Sunday, February 17, 2008

99 Words For Boobs.

Old Man Winter Being Cool

Sites of Interest

The most expensive toy car ever made.
This happens when you try to show off -
Hey ladies would buy a Camel Toe Cup for shits and giggles -
Here's are awesome photos of very beautiful women
Animals are Great (Video’s)
Animals are Great (Pictures)
food bowl that talks to your pet while you're not home
Katie Price (Jordan) - Promotes her latest book (NSFW)

Pssst Over Here

Guys Stop Leaving The Toilet Seat Up For Your Lady

Why do guys get all the crap about leaving the seat up?
Women never put the seat back up when they use it.

Karate chopping a big brick in super slow motion

"Crazy Traffic”

“Accident Waiting To Happen"

Beware: Bears!

When you leave your car alone in Russia beware of bears.
(domestic or not so domestic)

Look what they have done to this car.

"Guess the Country"


Dell call center rep loses it

Motorcycle Models

Made From Wrist Watches

Small Bits of News

Vanity Plate Reading '1' Goes for $14M in Abu Dhabi
A license plate with nothing but the number "1" on it went for a record $14 million at a charity auction Saturday.
301 Pennies Auctioned Off for $10.7M
LONG BEACH, Calif. — A penny saved is not necessarily just a penny earned: One man's collection of rare American cents has turned into a $10.7 million auction windfall.
Couple born on same day, die on same day
A Sioux Falls couple that was born on the same day in 1941 has died on the same day. Diana Kraft and her husband, Kent both 67 died together of separate illnesses. They've been married for about 43 years. Police spokesman Loren McManus says Diana Kraft was very sick and died. He says whatever effect that had on Kent Kraft who had a heart condition that was it. Miller Funeral Home Director Joel Vipond says he's never experienced this in his 30 years of funeral service.
Tiny Finger Cut Triggers Infection That Leads to Teen's Death.
Cops: Dad Killed Daughter After She Text-Messaged Boy