Friday, January 9, 2009

Ok What’s Plan B

Vehicle towing must be has big or be bigger then vehicle being towed.
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This reminds me of the old TV commercial putting 2 tons of fertilizer in a 1 ton truck.

Taking No Chances


The 10 Best Sex Toys - NSFW

Are you feeling adventurous?
Looking for a new plaything for the bedroom?
If so, there are plenty of choices to set your libido racing.
Heart Shaped Spanker

Seven Pearls Massage Ring

Smart Parking Meters Takes On Parking Cheaters

You are shopping when you receive a text message on your mobile phone. It is from the parking meter to tell you that you have been given a fine.
The meters create magnetic fields capable of registering the metal mass of vehicles. They have a direct computer link to a police station.
Under a mechanism adopted by towns such as Issy-les-Moulineaux on the outskirts of Paris, cars are allowed 20 minutes of free parking. If they stay longer, the smart meter sends a message to a police control room, which alerts officers through their mobile telephones a quarter of an hour later.
"That way police and wardens don't have to spend the day walking up and down the road," said Mr Zandona, who said he wanted to introduce the technology to Britain and a number of other countries.
"The police can go and sit in a café if they like and just pop out when they get a message to say a car is parked illegally. They have an 80 per cent chance of finding the car still there between 12 and 18 minutes after the limit, we have found. That's why we warn them after 15 minutes."

Baby Girl Born with 12 Fingers and 12 Toes!

Have you noticed that ALL of these mutant stories always come out of China?
It must be from all the industrial pollution there.
Why, the air is so bad there they have to wear face masks.
Look at the genetic mutations the pollution causes!
TimO said...
Four more and they'll be able to count in hexidecimal --- THE CHINESE ARE MUTATING TO TAKE OVER OUR COMPUTER JOBS!!!!
You can also blame US companies that take away jobs in the US and give them to China without them knowing how to do them safely.

What's Everyone Looking At?


Cajun Squirrel the new chip?

Walkers launches new line taste for the 21st century.

Irked by cheese and onion? Dispirited by prawn cocktail? Bored with ready-salted? Well, why not reach for a bag of Cajun squirrel-flavored crisps? Or perhaps you'd like to try chilli and chocolate.
From today, jaded snackers will be able to choose from six wacky new crisp flavors – which also include crispy duck, onion bhaji, fish and chips and builder's breakfast – following a competition the snack giant Walkers organized to find a 21st century rival to our old favorites.
The most popular pack will go into full-time production after a public vote ends in May.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know you Needed

Shit Shuts Down Car Wash
Talk about a crappy situation.
Florida police are looking for whoever's responsible for dumping human waste down the drain of a Fort Myers, Fla., car wash.
Lee County police say about 55 gallons of human waste were dumped in the drain at San Carlos Car Wash Monday.
Security cameras recorded a vehicle on the premises twice, and police hope the video will help lead them to an arrest.
The stinky mess forced the shop to close for a few hours each time to clean it up.
The owner says the car wash uses reclaimed water that's stored in an underground pump so none of the sewage was able to seeped out into the Fort Myers' water system.
Man's 911 Call Causes 'Screwdriver' Confusion
Confusion over whether a man imbibed too many screwdrivers -- the drink -- or was stabbed by a screwdriver -- the tool -- led to a screwy situation for police and fire crews, authorities said Thursday.
The man called 911 on his cell phone around 7:40 p.m. Wednesday and was slurring his words as he "told a dispatcher he'd been drinking screwdrivers all night" and thought he was in a Dumpster, said Maurice Luque of the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department.
Erring on the side of caution, police officers and firefighters searched for around two hours for a man who may have been stabbed with a screwdriver, Luque said.
When they found him, he was neither stabbed nor in a trash bin, but rather in bushes next to a clothing store at Midway Drive and Sports Arena Boulevard, authorities said.
It turned out the man was in need of medical aid, as he was suffering from "alcohol-induced" internal bleeding, Luque said.
Buried alive by 16yr pile of shopping
An elderly shopaholic was buried alive in her home after a 16-year pile of unopened purchases collapsed on her.
Joan Cunnane, 77, was crushed under ornaments, clothes in suitcases and electrical goods, still in their untouched packaging.
She had stacked her shopping in huge precarious piles, leaving her just a 2ft-wide path to negotiate her tiny bungalow.
Twelve police took nearly two days to unload her hoard into a giant skip and find her body.
"There were thousands of videos. When I walked in they fell down. It was a death-trap."
Joan is the second person in a WEEK to be killed by hoarding, which is linked to an obsessive-compulsive disorder.
The Sun told yesterday how Gordon Stewart, 74, died of thirst after getting lost in a maze of tunnels he had burrowed through rubbish at his home in Broughton, Bucks.

Things that I could have not seen - NSFW