Thursday, January 24, 2008

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Bird Hits Target - News at Eleven

What do you do when it's 18 below

Multi-tasking cyclists.

We all have seen this picture, some people over and over.
Do you know how it all started?
Photographer Criticized - May 2005
A photographer has come under fire in China for his pictures of a man falling off a bicycle.
The man became a spectacular cropper in Xiamen city after his bike hit a pot-hole submerged in rainwater.But photographer Liu Tao was accused of lying in wait to take his pictures instead of warning people of the danger.

Readers of the Beijing Youth Daily, which published the shots, wrote in to express their feelings.
One wrote: "The pictures are well shot, but the person who shot this is disgusting. He knew there was a pit, but was waiting there for someone to fall over."

And another said: "The photographer should really be condemned since he knew there definitely would be other victims." Liu defended himself, saying: "I just knew that the city government has paved the pit, and without my pictures, the pit would not be noticed by the government, and there would perhaps be more people falling over."

Funny Animal Video's

I don't think this cat wants to go indoors

A bird having perching problems
Here's a cat playing with a invisable friend.
Ducks On Ice
That runway is slippery when frozen!

Have You Seen My Pussy ?
A cat who loves to put her head inside tissue boxes

Small Bits of News

Woman smeared excrement in police van
The 43-year-old pulled her knickers down and defecated in the back of the van - watched by another horrified officer. PC Steven Lingard said: "We switched on the extractor fan and she was picking up her faeces and putting it in the vents.

Flasher Picks Wrong Target For Exposure
When a Nelson man flashed his privates at an oncoming car to impress his mates, he wasn't expecting the recipient of his display to be an on-duty female police officer.
James Wayne Pritchard, 20, admitted a charge of offensive behavior when he appeared in the Nelson District Court Tuesday.
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Transplant eyeball sent to pub
An eyeball sent from Queensland for a transplant operation in Hobart went astray this week - arriving at a pub instead of the hospital.A hotel guest in the Tasmanian city of Hobart was shocked when he received a foam box on Tuesday night containing a single human eyeball. The box marked "Live human organs for transplant" was delivered by mistake by an unwitting taxi driver. "I thought this is just too weird. I went and put it in the fridge because I didn't know what else to do with it."

Belarus border guards foil parrot smuggler
Border guards in Belarus said on Wednesday they had foiled an attempt to smuggle 277 parrots into the ex-Soviet state - aboard a bicycle. Spokesman Alexander Tishchenko said the smuggler abandoned his bicycle and cargo - contained in six cages - and fled back over the border into Ukraine when confronted late on Tuesday at the crossing point of Dubki. "The cages were fixed to an ordinary bicycle. The parrots were stuffed inside like sardines, 40 to 50 to a cage," he said.

Mexico City starts grope-free buses for women
Mexico City has started a women-only bus service to protect female passengers from groping and verbal abuse common on the city's packed public transportation system. Millions of people cram into subway trains and buses in the Mexican capital, one of the world's largest cities, and women have long complained of abuse from men taking advantage of overcrowding to sneak in an inappropriate grab. "One time a man stuck his hand up my skirt. They grab your butt ... ," said 27-year-old office assistant Lourdes Zendejas, who waited 20 minutes during the evening rush hour to catch one of the new buses. The special buses pull up at ordinary stops but have large pink "women only" signs on the front and side. They were added to two busy routes last week and the city government plans to expand the program to 15 other routes by April.

Thieves crash car with cow in back seat
Thieves in Malaysia stole an adult cow, squeezed it into the back seat of a car and drove off with it, but were spotted by villagers who gave chase, but abandoned the animal when the getaway vehicle crashed into a tree. The cow, injured in the crash, was slaughtered by villagers.

The smallest dog in the world
Brandy the Chihuahua was named the world’s smallest dog by the Guinness Book of Records.

Four-year-old Brandy weighs only 2lbs and cannot even bark as her lungs are too small. Owner Paulette Keller, of Largo, Florida, said: “When I saw her I just fell in love with her.”