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“Nice Rack”


Mitchells Whores


Pee Cola


No Fear of Heights



Dr. Batty's Asthma Cigarettes
Cigarettes with unknown contents claimed to provide temporary relief of everything from asthma to colds, canker sores and bad breath.
"Not recommended for children under 6."
Lloyd Cocaine Toothache Drops
In the US, cocaine was sold over the counter until 1914 and was commonly found in products like toothache drops, dandruff remedies and medicinal tonics.

Metcalf's Coca Wine
Coca wine combined wine with cocaine, producing a compound now known as cocaethylene, which, when ingested, is nearly as powerful a stimulant as cocaine.
Pantopon Roche Injectable Opium
"Try Pantopon in place of morphine for dependable, optimum relief of pain."
This cough remedy contained, among other things, codeine, chloroform and cannabis.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
Contained 65 mg of morphine per fluid ounce. "For children teething."


The average girl next door has a Sexier Body than Playboy Bunny

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Talking security camera tells couple to stop having sex
A couple were caught having sex in a town center by a talking security camera - and ordered to stop by operators.
The embarrassed pair, who had been drinking earlier, heard the booming command and immediately stopped before fleeing the scene in Northampton.
Northampton Borough Council has talking cameras trained in three town center streets to issue warnings about littering, fighting and street drinking.
Most messages are taped recorded but they can also be used by the security camera operators to issue specific warnings.
Andrew Simpson, Northampton Borough Councillor responsible for security cameras said he was shocked to hear camera operators had spotted people having sex in the street.
He said: "I certainly wasn’t expecting them to pick up that kind of thing.
"But at least they stopped when the camera operators told them too."
'Stupid Ass' driver blocked ambulance
A judge told a driver she displayed "moronic stupidity" by deliberately and repeatedly blocking an ambulance which was carrying a dying patient.
Annika Avery, 20, of Leicester, was given a five-month prison sentence, suspended for two years. She had already admitted dangerous driving.
The court was told that Avery overtook the ambulance at speed and slowed down, causing the vehicle to brake suddenly.
She did this even though the siren was on, Leicester Crown Court heard.
In the back of the ambulance a paramedic was giving heart compressions to an elderly patient.
Such was the force of the braking that the paramedic was flung the length of the vehicle, the court heard.
Judge Howard Morrison called Avery's driving "disgusting and dangerous".
The patient in the ambulance died and the judge said if Avery's driving had played any part in that death, she would have been facing a very different sentence.
She purposely obstructed our ambulance which was clearly dealing with an emergency.
Wedding couple on the run
Cops are hunting for a couple who got married in an elaborate wedding costing £10,000 - and then ran off without paying.
The couple, named by local businesses as Alan Bennett and Lorraine Vickery, from Exeter, Devon, were married in Jersey on February 5.
Guests drank champagne and were entertained by a local band but once the party was over, the pair vanished without settling the bill.
All the checks they left in payment bounced.
Jersey Police have launched a criminal investigation into the alleged fraud after at least six businesses on the island remain unpaid.
The couple had a traditional church ceremony, decorated with elaborate flower arrangements, before hosting an extravagant marquee reception for their 15 guests.
Their luxury three course meal, flowing Moet and Chandon champagne costing £70 per bottle, and entertainment from a local band cost a total of £2,000 which remains unpaid.
David Bridges, owner of the Bleu Soleil campsite, where the couple held their reception, said: "There weren't many guests but it was a pretty flash do and the best man came from Australia.
"They had the time of their lives and didn't pay a penny for it. The bit that really gets me is that they didn't even pay the rector who married them."
Businesses who provided flowers, a marquee, wedding cake, hotels rooms and suit hire all claim to have been left out of pocket, with a total value of around £10,000.
Woman dies after having her butt fat injected into her face
A woman died after cosmetic surgery when fat from her buttocks was injected into a vein in her face.
Rachel Soanes underwent the procedure to plump out her face but died from a 'phenomenally rare' complication when the fat got into her lungs.
The 37-year-old suffered from the condition lupus profondus, which left her with an usually thin face.
