Saturday, July 21, 2007

Woman Jailed for Sending Nude Pics of her Young Daughter

Mom sentenced for distributing nude pictures of her 12-year-old daughter

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Andrea Renee Bellows, 37, admitted taking pictures of her daughter at the urging of a man she had met in an Internet chat room, according to court documents.
She pleaded guilty in May to felony counts of distributing obscene materials and procuring participation of a minor in images depicting sexual activity.
Bellows came to the attention of authorities after she unintentionally sent one of the photos to a daytime talk show when she signed up for a television makeover contest in October 2004, according to court papers. She had meant to send a picture of herself with a tiger.
Prosecutors on Wednesday urged Oklahoma County District Judge Ray Elliott to send Bellows to prison for five years because she has not accepted responsibility for her actions.
Elliott acknowledged Bellows' case was a difficult one because it appears she is on the road to rehabilitation, but he insisted she had to be punished for failing to protect her daughter from a man who could have been a sexual predator.
The judge sentenced Bellows to 10 years in prison, but suspended eight years of that term. He also ordered her not to have access to the Internet during her probation.

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The Man said...

This is not right if this was a man sending pictures of young girl he would automatic get 10 years without any time reduction. Child porn is child porn and it doesn't matter who has it.