Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mesa woman been branded as a “Snitch”

Four people have been arrested in connection with kidnapping, assaulting and using a branding iron to burn the word 'snitch' on a Mesa woman's face, police said.
Investigators said they believe the crime was done in retaliation for reporting one of the men and woman to Child Protective Services in February 2006, which ultimately led to CPS taking away their kids.
"If CPS removes a child from the house, there must be some very serious allegations," said Sgt. Chuck Trapani of the Mesa Police Department.
"So the children removed, they're in CPS custody, and now they're blaming this person for what they did wrong."
James H. Standridge, 34, Jackie L. Getz, 26, and Kibbol A. Avila, 33, were charged with one count each of kidnapping, aggravated assault and unlawful imprisonment.
Preston L. Valdez, 21, was charged with one count each of aggravated assault and unlawful imprisonment with a no-bond status.

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