Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Friendly Reminder


Man viewing soft porn of Miranda Kerr during live news link

And just to make sure the audience got a good look at just who it was
the man turned to look at the camera lens.

Absolutely Amazing!


Stab victim didn't feel it

Mugging victim Julia Popova calmly went home after being robbed on her way home from work - without realizing she had a six inch knife stuck into her neck.
The 22-year-old office worker had grappled with her attacker when he snatched her handbag as she walked to her parents' home in the Russian capital Moscow.
But she was so shocked by the ordeal she didn't know that the thug had buried a kitchen knife in her neck just fractions of an inch from her spinal cord.
Her horrified parents rushed her to hospital where surgeons managed to remove the blade without damaging Julia's spine.
"Shock had kicked in and her body prevented her from feeling any pain. She simply walked home without feeling the knife in her back," said one medic.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

“KickButt” Obscene in Canada
The Canadian province of Ontario's motor vehicle licensing department has rejected a vanity plate request for "KickButt" as too sexual.
Rick Evans, 49, operates two Survivor Boot camp fitness franchises north of Toronto. He wanted the plate to complement his company-branded Jeep.
Working online, he originally wanted ButtKick," but that wasn't available, he said. However, "KickButt" was available, so he ordered it and paid $235.
Recently, he received a letter from the Ministry of Transportation, saying its 10-member review board had rejected it for three reasons: sexual subject matter, abusive or derogatory and violence/criminal activity.
"The government of Ontario must avoid giving the impression that it is prepared to offend some people at the request of others," the letter said.
Cigarette blast takes man's teeth
An Indonesian man has been given compensation after a cigarette he was smoking exploded, taking out six teeth.
Andi Susanto, 31, told Indonesian media the cigarette had blown up in his mouth while he was riding a motorcycle.
He accepted a payment of 5m rupiah ($535; £335) and all his medical costs from PT Nojorono Tobacco, makers of the brand of cigarette he was smoking.
He said the company had talked to his family and agreed to "settle it amicably" with an out-of-court settlement.
A spokesman for Clas Mild cigarettes, the brand Mr. Susanto had been smoking, said there were no plans for a recall.
Iwan Sulistyo said "We do not put any strange materials in the cigarettes, so we think that this is a weird case. This is the first time for us."
Teacher charged with making 4th-graders fight
Tattoo cat came back: 14 years later to its family
Farmer is giving his cows beer to help them relax
He even throws in the occasional massage.
Dad delivers own baby when nurse storms off
9-year-old girl gives birth
German police runs over kills dog, bill owner $3907
Man trades fake degrees for spanking
The university registrar who offered forged degrees to two women in return for spanking sessions

Chinese workers live in toilet – LITERALLY

Ten Chinese migrant workers are living in a public toilet in the city of Hangzhou, according to local media.
They are believed to have been living there for several months, and the toilet is now kitted out with a bed, cooking facilities and a television.
One of the women said she could not afford to rent a room or pay normal living expenses.

Strong Smell

A woman called Ai, who lives in the female toilets, "We have got used to the strong smell of urine. The worst thing is that people keep stealing my stoves and cooking pots."
Ai's friend Wang Yuhua lives in the male toilets.
"The bad thing is there are mice everywhere," she said.
Local Hangzhou residents are reportedly sympathetic to the plight of the migrant workers and generally avoid using the facilities.
"When I ran inside to use the toilet, I was stunned to see several people sitting around, chatting or doing things," Mr. Du said.
One of the migrant workers even said that a friend of hers was a little envious of her, as she could live in the toilets rent-free.
But a spokesman for the local council warned: "It's forbidden to live inside the toilets, as they are supposed to be for public use."

Man hurt using explosives in backyard sledding stunt

A 62-year-old Independence Township man hosting an outdoor winter party in his backyard was rushed to the hospital Sunday night after the explosive backpack he rigged to power him on a sled exploded, police said.
“Apparently, he has this sledding party every year, and he always does outrageous things at it, but he’s never blown himself up before,” McCabe said today. Before the mishap, the man had been drinking, he said.
The man is thought to have constructed the backpack from a used automotive muffler, which he filled with gasoline and gunpowder, “trying to get a rocket-launch effect,” McCabe said.
“He asked another person to light a wick and then began to sled down a hill. At some point during the ride, the device exploded,” he said.
Police did not release the man’s name. No charges have been filed but police are considering whether to charge the man with possession of an explosive device, McCabe said. Officers confiscated the man’s orange plastic sled, a motorcycle helmet he wore during the incident and the muffler-launcher device as evidence.