Sunday, January 20, 2008

Loaded with all the extra's

Not to Shabby... 1-10 I'll give her a......

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Craigslist “Come and get the blocks.”

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Stupid & Dumb

Idiot Stands in the Way of a Golf Drive and Pays For It

Stupid videos
Kid Takes a Spin in a Dryer

Stupid videos

Nasty Army Prank

World’s Loudest Alarm Clock

Learn how to make a Fire Alarm Bell Alarm Clock.
Ever sleep-in because your alarm clock wasn't loud enough? With this design that is guaranteed not to happen! This takes a standard cheap alarm clock, some interface components and a fire alarm bell to get the job done right.

That’s One BIG O’ Fish

Anglers hook fish weighing over 400 pounds
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Two British anglers waded waist deep into a river to land a 100-year-old monster fish - after battling with it for over an hour. Nick Calleya, 36, from Cubert in Cornwall and George Carstairs from Scotland landed the 500lb white Sturgeon while angling from a boat in the Fraser River in British Columbia in Canada. The 10ft-long giant was snared using a rod and line with salmon eggs as bait.

Are you Man or Girl?

There are about 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 insects on earth at any given moment.
Seriously, for every one of us, there are 1.5 billion bugs.
But some of them are so horrifying, just one is too many.
Are you a person that thinks you're "tough badass," perhaps?
You be screaming like a "Little Girl" after experiencing becoming a man
Bullet Ant (Paraponera clavata)
From: Rainforest's from Nicaragua to Paraguay
Why you must fear it: It's a full inch long, it lives in trees and thus can and will fall on you to scare you away from its hive--the one you didn't know was there, because it's in a tree. Before it does this, it shrieks at you. It's called a Bullet Ant because its 'unusually severe' sting feels like getting shot.

Some of the indigenous peoples of the area use Bullet Ants as part of this initiation-to-manhood ceremony that they do. You know the kind we mean, with us it's like, a big party and your relatives give you money and everyone loves you and is so proud of you? Yeah with them, it's these special leaf sleeves with hundreds of bullet ants woven into them, stingers-inwards. They put them on and are immediately stung by, and this is important, hundreds of Bullet Ants woven into the sleeves, stingers-inward.

The goal is to leave them on for 10 minutes, after which their arms are stiff, useless lengths of twisting agony, their bodies wracked with uncontrollable spasms for days. And in order to be actually pass the ordeal and become a man, they have to do it 20 times.

Bank issues $10,000,000 bill

But this won't even buy you a hamburger

Forget the glitzy restaurants of New York and London: only in Zimbabwe would a hamburger actually cost millions of dollars.
The central bank of the southern African country has a issued a 10million Zimbabwe dollar note. The move increases the denomination of the nation's highest bank note more than tenfold.
Even so, a hamburger in an ordinary cafe in Zimbabwe costs 15 million Zimbabwe dollars.
The new 10 million note is the equivalent of about £2 at the dominant black market exchange rate. A hamburger at an ordinary cafe costs about 15 million Zimbabwe dollars (£3).

Do You Know What This Is?

Public Humiliation for Thief

A man who stole flea medicine from a pet store is publicly paying for his crime.
Every afternoon for 4 days straight, Charlie Smith has to walk with a sign that reads,

Small Bits of News

11-year-old accused of armed robbery
An 11-year-old boy was in custody on Saturday, accused of armed robbery after police said he confessed to robbing a pizza delivery woman at gun point because he was hungry. The boy confessed Thursday to the robbery, which occurred after he called Domino's pizza and ordered a $35 takeout dinner of pizzas, Buffalo wings and cheesy bread, authorities said. When the driver arrived at his house, the boy took the order from the driver and pulled a handgun when she protested, authorities said. No money was taken. The boy said he robbed the driver because he was hungry. Maj. Mike Tregre, Sheriff's Office spokesman said the boy told authorities that the handgun was real, and investigators are trying to locate the gun and determine where the boy got it. He was being held in the St. James Juvenile Detention Center awaiting a Wednesday hearing. The mother of the 11-year-old said she thought her son was in school when the robbery took place.

Robber only steals chives
A bizarre robber terrified two students when he walked into their house - and stole some chives. Anthony Mark Allen (28) stole the herb from the young men's student house in Hungate, Lincoln. He walked through their open door and tried to demand cash from them, Lincoln Crown Court was told. He was aggressive and told the students he would beat them up if they refused to give him £15,000. But in the end he settled for stealing the chives - and stuffed a few books and DVDs in his pocket too. He later told police he had been drinking heavily and taking prescription drugs. Allen was jailed for three years minus the 46 days he had already served.

Husband admits sex with prostitute to win £50,000 TV show
A husband hoping to win £50,000 on a TV game show confessed that he cheated on his wife by having an affair - and visiting a prostitute on his stag night. Stuart Brandwood, 44, owned up because he was being hooked up to a lie detector on the new game show Nothing But The Truth, in which contestants must answer 21 intimate questions truthfully in front of their spouse to win the jackpot. He was also forced to admit that his wife Amanda, 34, is not the best lover he has ever had. She has, however, forgiven him and the couple insist their relationship is "stronger than ever." The Brandwoods, from Warrington, Cheshire appeared on the show hosted by Jerry Springer. Contestants win increasingly bigger cash prizes for each honestly answered question - but risk losing the lot if they lie.

Locksmith is mistaken for burglar
Locksmith Lee Hicks was arrested for burglary when police found his fingerprints on locks he'd fixed - after the raid. Officers swooped on his Tewkesbury home and held him in custody for three hours. They'd found his fingerprints at a garage that had been burglized, and assumed he was their man. But he had been called to replace the locks the real burglars had broken.