She had undergone the plumping treatment twice before and was admitted to St Thomas' Hospital in London as an out-patient on February 12.
But shortly after a second re-injection of fat from her buttocks she complained of dizziness and vomited.
Her oxygen levels plummeted but there was a 50-minute delay before a specialist crash team got to her and almost two hours before Miss Soanes was admitted into intensive care.
Pathologist Professor Sebastian Lucas said Miss Soanes, of Windsor Road, Norwich, died of a fat tissue embolism - one of the first ever documented cases.
This arose from an injection of fat into a vein of her face, he said.
The fat traveled into her lungs and resulting in the embolism, or blockage in the arteries.
Prof Lucas said: 'Once the fat got into the lungs there was nothing anyone could have done. It happened within seconds. There was no way anyone could dissolve or remove the fat. It was all the way through the lobes of the lungs.'
This Coffee Tastes Like Shit
Woman claims 'poop' was in her cup of McDonald's coffee
A Regina woman claims she became violently ill last fall after drinking a cup of McDonald's coffee that she claims was contaminated by "human feces."
She's suing both the restaurant chain and Saputo Foods Ltd., the company that supplies its coffee creamers, according to a statement of claim filed with the Court of Queen's Bench in Regina.
Cheryl Mandziak said she made a disturbing discovery in August, 2008, after picking up her morning coffee at McDonald's. After adding cream and drinking more than half the coffee, she found something "round" floating in it, she said in the statement of claim. She said she subsequently came down with diarrhea and severe abdominal pain that required medical attention.
Mandziak said she had the remains of the coffee tested by a lab, which indicated several contaminants, including "human feces." She's seeking money for loss of income, health expenses and other damages, although no sum was mentioned.
None of her claims have been proven in court.
The Safe Nobody Wanted
For four decades, the 1-ton safe sat in the back of a family shoe store, and as the years rolled past, its secrets were seemingly forgotten. When the family closed up shop, renting the building to a shoe repairman, the safe stayed put. No one remembered the combination. No one knew what to do with it.
Now, everyone is rushing to stake a claim.
Dumped in a vacant lot in neighboring Lawrence last November as an obsolete, oversize nuisance, the old-fashioned vault was discovered to hold a small fortune - $178,496 in crisp currency. The money was packed in blue bank envelopes, wrapped in old Daher's Shoes shopping bags and a white Nike T-shirt, and tucked in a locked compartment.
The surprise discovery is the target of an intra-family court battle involving four competing parties, though none can explain why someone would stash so much money away and apparently not tell anyone.
Cop caught two screwing in a moving car
Two teenagers were charged with misdemeanors after a police officer reportedly caught them having sex — in a moving car.
The officer spotted a blue Hyundai driving erratically on Hyde Park Street on Thursday and turned on his emergency lights to see if the driver needed help.
The car suddenly pulled across the road, though, and came to a stop. When the officer went to the driver’s door, the teens — Robert Gonzalez, 19, and Melissa Washington, 18 — quickly tried to pull up their pants.
They had been sitting together in the driver’s seat and "it became obvious that they had been engaged in sexual intercourse," the officer wrote in an arrest report.
Gonzalez and Washington were both charged with lewd and lascivious behavior and booked into the county jail.



Man who had ear cut off had it stitched to stomach to save it

A man who had one of his ears cut off when he was attacked in a park had it stitched to his stomach in a bid to save it.
Paul Gibbs, a student from Leeds, was attacked by three men as he camped out with a group of friends last year.
Because the ear was not found for 17 hours, surgeons could not immediately reattach it.
Instead, doctors stitched it inside his stomach so some of the tissue will re-grow. The plan is to then reconstruct the ear using some of the cartilage from 26-year-old Mr Gibbs's rib cage.
Mr Gibbs was attacked in Rothwell Country Park, near Leeds, He suffered brain damage when he was hit over the head with a motorbike helmet before his left ear was sliced off.
Last week two 18-year-olds and a 22-year-old were convicted of attacking Mr Gibbs. They were each given indeterminate prison sentences with the younger men ordered to serve a minimum of two years and 210 days and the 22-year-old was told he must serve at least four-and-half years.