Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Your Own Personal Countertop Beer Cooler and Tap

Slip a five-liter keg of your favorite brew into this Countertop Beer Cooler and Tap, and satisfy that beer jones in style. The thing even has an LED showing adjustable temperature. It has another advantage over some of the other countertop taps we've seen, too, because it lets you take it on the road or on the boat with its included AC/DC power adapter.

There's no pesky pumping necessary, either, because it uses CO2 cartridges, and you can even adjust the CO2 content with a pressure gauge. If it works as advertised, it can keep that beer nice and cold all the way down to 37°.

Sure beats the hell out of those beer bongs the guys have been trying to convince me to quaff. I especially like the window that lets you see that keg nestled inside, staying frosty cool and awaiting the consumption of its frothy contents. Available at the end of this month, pick one up for that Labor Day bash for $299.95

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