Saturday, February 20, 2010

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Quads start work together

Patients of a South Korean hospital could be forgiven for doing a double - or even quadruple - take on these new nurses.
Identical quads Hwang Suel and her three sisters Seol, Sol and Mil have all just started work at the same hospital where they were born 21 years ago.
All four started their training at Gacheon University Gil Hospital in Incheon on the same day.
"I feel like I'm a real nurse since I am wearing this yellow-green gown, and I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of people," said the second-oldest, Seol.
The Hwang sisters created headline news when they were born in Korea 21 years ago, the country's second ever set of identical quadruplets.
Hospital chairman Lee Gil-ya said: "I would like to praise the mother for raising all four girls - such a rare thing in the world - with such good care.
"I look forward to seeing those four women becoming great nurses like Florence Nightingale."

Swiss prostitutes trained to use defibrillators in brothels

Swiss prostitutes are being trained to use defibrillators to prevent clients with heart problems from dying on them, it has emerged.
Brothel owners in the Lugano area say electric shock treatment to restart customer's hearts is needed because so many elderly customers are using their services.
The most recent victim was a man, thought to be having fun with the help of anti-impotence medication.
His death followed a series of other incidents, some fatal, in which heart attacks have claimed brothel customers in the area.
The owner of one sex club said: "Having customers die on us isn't exactly good publicity".

Man Walking Dog Gets Electrical Shock

A Queens’s man says he feels lucky to be alive after he says he was nearly electrocuted while walking his dog on a sidewalk in Far Rockaway.
According to 52-year-old James Evans, he was walking his pit bull Max along Cornaga Avenue at around 2 p.m. when he felt he was being electrocuted.
"I'm walking down the sidewalk and we just went shzhzhzzz," he said.
After a few seconds, Evans said he couldn't move and the dog began to yelp. The 3-year-old pup managed to break free of the electrical current and dragged his owner to safety.
"The dog is screaming and he drags me across the street and it's a good thing I was holding the chain or I would have been staying there dead," he said.
Max, a trained guard dog who is normally aggressive around strangers, was still shaking an hour after the incident. Evans says the dog suffered burns to his paws and the shock actually changed his color.
"His skin is burnt, he's burnt all over," he said. Evans claims his dog used to be black not brown.
EMS responded to the incident and treated Evans for his injuries. Emergency personnel intended to transport Evans to Peninsula Hospital Center, however the Queens man declined the ride after medical personnel said they couldn't let Max board the ambulance.
Evans, who later admitted himself to the hospital, said he wasn't going to abandon his four-legged friend who just saved his life.
The Long Island Power Authority shut down power to a church along Cornaga Avenue after the incident was reported. The utility believes faulty wiring within the building caused the problem.
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American - 1 - Greedy Bank - 0

Is this the tipping point? Americans have been taken advantage like no one on earth by greedy Banksters and corporations. Like many of them, a man named Terry Hoskins has had troubles with his bank. But his solution to foreclosure might be somewhat unique.
Hoskins said he's been in a struggle with RiverHills Bank over his Clermont County home for nearly a decade, a struggle that was coming to an end as the bank began foreclosure proceedings on his $350,000 home.
"When I see I owe $160,000 on a home valued at $350,000, and someone decides they want to take it – no, I wasn't going to stand for that, so I took it down," Hoskins said.
Hoskins said the Internal Revenue Service placed liens on his carpet store and commercial property on state Route 125 after his brother, a one-time business partner, sued him.
The bank claimed his home as collateral, Hoskins said, and went after both his residential and commercial properties.
"The average homeowner that can't afford an attorney or can fight as long as we have, they don't stand a chance," he said.
Hoskins said he'd gotten a $170,000 offer from someone to pay off the house, but the bank refused, saying they could get more from selling it in foreclosure.
"I'll tear it down before I let you take it," Hoskins told them.
And that's exactly what Hoskins did.

