Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Worker cooked to death at soup factory

A worker at a Lübeck soup factory died after getting trapped inside a giant cauldron and cooking to death.
The accident happened at midday on Friday, the newspaper reported, when the man climbed into a cauldron at the Eraso soup factory to clean it.
The cauldron’s lid suddenly closed while the 36-year-old was still inside and began to fill with steam as part of the disinfection process.
A doctor confirmed that the unidentified man had been cooked to death.
Erasco makes soups, stews and other foods at the Lübeck factory. The company has been in business since 1873.
"The circumstances of how such an accident could have occurred have not yet been explained," Lübeck police spokesman Detlef Ridel told Bild.
The police and the city’s office for workplace safety are jointly investigating the accident.

Woman arrested with unusual bulge in her pants

The clerk at the 7-11 in Brooksville, Florida must have done a double take when Brittany Gariepy walked to the check out counter. She had an obvious bulge in her britches where there should not be one on a woman.
The clerk suspected shoplifting and called Hernando County Sheriff's deputies. Gariepy was arrested for shoplifting a Big Mama's pickled sausage.
According to a police report the sausage was clearly visible inside her pants as she walked out of the store. Upon contact with the suspect. . . she advised that this had not occurred and that she did not steal any items. Upon looking inside her vehicle, I was able to see the wrapper of a Big Mama pickled sausage, but the item had been eaten.
Confronted with the wrapper, deputies say Gariepy confessed she'd eaten the evidence.

Two Injured When Train Collides With Car

The Polk County Sheriff's Office says two people were taken to a hospital after a freight train collided with a car in Frostproof.
According to a sheriff's office statement, three train cars derailed during Wednesday's early morning crash. Traffic deputies believe that when the train collided with the car, and one passenger was ejected.
The names of the two victims who were transported to Lakeland Regional Medical Center weren't immediately released. One person is in critical condition. A female victim is also in critical condition but she has been stabilized. Traffic was being diverted away from the scene.