scientist Wilbur Scoville, the first to measure the heat component in chillies.
The bhut jolokia will also be used as a food supplement for soldiers deployed in cold weather conditions to raise their body temperatures
Police arrest man in a mini-skirt viewing porn at gym
Police say a Tustin, California man wearing racy woman's clothing and watching porn on a computer in an apartment complex gym was arrested after officers found drugs in his backpack.
Sgt. Todd Bullock says 45-year-old Stephen Murdoch was arrested early Tuesday after a security guard reported someone acting suspiciously in a workout room that was supposed to be closed and locked.
When police peered into the gym, they saw Murdoch—in a miniskirt, bustier, fishnet stockings and heels—hiding behind exercise equipment while watching an adult film on a laptop.
Officers arrested Murdoch, who was sweating profusely and talking quickly, on suspicion of drug possession after finding marijuana, methamphetamine and pipes in his backpack.

They don't call it "Pig Slop" for nothing

Wait for the Grand Finale

No Shit Sherlock


With either one you’ll be wanting to eat your face


Mmmm Bacon Sandwich


Girl, 16, Has Body of a Toddler, Still Can't Speak

Brooke Greenberg continues to baffle her family and doctors.
At 16-years-old, Brooke weighs 16 pounds and stands 2 feet, 6 inches tall. She can’t speak, but she can express frustration and happiness.
In other words, Brooke’s
body and mind are that of a toddler.
"Why doesn’t she age?" Brooke’s father, Howard Greenberg said on ABC News. "Is she the fountain of youth?"
Brooke, who lives in Maryland, still has baby teeth, and her bones are those of a 10-year-old. However, her hair and nails grow consistently.
Doctors think Brooke has a genetic mutation that inhibits her growth.

Farrah Fawcett Dies at 62

Charlie's Angels
Jaclyn Smith, Farrah Fawcett and Kate Jackson

Farrah Fawcett, the actress who shot to worldwide fame thanks to her role in 'Charlie's Angels' and other Hollywood ventures along the way, has passed away after a long battle with cancer. She was 62 years old.
The 'Charlie's Angels' star -- who was diagnosed with anal cancer in 2006 -- had recently been hospitalized again before succumbing to the illness.
A friend of the actress said, "There was a moment last week when she was supposed to be released and was going home but things changed."
Earlier in the week, O'Neal told '20/20' that he had proposed and hoped to marry her before she died.
Fawcett is survived by O'Neal and their son, Redmond.
Fawcett's career spans several decades. She got her start in the early '70s, scoring a key role in 'Myra Breckinridge' in 1970. She tied the knot with actor Lee Majors in 1973, and in 1976 landed jobs in both 'Logan's Run' as well as 'Charlie's Angels.' Along with Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson, 'Angels' drew a whopping 23 million fans per week.

Pop Legend Michael Jackson Dead at 50

Autopsy planned today after mysterious death of music legend as millions mourn worldwide.
The L.A. County Coroner's Office has taken possession of Jackson's body and an autopsy is expected Friday.
Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Lt. Greg Strenk said the department's robbery-homicide department was investigating Jackson's death because of the high-profile nature of the pop star.
Multiple reports said he had gone into cardiac arrest, though the official cause of death wasn't immediately known.
Music icon Michael Jackson, whose fame spanned from his childhood with the legendary Jackson 5 to a superstar solo career that earned him the nickname 'King of Pop,' died Thursday afternoon at a Los Angeles hospital. He was 50.

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