Help Me

Dog walks into store carrying stillborn puppy
When a mixed breed pit bull terrier walked into a busy supermarket, animal welfare officers, called in by staff, were shocked to find it had a stillborn puppy trapped inside.
The staff at Scotts Supermarket, in Naxxar called the Animal Welfare Department on Saturday afternoon to report that a stray dog had walked into the supermarket, welfare officer Godric Marston said.
The dog, named Mel after the girl who called for help, lay down on a carpet in the supermarket and remained still.
"On arriving at the supermarket, I realized there was something unusual about the dog. On closer look, I could see a part of the puppy. It was dead but still inside her. It was clear this dog needed to be operated upon immediately or she would die," Mr. Marston said.
He rushed the dog to Happy Paws, a veterinary clinic, where it was immediately operated on.
Recovering after undergoing operation

Octo-boy plea

To some in his remote Indian village he is a living version of India's multi-limbed God Lakshmi and worshipped every day as holy.
To others eight-year-old Kumar Paswan is a monster, is stoned on sight and forced to hide away his astonishing medical condition.
But all the tragic youngster wants is to be normal and has launched an appeal for the thousands of pounds needed for an operation to remove his parasitic twin.
The twin stopped developing in the womb before it separated fully from Kumar and has left him with seven limbs.
"When he was born the doctors said he wouldn't live long but here he is and apart from how he looks he is very healthy," said his dad Veeresh Paswan, of Bihar, eastern India.
"I am tired of being different. I just want to live normally," added the youngster.

Bogus mourner stole 1,200 pairs of shoes

A second hand shoe shop owner stole more than 1,200 pairs of designer shoes by posing as a mourner in South Korea.
His haul has been put on display by police in Seoul in the hope of reuniting as many as possible with their rightful owners, reports The Times.
The 59-year-old thief, named only as Mr Park by police, had literally walked off with his booty from funeral homes and hospitals across the capital.
His victims were the mourners who had slipped off their shoes out of respect, according to the national tradition.
Park would take off his own footwear, pay his 'respects', then put on a more expensive pair and walk off.
When police caught up with him after setting up a surveillance operation he led them to a warehouse stacked high with the expensive footwear that he had intended to boost his stock.
Police had watched as he arrived, suitably dressed in black, at one funeral home in southern Seoul's Suseo district then removed his own cheap shoes - a custom observed by mourners visiting funeral homes in Asia.
Police said they caught him stealing three pairs of shoes, altogether worth £1,120.

Italian landslide caught on video

About 200 residents have been evacuated from their homes after a landslide split a hillside apart in the southern Italian town of Maierato.
The landslide, which caused power failure, could have been caused by heavy rains in the region, initial reports say.
Footage shows residents being urged to leave their houses and "run away" from the huge flow of mud falling from the hillside.

Small Bits of News You Didn’t Know You Needed

Funeral home cremated wrong body
A Mid-South funeral home is under fire after a family said it cremated the wrong body and put their loved one in another person's casket
"We had no reason to believe that everything wasn't fine until we got the call from Nashville," McClamrock said.
The Tennessee Board of Funeral Directors told McClamrock the ashes she thought belonged to her mother were likely those of a complete stranger.
Former High Point employee Oliver Ewing told the board the funeral home mistakenly cremated a man who was to be buried. Ewing said when he alerted his boss, he was told to "remove Billie Sue Smith's remains from her body bag and remove any and all identification."
"His story was that his boss told him to don't tell anybody," Attorney Jeff Rosenblum said. "Let's bury the woman in the man's grave, let's give the woman's family the man's ashes."
Rosenblum brought a medical examiner to the grave sight marked John Hughes. But inside the casket were the remains of Billie Sue Smith.
Man excretes once in 7 wks
He eats drinks and moves about like a normal human being. But his alimentary canal is patently tainted with abnormal behavior. He does not empty his bowels within the time frame expected of a normal person even after eating with a ravenous appetite.
But there is another oddity peculiar to Sanusi. The smelly, gaseous air content he discharges in quick succession everyday leaves him as a man whose rate of flatulence is unequalled: “Instead of going to toilet, I just find solace in passing out very, very loud and offensive gas, one round after another for some moments in order to get a relief. I do this at my convenient time and location without causing discomfort to people around me.
Man Stops Woman From Molotov Cocktail Attack
St. Louis man outraged by description on Pizza Hut receipt
India’s rail authorities crack down on rooftop travel to stop deaths